A Salute To Our Service, Fire & Police Personnel - February 2018


Women, from Charlotte County, Va., have always stepped forward when needed and answered the call for service to their country, as evidenced in the following article from the local newspaper in 1945.

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, January 18, 1945
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Charlotte Women In Service
Annie Allen, Freedmans Hospital Washington, D.C.; Madge Atkins; Mary A?derson, Court House, Crippled Childrens Hospital, Richmond; Lt. Della Bassette, Aspen, ANC, Tuskegee, Ala.; 1st Lt. Margaretta I. Burton, Keysville, Army Nurse, South Pacific; Lt. (j.g.) W. Grace Collins, Drakes Branch, USNTS, WAVE, Davis Hall, Room 302, The Bronx, N.Y.;  Gladys Chandler, Court House, Red Cross, McGuire Hospital, Richmond; Pvt Chainey B. Clarke, Court House, WAC Detach. 2, Station Hospital, Ft. Jackson, S.C.; Shirley Carter, Court House; Christine Claybrook, Aspen, Va. Baptist Hospital, Lynchburg; June Dixon, Cullen; Ruth M. Eggleston, Court House, Y-3-c USN, Hamilton Hotel, Washington; Eulalia Green, Keysville, Memorial Hospital, Danville; Lt. (j.g.) Dorothy V. Hanmer, Keysville, USCG, Boston; Evelyn Hancock, Pamplin; Elizabeth Hughes, Camp Atterbury, Ind.; Lt. Ilene LeFevers, Keysville, 11th. Evac. Hospital, APO 758, Care P.M., N.Y.; Pearl Duval LeFevers, Keysville Medical College, Richmond; Pat Larrabee, Saxe, Grace Hospital, Richmond; Pfc. Mamie L. Lewis, Cullen, WAC Detach., Camp Breckinridge, Ky.; Jean Moore, Court House, Lewis-Gale Hospital, Roanoke; Mary Newcomb, Saxe, Memorial Hospital, Danville; 2nd Lt. Dorothy K. Owen, Drakes Branch, Nurse Corps, Ft. Devens, Ayers, Maac.; Mary Lee Pearson, Keysville, Cadet Nurse, Johnston-Willis Hospital, Richmond; Shirley Pugh, Virginia Baptist Hospital, Lynchburg; Pattie V. Smith, "Oakland", Brookneal, Red Cross, Hdqts, 351 Bobm, Grp., APO 557, Care P.M., N.Y.; Arlette Smith, St. Charles Hospital, Aurora, ILL.; Virginia Scott, Saxe, Memorial Hospital, Danville; Betty C. Towler, Cullen, Cadet Nurse, 406 W. Franklin St., Richmond; Helen M. Trent, Phenix, WAC Detach. AAF, CAAF, Carlsbad, N.N.; Evelyn Tucker, Brookneal, Virginia Baptist Hospital, Lynchburg; Virginia Viar, Brookneal, Virginia Baptist Hospital, Lynchburg; 1st. Lt. N. Elizabeth Walls, Court House and Richmond, 34th. Evac. Hospital, APO 403, Care P.M., N.Y.; Berthat (Bertha) Walker, Lincoln Hospital, Winston-Salem, N.C.; Grace B. Williams, Court House, Memorial Hospital, Danvil


If you know anyone from this list and would like to see them remembered further,  please contact us with details and photos if available and we will so honor them. This listing in no way singles out the service of these women but seeks to honor all our women, even those who though remaining at home, all contributed in their own special way to the efforts of  our soldiers in all wars to bring about peace and the return of our service personnel to their homes.