Wirt Harvey "Harvey" Adams, U.S. Army, WWII

Born:  September 25, 1924, Charlotte County, VA.
Died:  September 6, 2011, Mecklenburg County, VA.

Enlisted:  April 26, 1943 - Private
Serial Number: 33635280

Along with some of his friends he enlisted in the U.S. Army and served until the duration of the war, and earned a Bronze Star for meritorious service. 

The Bronze Star Medal was designed by Rudolf  Freund of Bailey, Banks and Biddle who also designed the Silver Star. The decoration measures 1.5 inches  over all. In the middle can be found another bronze star with a diameter of  3/16 inch . The back bears the inscription "HEROIC OR MERITIOUS ACHIEVEMENT" and a space to engrave the recipients name.
The medal hangs on the ribbon with a square loop with rounded corners. The ribbon measures 1 3/8 inches wide. Left and right can be found a 1/32 inch wide white line, followed to the inside by a scarlet 9/16 inch broad band. In the middle can be found an ultramarine blue band measuring 1/8 inch flanked by two 1/32 inch lines. 

Wirt Harvey Adams, known as Harvey, was born and raised on the family farm in Charlotte County, Virginia, the son of Luther Abner and Pattie Royster Adams. He was educated in the public school system. After returning from the war  he married Eva Foster and they were blessed with a son and a daughter. Harvey was well known and respected in and around Charlotte County; where he had a successful career of 56 years and retired from the Stanley Lumber Company in Drakes Branch.  Harvey was also renowned  for his interest and work in  fox hunting and was awarded the  distinction of Honorary Director of Virginia State Fox Hunting  Association

Buried:  Lebanon United Methodist Church Cemetery