A Salute To Our Service, Fire & Police Personnel  -  November 2019


  Hospital Corpsman Senior Chief
U.S. Navy - Korea, Vietnam


 Wayne G. Boettcher, Jr. ,  was born on 9 November 1932 in Hopewell, Virginia, the son of Wayne G. and Virginia Vassar Boettcher, Sr. He was raised in the Tidewater area of Virginia and no doubt greatly influenced by the U.S. Naval presence in that area.


He first enlisted in the U.S. Navy on 11 December 1951 where he was trained as a Hospital Corpsman, and served in the Korean War until 7 January 1953. After his discharge he married Ida Roberta Nickerson on 8 July 1955 in Portsmouth, Virginia.  As the situation in Vietnam escalated, Wayne once again enlisted in the Navy on 21 April 1958 and served for the next 20 years until 8 January 1979. He had the honor of serving his country under the 48 and 50 star flags.


After his retirement and up until his death on 17 February 1990, Wayne was an active cabinetmaker in the construction industry.  Wayne was interred near his mother and father in Evergreen Cemetery, Charlotte Court House, Virginia.

Thank you for your service and Rest in Peace.