Tola Accident Cemetery (original name unknown)
Tola, (near Phenix) Charlotte County, VA.

Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Charlotte Gazette – Thursday, June 27, 1907

7 Men Blown to Pieces on Tidewater Ry.
At 1:30 o'clock on Tuesday, June 25th, 1907, a box of dynamite exploded in the cut on Tidewater Railway, near Tola and seven men were blown to pieces, and many others injured. Those killed were--
Mr. Sullivan, foreman of the gang, and a brother-in-law of Mr. Johnston of the Construction Co.
Mr. Clark, a nephew of W.D. Clark, Supervisor of Midway district.
Four Italians.
One Russian.
The number of injured is variously reported, some putting it as high as 13, and it is expected some are fatally hurt.
The cause of the explosion is unknown.  A box of dynamite around which the gang were working, and on which Sullivan was sitting, went off, hurling portions of bodies arms, legs, heads, in every direction, so that the human fragments were picked up in a bag.  The Company rushed assistance to the scene at once, and all possible was done for the injured. 
The explosion was terrible, the force being felt for miles.

The graves in this cemetery were marked only by small granite stones arranged in three or four rows, numbering between 25 and 40. A cross of railroad iron was erected inscribed “ITALIANE MORTI  AL 25 JUNE 1907".

Cornelius Sullivan – Body returned to relatives for burial at Saint James at Sag Bridge Church Cemetery, Sag Bridge, Cook Co., IL.
E.W. Clark – Body returned to relatives for burial
Camillo Nosoto  - Buried at Tola
Priolo G. Guiseppe - Buried at Tola
Donato De Sobittino - Buried at Tola
Pizzino Gugliefmo - Buried at Tola
Sachfian Oschwasiuk - Buried at Tola