CHARLOTTE INFANTRY (Staunton Hill Artillery)

Source:  Loose papers found at the Charlotte County Courthouse
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Muster Roll
Notice is hereby given that Wood Bouldin, Jr., R.S. Spencer and J.K. Hannah, soldiers who served in the defense of Virginia in the war between the States of 1861-1865, have filed a petition in the Circuit Court of Charlotte County praying that the Muster roll of "Staunton Hill Artillery," which was a part of Manly's Battalion, may be recorded, and that said petition will be heard by said Court on the first day of the May Term, 1909, which Muster Roll is hereto appended.
March 15, 1909

A list of the original Commissioned Officers of the Staunton Hill Artillery Company:
Charles Bruce - Captain
Andrew Paris - First Lieutenant
Wood Bouldin Jr - Junior 1st Lieutenant
Alfred Mann - Second Lieutenant
Richard V Gaines - Junior 2d Lieutenant

Re organization:
Andrew B Paris - Captain
A J Mann - 1st Lieutenant
Thos M Tucker - Junior 1st Lieutenant
Dr F J Gregory - Second
Clifton A Hanmer - Junior 2d

W W Walker - Third Lieutenant
Thos E Marshall - Fourth

Non Commission Officers--Sergeants:
C C Read - 1st           
H S Walker - 2d
J A Roberts - 3rd          
G A Bruce - 4th
T C Watkins - 5th           
J E Fore - 6th
W B Paris - 7th
W K Priddy - Commissary Sergeant

A Brown - 1st
W O Hamlett - 2d
J K Hannah - 3d
M P Ward - 4th
T E Chappell - 5th
R S Spencer - 6th

H C Gregory - 1st
R M Walden - 2d
W F Cheatham - 3d
N D Thompson - 4th
S Brooks - 5th
W M Whitlow - 6th
S Well - Bugler
J R Neal - Assistant Bugler
I J Jennings - Artificer
I D Smith - Assistant Artificer
J F Morton
C R Walker - Clerk
J C Parish - Picket Sergeant

W B Anderson
J W Anderson
J M Austin
P H Atkins
Robert Adams
J J Adams - wounded at Sugar Loaf and Bentonville
L Bostic
J N Betterton
J Brightwell
J H Bailey
Andrew Bailey
C H Bloxton
J C Baldwin
J E R Bentley
J C Carden
C D Carden
W D Calhoun - hospital steward
O C Covington
Dr Edward L Carrington - asst. hospital steward
Robert Cowles
S T Colly
T H Colly
E E Collins
E S Collins
D A Chappell
C C Chappell
W W Cardwell
H T Conner
M A Cheatham
W S Daniel
W L Driskill
M T Dunkley
Henry Dail
Robt Dickinson
S T Duffer
J H Duffer
Thos Duncan
J W Duncan
A L Dixon
J A C Fore
W H Fore
N Flournoy
W S Flournoy
Sam Edmunds
M E Fowlks
James Guill
William O Goode
Wm Guill
E M Goode
E N Gee
Thos Gee
W E Gaines
J V Gaines
J R Hamilton
W T Hamlett
J M Hamlett
A F Hall
W R Holland
D A Hancock
Robert Hubbard
J H Hamlett
C H Hudson
W M Hannah Jr
S T Holt
Charles Hundley
Tom Hundley
P Hundley
F Hundley
W C Johnson
J H Johnson
Joseph King
J D Lipscomb
T E Lipscomb
Chas Lawson
Richard Lawson
E A Lane
J B Lee
G Martin
J Martin
W S Martin
M C Moorefield
John Moorefield
Elisha Moorefield
R C Moorefield
J K Moorefield
John Moore
Joseph Moorefield
Theo Moorefield
J M Medley
James Monroe
Sam Martin
H N Madison
James F McIver
A J Middleton
J E Nichols
Frank North
J J Overton
George Powell
Wyatt Pettus
G T Powell
N H Price - died in service
C Pool
J Paris
Robert T Priddy
J W Ransom
Jno R. Ramsey
Wm Rickman
D K Rodenbizer
J R Ramsey
J H Read
L (I ?) P Robinson - wounded at Bentonville
M Saddler
A J Smithson
P B Sneed
Charles Sneed
Edward Sneed
Bedford Stegall
H Shumaker
J E Taylor
Jas E Tucker
W O Townsend
Robert Thornton
C A S Vasque
W D Voight
N Vaughan
W H Williams
D Workman
J W Wayne
R Whitlow
Richard Whitlow
D T Wilborn
J R Wilborn
Alfred Wilborn
George Walton
C W Womack
Thos Womack
Wm Womack
Whit Woodall
William Woodall
Chas Wood
Wm D Wood - asst. hospital steward
J W Wilmouth
Sam Walden
Ashley Wilmouth
Thos Walker
Henry White
J M Inge
J L Inge
Thos Inge
J S Johnson