Rough Creek News Items from Local Newspapers

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, December 8, 1938
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Rough Creek Church stands by the side of the highway
Everyone can see it when they pass by;
Its the best place to go and always be on time,
Never be late keep a record that's fine.
It was here I was carried when a baby
Resting on mother's arm;
Later I went as a small girl
Where I was taught right from wrong.
To Mrs. Tom Cocke I recited the catechism.
To learn it I thought I never would;
But Daddy said, over and over.
"Keep trying Mary," if others, can I am sure you could.
During a meeting sitting by Grandma's side
I accepted Jesus as my savior and friend
Ever since I've tried to please hi
And he promised to be with me to my journey's end.
Grandpa with steps grown slower
Has never got too old to go;
To Rough Creek he has been a sower,
I'll ever love and cherish him so.
He set us a lovely example.
Of always going and being on time;
And I hope always to follow it
Proving to be one of my kind.
The old church has cherished old members\
Who have passed on to the great beyond;
But tho' the dead still speaketh,
As beacon lights to guide us on.
Last Sunday to our church one did come,
It was George Hannah's grandson;
His grand father had spoke of the church often to him,
And he was glad to be there and come in.
He brought us a beautiful message.
Asked that we read the 15th chapter of John;
Impressed us that we are our brother's keeper.
Try to help the weak, be strong.
So let us all be willing
To serve and give of our best;
To Jesus who died to save us.
And give us peace and eternal rest.
MARY WILLIE TAYLOR, Charlotte Court House, Virginia.