A Census of Pensioners For Revolutionary or Military Services; With Their Names, Ages, and Places of Residence, as Returned By The Marshals Of The Several Judicial Districts, Under The Act For Taking The Sixth Census.

Page 129

Names of pensioners for revolutionary or military servicesAgesNames of heads of families with whom pensioners resided June 1, 1840
Elizabeth Ashworch69Elizabeth Ashworch
Joanna Bouldin88Joanna Bouldin
Martha Brown78 Martha Brown
Clement Carrington77Clement Carrington
Susan Davis91Susan Davis
Solomon H. Elam82Solomon H. Elam
David Bartee74George Harvey
William P. Hamlett81William P. Hamlett
Daniel Hendrick78Daniel Hendrick
Ambrose Hailey82Ambrose Hailey
James Mullins89James Johnson
James Rudder80Major J. Drury
Nancy Matthews80Nancy Matthews
Isaac Robertson, sen.86Isaac Robertson, sen.
Isaac Smith74Isaac Smith
Agnes St. John75Jacob A. St. John
Lucy Spencer80William W. Spencer
Joseph Sammons55Joseph Sammons
William Skelton83William Skelton
Elizabeth Tombs75Charles Tombs
William Walker78William Walker