Thomas Hale and Alex Bradley contacted the CCHGS about Wardsfork which was built around 1820 and is located .3 mile east of State Route 40, .5 mile southeast of intersection with State Route 682. They were looking for amethyst on the old Donald place. It was mined on a small scale in 1912 and the crystals are found loose in the soil. Saturday August 9 they visited the archives and went over what minerals had been mined in our county. He plans on putting all this information in a book and it will be a great addition to the Archives library. Present were Thomas Hale, Alex Bradley, Ray Bradley, Van Adams, Gary Wayne, Cindy Goodman Chenault, Sydney Chenault, Rosie Chenault, Nathan King, Tammy Bader Copenhaver and Rick Mann. It really took on a new meaning of what our county is made of. We brought in our own rocks that they examined and told us what they were made of and how they were formed. It was a very enlightening and informative visit.

A&T Relic Hunting is a private team created by Thomas Hale and Alex Bradley involving the retrieval of the amazing relics lost in time on this planet! Thomas Hale and Alex Bradley are two students of  Virginia Western Community College in Roanoke, Virginia. They are pursuing their careers in geology, but have made it their goal to take their studies outside of the classroom. Thomas and Alex decided to go out across the east coast in search of relics lost in the past. They travel out to places and retrieve these relics in pursuit of making sure the history of this planet is not lost. While on their adventures, they make it their goal to become friends with the locals and to record the history of the places they go and the relics they find. A&T Relic Hunting goes out in pursuit of rock and minerals, artifacts, fossils, and much more! They take all of their information and research they gather to make sure the past isn’t forgotten and that these valuable and precious pieces of history get the attention and recognition they deserve. If anyone has questions about interesting things they have found on their land or would like to know more about something that was found, please feel free to contact A&T Relic Hunting at (540) 529-4506.

CCHGS member Van Adams with amethyst he found