Post Office Department
First Assistant Postmaster General
September 3, 1937
Mrs. Mary J. Vaughan,
Randolph, Virginia.
My dear Mrs. Vaughan,
In reply to your letter of August 15, 1937, requesting infor-
mation regarding the date of establishment of the post office of
Randolph, Charlotte County, Virginia, together with the names and
terms of service of the postmasters appointed to serve there, you
will find enclosed a list containing the desired information.
The available records of the Department would indicate that
The first post office established in Charlotte County, Virginia,
was Charlotte Court House. That office was established on August
21, 1794, with Andrew Harrison as postmaster. On June 4, 1874,
The name of that office was changed to Smithville, and on October
26, 1901, it was changed back to Charlotte Court House.
Sincerely yours,
W.W. Howes
First Assistant Postmaster General