Old Occupations

Accomptant - accountant
Almoner- distributor of charity for the church

Amanuensis – one who writes from dictation or copies manuscripts
Artificer – skilled mechanic in the armed forces
Bailie - bailiff
Baxter - baker
Bluestocking - female writer
Boniface – proprietor of a restaurant, tavern or inn
Brazier - one who works with brass
Brewster – brewer of ale

Brightsmith – worker in bright metals, such as copper
Caulker - one who filled up cracks in ships or windows
Chaisemaker - carriage maker
Chandler - dealer or trader; one who makes or sells candles; retailer of groceries, ship supplier
Chiffonnier - wig maker
Clark - clerk
Clerk – clergyman

Clicker – salesman’s servant who stood at the door to invite customers in; foreman printer who set type, shoemaker’s assistant who made holes for eyelets
Cohen - priest
Collier - coal miner
Colporteur – religious book peddler
Cooper – barrel, cask or tub maker

Cordwainer - shoemaker, originally any leather worker using high quality leather from in Spain
Costermonger - peddler of fruits and vegetables
Crocker – maker of pottery
Crowner - coroner
Currier - dresses the coat of a horse with a curry comb; one who tans leather using oil or grease
Dateler – daily casual laborer

Deathsman - executioner
Dempster - judge
Docker - dock worker who loads and unloads cargo
Dowser - finds water using a rod or witching stick
Draper - dealer in fabrics and sewing goods
Drayman – driver of a long strong cart without fixed sides for carrying heavy loads
Dresser- a surgeon's assistant in a hospital
Drover - one who drives cattle, sheep, etc. to market; a dealer in cattle
Drummer – traveling salesman

Duffer - peddler of inexpensive items
Factor – agent for merchants selling on commission

Farrier - blacksmith, one who shoes horses
Faulkner- falconer
Fellmonger – dealer in hides or skins hides, tree cutter
Fire Beater – factory boiler tender
Fletcher - one who made arrows
Floater – vagrant

Foot-Post – mail carrier on foot
Fower – street cleaner, sweeper
Freedman – a freed slave
Freemason – stone worker
Fuller – process of cleaning wool for spinning
Gaoler - keeper of the goal, a jailer
- watchman

Gatherer - glassworker
Gaunter – glove maker
Glazier – glass cutter, seller of glassware
Grainger – farmer

Greensmith – coppersmith
Grinder – cutlery sharpener usually door to door
Half Timer – child who spent half a day at school and half in the mill
Handseller – street vendor
Hatcheler - person who combed out or carded flax
Haymonger - dealer in hay
Hayrester – worker in horsehair
Higgler - itinerant peddler
Hillier – one who tiles roofs
Hind- domestic servant or farm laborer
Holster - groom who took care of horses, often at an inn
Hooker – textile mill worker
Hosteller - innkeeper

Hooper – makes iron hoops for barrels and casks
Huckster - sells small wares , street seller of ale
Husbandman – tenant farmer, shepherd

Ironsmith - blacksmith
Jagger - fish peddler
Journeyman – master of his craft, usually hired by the day.
Joyner / Joiner - skilled carpenter in making joints for furniture

Keeler - bargeman
Kempster - wool comber
Knacker - harness maker

Lardner - keeper of the cupboard
Laster - shoemaker

Lather - installer of lath strips in old-time walls
Lavender - washer woman
Lederer - leather maker
Leech – physician

Longshoreman - stevedore
Lorner - maker of horse gear, wrought iron worker
Malender - farmer
Maltster  - maker or seller of malts
Manciple - steward
Mason – stone cutter or bricklayer
Melder – miller of corn

Mintmaster - one who issued local currency
Monger - seller of goods (ale, fish)
Muleskinner – handler for a team of mules or horses
Neatherder - herds cows
Netter – maker of nets

Ordinary Keeper- innkeeper with fixed prices
Out Crier - auctioneer

Pattern Maker – maker of wokers patterns
Peregrinator - itinerant wanderer
Peruker - wig maker
Pettifogger - shyster lawyer
Pigman - crockery dealer
Ploughwright – maker or repairer of ploughs

Plumber - one who applied sheet lead for roofing and set lead frames for glass
Porter - door keeper
Powler - barber

Puddler - wrought iron or clay worker
Quarrier- quarry worker
Rigger - hoist tackle worker
Ripper – fish monger
Roper - Maker of rope or nets
Saddler - made, repaired or sold saddles or other furnishings for horses.
Sawbones- physician
Sawyer – timber mill worker, carpenter
Schumacker - shoemaker
Scribler – a minor or worthless author
Scrivener - professional copyist or writer; notary public
Scrutiner - election judge
Shrieve - sheriff

Slater - roofer
Slopseller- seller of ready-made clothes
Snobscat  - one who repaired shoes
Sorter - tailor
Spinster - woman who spins or an unmarried woman
Spurrer - maker of spurs
Squire - country gentleman, farm owner, justice of peace
Stick Maker – manufacturers walking sticks

Stuff gownsman - Junior barrister
Supercargo - officer on merchant ship who is in charge of cargo 
Sweep – chimney sweeper

Tanner - one who tans (cures) animal hides into leather
Tapley - one who puts the tap in an ale cask
Tasker - reaper
Teamster - drives a team for hauling
Thatcher - roofer
Tide waiter - customs inspector
Tinker - itinerant tin pot and pan seller and repairman
Tipstaff – policeman or court official
Travers – collector of monies at toll bridges
Tucker - cleaner of cloth goods
Turner – lathe worker
Victualer - tavern keeper
Vulcan - blacksmith
Wagoner – cart driver
Wainwright – makes and repairs wagons
Waiter - customs officer or tide waiter

Waterman - boatman for hire
Webster - weaver
Wharfinger - owner of a wharf
Wheelwright - one who made or repaired wheels
Whitesmith - tinsmith
Whitster - bleacher of cloth
Whitewing - street sweeper
Wright – skilled construction worker
Yeoman - farmer who owns his land