Old Diseases

Ablepsy - partial or complete blindness
Ague - alternating chills, fever and sweating (such as malaria)
American plague - Yellow fever
Anasarca - general swelling or massive fluid accumulation
Aphonia - loss of voice, laryngitis
Aphtha - small ulcers (especially in mouth) Also known as "Thrush"
Apoplexy - stroke or resulting paralysis
Asphicsia - lack of oxygen with bluish discoloration of skin (cyanotic)
Atrophy - the partial or complete wasting away of part of the body
Bad Blood - Syphilis
Bilious fever - Typhoid, malaria, hepatitis or elevated temperature and bile vomiting
Biliousness - excessive excretion of bile (jaundice)
Black plague - bubonic plague
Black fever - parasitic infection resulting in fever, weight loss, lymph node swelling, anemia
Black pox - symptom of small pox caused by bleeding under the skin
Black vomit - vomiting old black blood due to upper GI tract bleeding
Blackwater fever - complication of malaria (red blood cells burst releasing hemoglobin into blood or urine)
Bladder in throat - diphtheria
Blood poisoning - septicemia or bacteria in the blood
Bloody flux - dysentery (inflammatory disorder of intestine, especially the colon)
Bloody sweat - sweat accompanied by bleeding (mentioned in Luke 22:44)
Bone shave - Sciatica (pain, weakness, numbness or tingling in the leg)
Brain fever - inflammation of the brain (encephalitis or meningitis)
Break bone - dengue fever, a mosquito borne virus (high fever, headache, joint pain)
Bright's disease - kidney disease (acute or chronic nephritis)
Bronze John - Yellow fever (Yellow Jack, Saffron Scourge)
Bule - boil, furuncle or carbuncle
Cachexy - general physical or mental poor health, weakness or malnutrition
Cacogastric - bad indigestion
Cacospysy - irregular pulse
Camp fever - typhus; bacterial disease spread by lice or fleas
Canine madness - rabies, hydrophobia
Canker - painful mouth or lips sore
Catalepsy - seizures or trances (muscular rigidity, fixity of posture or loss of sensation)
Catarrhal - nose and throat discharge from inflammation of mucous membranes
Cerebritis - inflammation of the cerebrum (sometimes used as diagnosis for lead poisoning)
Chilblain - ulcers and swelling of extremities caused by exposure to cold (confused with frostbite)
Child bed fever - bacterial infection contracted by women during childbirth or miscarriage
Chin cough - whooping cough
Chlorosis - form of anemia (green sickness) from greenish tinge of the skin
Cholera - bacterial infection of small intestine causing watery diarrhea in large amounts
Cholera morbus - gastrointestinal disturbance with diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal cramps, appendicitis
Chorea - characterized by involuntary movement disorder from one part of the body to another
Cold plague - characterized by chills until patient lost all feeling of warmth and "froze to death"
Colic - abdominal pain and cramping
Congestive chills - malaria
Consumption - tuberculosis
Congestion - collection of fluid in an organ, like the heart or lungs
Congestive chills - malaria with diarrhea
Congestive fever - malaria
Corruption - infection
Coryza - head cold
Costiveness - constipation
Cramp colic - appendicitis
Crop sickness - overextended stomach from overeating
Croup - laryngitis, diphtheria, or strep throat (breathing difficulty with "barking" cough)
Cynanche - severe sore throat
Cystitis - bladder inflammation
Day fever - fever lasting one day; sweating sickness
Debility - week or feeble lack of movement or staying in bed
Decrepitude - feebleness due to old age
Delirium tremens - hallucinations due to alcoholism
Dengue - infectious tropical disease
Dentition - development or cutting of teeth
Deplumation - disease of the eyelids which causes loss of eyelashes
Diary fever - fever that lasts one day
Diptheria - contagious bacterial disease of the upper respiratory tract
Distemper - usually animal disease with discharge from nose and throat, anorexia
Dock fever - Yellow fever
Dropsy - edema (swelling), often caused by kidney or heart disease
Dropsy of the Brain - encephalitis
Dry Bellyache - lead poisoning (sometimes called painter's colic)
Dyscrasy - abnormal body condition (an ill habit or state of the humors)
Dysentery - inflammation of colon with frequent diarrhea (flux or bloody flux)
Dysorexy - bad or depraved appetite
Dyspepsia - indigestion and heartburn. Heart attack symptoms
Dysury - painful urination
Eclampsy - convulsions during labor
Ecstasy - trance-like state characterized by loss of reason
Edema - swelling of tissues
Edema of lungs - congestive heart failure, a form of dropsy
Eel thing - St. Anthony's Fire
Elephantiasis - form of leprosy characterized by thickening of the skin in legs and male genitals
Encephalitis - inflammation of the brain; aka sleeping sickness
Enteric fever - typhoid fever
Enterocolitis - inflammation of the intestines
Enteritis - inflammation of the small intestine
Epitaxis - nose bleed
Erysipelas - acute streptococcus skin infection, aka St. Anthony's fire
Extravasted blood - leakage of a blood vessel
Falling sickness - epilepsy
Fatty Liver - cirrhosis of the liver
Fits - sudden attack or seizure of muscle activity
Flux - an excessive flow or discharge of fluid like hemorrhage or diarrhea
French pox - syphilis
Gathering - collection of pus
Glandular fever - mononucleosis
Great pox - syphilis
Green sickness - a form of anemia
Grippe - influenza
Grocer's itch - skin disease attended with itching, caused by mites in sugar or flour
Heart Sickness - condition caused by loss of salt from body
Hectical Complaint - a recurrent fever
Hematemesis - vomiting blood, the source normally being the gastrointestinal tract
Hip Gout - inflammatory disease of the hip joint
Horrors - delirium tremensv
Hydrocephalus - water on the brain
Hydrophobia - rabies
Impetigo - contagious skin disease characterized by pustules, common among pre-schoolers
Inanition - exhaustion resulting from lack of food
Infantile Paralysis - polio
Jail Fever - typhus
Jaundice - yellowing of the skin, eyes, dark brown urine, usually from problems affecting the liver
King's Evil - tuberculosis of neck and lymph glands, thought to be cured by the touch of royalty
La grippe - influenza
Lockjaw - tetanus or infectious disease affecting the muscles of the neck and jaw
Long Sickness - tuberculosis
Lues Disease - syphilis
Lues Venera - any venereal disease, probably syphilis
Lumbago - pain in the lower or lumbar region of the back
Lung Fever - pneumonia
Lung Sickness - tuberculosis
Lying in - lying in bed for a period of time following delivery of infant
Malignant Sore Throat - Diphtheria
Mania - excited mental state, insanity
Marasmus - severe protein-energy malnutrition
Membranous croup - Diphtheria
Meningitis - inflammation of brain or spinal cord
Metritis - inflammation of uterus or purulent vaginal discharge
Miasma - vapors exhaled and thought to infect someone through the air
Milk Fever - infection following childbirth
Milk Leg - painful swelling of the leg after childbirth caused by clotting and inflammation of the femoral vein
Milk Sickness - poisoning by milk from cattle which had eaten poisonous weeds
Mormal - a bad sore or gangrene
Morphew - scurvy blisters
Mortification - gangrene
Myocarditis - inflammation of heart muscles
Necrosis - death of body tissue
Nephrosis - kidney disease
Nephritis - inflammation of kidneys
Nervous Prostration - vapors or melancholia, emotional exhaustion
Neuralgia - nerve pain, headache
Nostalgia - homesickness
Palsy - paralysis or uncontrolled movement of body parts
Paroxysm - convulsion
Pellagra - vitamin deficiency disease caused by the decreased intake of niacin (vitamin B3)
Pericarditis - inflammation of heart
Peripneumonia - inflammation of lungs
Peritonotis - inflammation of abdominal area
Plague - severe and deadly bacterial infection
Pleurisy - pain in the chest area with each breath
Podagra - gout
Poliomyelitis - polio
Potter's Asthma - emphysema of the lungs, prevalent among potters
Pott's Disease - tuberculosis of spine
Puerperal Exhaustion - death due to childbirth
Puerperal Fever - elevated temp after giving birth to an infant
Puking Fever - milk sickness
Putrid Fever - diphtheria
Quinsy - tonsillitis
Remitting Fever - malaria
Rheumatism - pain in the joints
Rose Cold - hay fever or allergic reaction to pollen
Rubeola - German measles
Scarlatina - Scarlet fever, scarlet rash
Scarlet Fever - disease from strep bacteria characterized by red rash
Sciatica - rheumatism in the hips and legs
Scotomy - dimness of sight
Scrivener's palsy - writer's cramp
Screws - rheumatism
Scrofula - tuberculosis of neck lymph glands
Scrum pox - skin infection caused by herpes simplex
Scurvy - lack of vitamin C
Sepsis - blood poisoning
Shakes - delirium tremens
Shaking - chills, ague
Shingles - viral disease with skin blisters
Ship Fever - Typhus
Sloes - milk sickness, small pox
Spanish Influenza - epidemic influenza
Spasms - a convulsion
Spotted Fever - either typhus or meningitis
St. Anthony's Fire - burning sensation in limbs caused by ergot fungus
St. Vitas Dance - rapid jerking movements performed involuntary
Stomatitis - inflammation of the mouth
Stranger's Fever - Yellow fever
Strangery - rupture
Summer Complaint - diarrhea, usually in infants, caused by spoiled milk
Swamp Sickness - malaria, typhoid or encephalitis
Tetanus - lock jaw
Thrush - childhood disease characterized by spots on mouth, lips and throat
Tick Fever - viral infection transmitted by ticks
Toxemia of Pregnancy - eclampsia, convulsions in a pregnant woman
Trench Mouth - painful ulcers found along gum line
Tussis Convulsiva - whooping cough
Typhus - infectious fever characterized high fever, headache, and dizziness
Variola - Smallpox
Venesection - bleeding a patient
Viper's Dance - St. Vitus dance
Water on Brain - enlarged head
White Swelling - tuberculosis of bones and joints
Winter Fever - Pneumonia
Womb Fever - infection of the uterus
Worm Fit - convulsions connected with teething
Yellow jacket - Yellow fever