Nine Oaks – Charlotte Co., VA.

Nine Oaks was built in 1876 by John D. Spencer and named for the nine large oak trees which stood there.  The property was located east of present day State Route 604, and south of “Campostella”, the home of William Morton, one of several large holdings of the Morton families in Charlotte. Although the home has burned, some photos remain in the hands of the families who resided there and enjoyed the large oaks, only one of which is still standing.

Submitted by:  Lynne Wheaton
Photos Courtesy:  Lynne Wheaton; originals owned by Edith Edwards and Lewis family of N.C.

Fagan Family Photos from the Edith Edwards Collection, compiled by Lynne Wheaton, April 4, 2014

House at Nine Oaks, Charlotte Courthouse, VA, circa 1920.

Adults in chairs, from L-R: Jesse Lee Edwards with his parents-in-law James W. Fagan, Ida Flynn Fagan.
Seated on grass: Margaret Edwards, Willie Sue Fagan, J. L. Edwards Jr., Richard Fagan, June Edwards, and Mae Fagan.
Notes: Willie, Richard, and Mae are children of James and Ida. Margaret, J. L., and June are children of Jesse and Edyth Fagan Edwards, and grandchildren of James and Ida.


Left:  Willie Sue Fagan, circa 1920  Center: Willie Sue Fagan (1907 – 1930), circa 1920, at Nine Oaks. Note: Picture taken on same day as above family photo; note the same dress and hat as in group photo. Right: Willie Sue Fagan and Edyth Nevada Fagan Edwards, circa 1920


Front Row, L-R: John Fagan (1900-1969), Harvey Green Fagan (“Grandfather,” holding family
Bible,1847-1915), Agnes Emeline Lewis Fagan (“Grandmother,” 1858-1932), Eliza Jane Fagan
(1898-1965), James W. Fagan (1876-1928), Henry Marion Fagan (1884-1962).

Back row, far left: Carl Tilson Fagan (1895-1960).
Women in the back are unnamed, and the names won’t be in order, but likely include Beatrice

“Attie” Fagan Anders (1877-1967), Polly Ann “Mollie” Fagan Wilburn (1880-1955),
Talitha Leona Fagan Sprinkle (1884-1923), Cora Louise Fagan Fender (1887-1954),
Margaret Naomi “Oma” Fagan (1890-1923) and her twin Martha Sophronia Fagan Pegg
(1890-1924), Dotty Orpha Fagan Sherlin (1893-1973).

Not pictured is infant son b/d in 1886.

Right: Agnes Emeline Lewis Fagan (1858-1932), wife of Harvey G. Fagan.


Left:  “Dear Sister” Edyth Nevada Fagan Edwards (1895-1927) in 1918, with her 3 eldest children. Jesse Lee Edwards, Jr. (1917-1986)
June Edwards (1913-1998) Margaret Edwards (1916-1985).

Right: Edyth Nevada Fagan Edwards (1895-1927) with J. L. Edwards, Jr. (1917-1986), in Charlotte Courthouse, VA, circa 1920.


Left: Jesse Lee Edwards (1882-1967) with Edyth Nevada Fagan Edwards (1895-1927), near the time of their marriage, which was 25 June 1912.
Right: Edyth Nevada Fagan Edwards (1895-1927), in CharlotteCourthouse, VA, shortly before she passed away from breast cancer.


Left: circa 1923 in Charlotte Courthouse, VA. Adults in back are Addie Denton and Edyth Fagan Edwards (1895-1927). Children in front are June Edwards, Richard Fagan, Margaret Edwards, and J. L. Edwards.
Note: Richard Fagan is Edyth’s brother. The other 3 children are Edyth and Jesse Edwards’ children.Unknown whose picture June is holding on a stick.

Right: Children at Nine Oaks, Charlotte Courthouse, VA, circa 1920. As numbered in the photo, 1 - Mae Fagan, 2 - June Edwards, 3 - Margaret Edwards, 4 - Richard Fagan.
Note: Mae and Richard are siblings; June and Margaret are sisters.


Left: Liza Fagan Waldrop (1898-1965).  Right: Liza Fagan Waldrop (1898-1965) with her husband.
Pictures above taken at Mollie Fagan Wilburn (1880-1955) funeral, Locust Grove, Madison County, NC, 1955.  Note: Mollie and Liza were sisters to James W. Fagan.

Orpha Fagan (1893-1973).
Note: Orpha is sister of James W. Fagan. Picture taken at Mollie Fagan Wilburn (1880-1955) funeral, Locust Grove, Madison County, NC, 1955.


John Fagan (1900-1969) (left) Carl Fagan (1895-1960) (right)
John and Carl are brothers of James W. Fagan.
Pictures were taken at Mollie Fagan Wilburn (1880-1955) funeral, Locust Grove, Madison County, NC, 1955.


Left: Richard Fagan (1916-1960), son of James and Ida Fagan. Baby photo taken in Madison County, NC.
Right: Richard Fagan at work. Photo courtesy of Richard’s granddaughter, Carrie Hill, in Michigan.

Jessie Fagan (b. 1899 in Scotland), wife of Luther Fagan (1896- 1955).  Jessie immigrated to the U.S. from Scotland in 1923. Luther was Edyth Fagan’s brother.

Biographical Notes  from Lynne Edwards Wheaton  4/7/15

 My grandmother, Edith Edwards, was born in April, 1923 and spent most her first 5 years living in Charlotte Courthouse. Her mother Edyth died there in July, 1927 of breast cancer. Shortly thereafter, my grandmother’s father brought her and her siblings back to North Carolina to live.

 Jesse Edwards and wife Edyth Nevada Fagan Edwards were both born in Madison County, NC. Their families lived a stone’s throw away from one another in their growing up years. They married, and the first 3 of their children were born in Madison County. My grandmother was the youngest of their 4 children.

 Edyth’s father (James W. Fagan) persuaded Jesse and Edyth to join him, Edyth’s mother, and most of Edyth’s siblings in Charlotte Courthouse, VA. All had been born in Madison County; I’m not sure what took them to Charlotte Courthouse. I can’t remember if my grandmother (Jesse and Edyth’s daughter) mentioned that James wanted help running a farm, or if he needed help running a store. The family purchased property near Charlotte Courthouse in January 1920.

Edyth was the eldest child of 11 siblings. One brother and one sister died in infancy in NC. One sibling, Cora, had married prior to the family moving and remained in NC. Sister May Fagan remained with her. The remaining siblings moved to Charlotte Courthouse with their parents. Edyth’s uncle, Henry Marion Fagan, also relocated to the area.

The family appears in the 1920 census in Charlotte Courthouse. My grandmother mentioned that “things weren’t working out very well” and her father Jesse went to work for the railroad and was gone quite a bit. When her mother was ill with cancer, Jesse found a local woman to take care of my grandmother. After Edyth died, the woman begged Jesse to leave my grandmother with her; she had gotten quite attached to the little 4-year-old and promised to rear her in church and send her to school. Jesse said, “No, I’ll take her home to my sisters,” and that’s what he did. Jesse sold his property in Charlotte County in 1928 and moved back to NC.

My grandmother thought she was born in Charlotte Courthouse, and that her name on her birth certificate was Ida Catherine Edwards, named after both her grandmothers. She has received a birth certificate from Virginia stating so. She says that after her family returned to Madison County, NC, they began calling my grandmother “Edith.” However, her mother’s obituary refers to her as “baby Edith,” and I have also found her name hand-written into the NC index of births as “Edith Edwards” born on the same birthdate in Madison County, NC. I’ll locate the original birth certificate if possible and resolve the issue. It’s entirely possible that the Edith Edwards born in Madison County is a different family member.

Some family members who lived in Charlotte Courthouse:

• Edith E. Edwards (born Ida Catherine Edwards, April 1923, Charlotte Courthouse, VA)

• Jesse Lee Edwards (1882-1967, NC), Edith’s father.

• Edyth Nevada Fagan Edwards (1895 NC - 1927 VA), Edith’s mother.

• June Edwards Loeser (1913 NC -1998 NJ), Edith’s sister.

• Johnney Margaret Edwards Sprinkle (1916-1985, NC), Edith’s sister.

• Jesse Lee Edwards, Jr. (aka JL Edwards, 1917-1986, NC), Edith’s brother.

• James W. Fagan (1876 NC - 1928 VA), Edyth Fagan’s father.

• Ida Flynn Fagan (1876 NC - 1946), Edyth Fagan’s mother.

Some family events which took place in Charlotte Courthouse, or surrounding areas:

• Edith E. Edwards (aka Ida Catherine Edwards), born 4 April 1923.

• Edyth Nevada Fagan’s death, 11 July 1927.

• Jesse L. Edwards, owned property according to the 1920 census.

• James W. Fagan’s death, 14 Nov 1928. Buried in Bethelehem Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

• Ida Fagan’s death, 3 March 1946. Buried in Bethlehem Presbyterian Church Cemetery. 1940 census shows her living in Farmville, VA. Death location unknown. Parents unknown/unconfirmed identity.

Obituaries from 
The Charlotte Gazette

Drake's Branch, Charlotte County, VA.

July 21, 1927


Monday, July 11, the sun was sinking in the west, and the beautiful spirit of Mrs. Edith Fagan Edwards, wife of Mr. Jesse L. Edwards of Charlotte County, departed heavenward. Her death did not come unexpectedly as she had been sick for more than two years,

although she had not been confined to her bed for only a short time. Her home going in young womanhood, with so much to live for and cheer her, surrounded by loved ones, who needed her, impresses us with a sense of mystery, but we know that God knoweth and doeth all things well. As the end drew near, her suffering was intense, yet she was always bright and cheerful, never complaining or losing courage or faith. No cloud seemed to cross her spiritual vision as she calmly and patiently awaited the coming of the Saviour. Those who mourn for her in the home circle, a devoted  husband and four children are June, Margaret, J.L., Jr., and the baby, Edith. She was often known to say "If it be God's will I trust that I may be spared to them." She also leaves a father, mother, and several brothers and sisters. Many years ago they moved to this county from North Carolina. She had made many friends here in her kind and gentle manner. She was a member of Bethlehem Presbyterian church and a faithful worker in the Ladies Auxiliary. She was laid to rest on Thursday A.M. at 10 o'clock, in Bethelehem cemetery, where a large crowd gathered to pay the last tribute to her. The floral designs were numerous and beautiful. Rev. T.W. De Vane, her pastor, conducted the burial services. We extend to the bereaved family the heartfelt sympathy of the community and commend them to Him who promised never to leave or forsake them and Who is able to sustain them in this great sorrow.



February 2, 1928, p.7


Miss Nora Fagan passed away January 16, 1928, at 4:30 p.m. at the French Broad hospital in Asheville, N.C., while on a visit to her brother of that city. She was buried at Mars Hill, N.C. The funeral services were conducted by her former pastor, Mr. Owen, and the music by a quartet of students of Mars Hill College, her Alma Mater.

Miss Fagan was born in Madison county, North Carolina. From Madison county she came with her family to Charlotte C.H. in 1920, making her home with her sister, Mrs. A.W. Williams, where she spent the remaining years of her life.

She was a semi-invalid for many years and was one of God's children who was made perfect through suffering.

She was of such wonderful patience and cheerfulness, so gentle and refined and thoughtful of others, possessing so much courage and industry, and of such simple trusting faith that there went out from her an influence that touched the lives of all around her in a wonderful degree.

In her home she was the center around whom the family life revolved. Everything that love and skill could do was done for her comfort and happiness.

The hearts of the whole community go out in sympathy to the bereaved family, especially to the sister whose life was so wrapped up in her. Miss Fagan was a member of Mt. Tirzah Baptist church.



November 22, 1928, p.1





After a lingering illness of some time, Mr. J.W. Fagan died at Catawba Sanatorium, where he had been taken for treatment about ten days before his death, on last Wednesday night, November 14th.

The deceased conducted a cafe here until his health necessitated his giving it up, and had many friends throughout the county.

Mr. Fagan is survived by his wife and eight children as follows: Miss Mary, Jack, and Richard C., who are with their mother in the county. Mr. L.W. Fagan of Langley Field; Mr. J.C. Fagan, of Indianapolis, Indiana; Mr. H.T. Fagan of Los Angeles, California; Mrs K.B. Murray, of Mars Hill, North Carolina; Miss Willie Fagan, of Richmond. He is also survived by his mother, Mrs. Emeline Fagan of Weaversville [sic], North Carolina; and five sisters: Mrs. A.B. Wilborne and Mrs. Frank Fender, of Weaversville [sic], North Carolina; Mrs. Waldrop, Pine Bluff, North Carolina; Mrs. Crawford, Asheville, North Carolina, Mrs. A.E. Anders of near Charlotte Courthouse, and three brothers, Messrs. H.M. Fagan, of Shelby, North Carolina; J.H. Fagan of Gastonia, North Carolina; J.T. Fagan, of Kannapolis, North Carolina.

Interment was made at Bethlehem Church Saturday, November 17th, at 10 o'clock. Funeral service was conducted by Rev. Mr. de Vane.

The following relatives from a distance were here for the funeral: Mrs. Emeline Fagan, of Weaversville [sic], North Carolina; Miss Willie Fagan, of Richmond; Mr. L.W. Fagan, of Langley Field; Mr. W.H. Fagan, of Gastonia, N.C., and J.T. Fagan, of Kannapolis, N.C.


Plat of Nine Oaks (not the original holdings from 1876)