A Salute To Our Service, Fire & Police Personnel  -  August 2019


U.S. Army

Nancy Lee Royster Green ,  the daughter of Ralph Warren and Ruby Mae Foster Royster, was raised  in Charlotte County, Virginia.  She graduated from Randolph Henry High School in 1963 and enlisted in the WACs in 1964.

WACs (Woman's Army Corps), the women's branch of the U.S. Army, was created on 15 May 1942 as an auxiliary unit but were converted to active duty on 1 July 1943.  It was disbanded in 1978 and all units were integrated with their respective male units, and remain so today.

The original WACs were the first women, other than nurses, to serve in the U.S. Army.  They were originally trained in one of three specialties: switchboard operators, mechanics and bakers but this quickly expanded to all other job descriptions short of actual combat.  We salute all the women who have served and are currently serving in all branches of our armed forces