44th. Infantry Regiment
Company I

The Mossingford Rifles

Submitted By:  Mike Cuno

After most of the 44th. Virginia was captured at Spotsylvania, May 12, 1864, only a skeletal fragment of the regiment remained.  In October 1864 the unit was reorganized with all men and officers being transferred to Company I.  Thus any wounded men returning to duty, exchanged prisoners, new recruits, conscripts, etc., after October 1864 were placed in Company I.  This roster reflects only the initial members of the Mossingford Rifles and NOT any transfers.  When the 44th. surrendered at Appomattox, the unit comprised only 17 men and officers in Company I.


Anderson, Charles H.; PrivateFarrar, Benjamin: PrivateNew, George; Corporal
Anderson, Elijah B.; PrivateFerrill, Asa T.; PrivateNewcomb, Albert T.; Private
Anderson, John I.; PrivateFerrill, George W.; PrivateNewcomb, John T.; Private
Anderson, Nicholas E.; PrivateFerrill, James Allen; PrivateNewcomb, Radford B.; Private
Atkins, Joseph Z.; PrivateFerrill, Travis E.; PrivateNewcomb, Travis; Private
Cardwell, Frances F.; PrivateFitzgerald, John G.; PrivateNewcomb, Wyatt T.; Private
Cary, Edward A.; PrivateGarland, Richard B.; CorporalPalmore, Albert B.; Private
Cary, William R.; SergeantGarnett, John A.; PrivatePayne, William P.; Private
Clark, Richard; PrivateGilliam, Richard H.; SergeantPollack, Henry C.; Private
Coats, John D.; PrivateGilliam, William A., 2nd LieutenantPurcell, John Washington; Sergeant
Collins, James D.; PrivateGoode, Thomas C.; PrivateRedman, Robert; Private
Collins, Richard H.; PrivateHaley, James C.; Private, promoted Sgt.Roberts, Edward A.; 1st Lieutenant
Copal, Abraham; PrivateHaley, William H.; PrivateRutledge, Abner D.; Private
Davis, William A.; PrivateHarvey, William W.; PrivateRutledge, John H.; 2nd Lieutenant
Dickerson, Benjamin Gaulding, Sr.; PrivateHenning, Charles M.; PrivateSelf, Edmund L.; Private
Dickerson, Charles R.; PrivateHutcheson, Charles D.; PrivateSmith, John T.; Private
Dowdy, Preston D.; PrivateJones, James T.; PrivateSmithson, Joseph Peter; Private
Duffer, Charles H.; PrivateLawson, Richard W.; PrivateSullivan, Abner T.; Private
Duffer, James E.; PrivateLindsay, Joseph S.; PrivateThomas, John William: Private
Duffer, Richard T.; PrivateMarshall, William H.; CaptainThomas, John William; Private
Duffer, St. Washington; PrivateMcKenna, Thomas; PrivateWard, Wyller W. J.; Private
Dunn, William B.; PrivateMorgan, Thomas C.; 1st SergeantWilkerson, J.; Private