Keysville Schools
Keysville, Charlotte County, Virginia


Keysville School, as it was originally titled, was constructed in 1912.  Added later, at the side of the school, was an auditorium. At some point, it evolved into the Keysville Elementary School for grades one through seven.  The building no longer survives.

Multiple schools have served the yonger generations of Keysville down through the years, starting with a one-room schoolhouse on the Charlotte Court House Road about a mile from town, which operated from 1870-1880.

The second,  located about 150 yards from the intersection of Osborne and I streets, was known locally as the Shotwell Institute. The first white public school, the Keysville School, was constructed as a two-room building on the north side of Church Street and opened its doors in 1898 replacing the outgrown Shotwell Institute. By 1907, Keysville High School was operating with five teachers. 

The Virginia Home School for Young Ladies opened in 1898 at Merry Oaks Plantation.

The Keysville Mission Industrial School for black students, also opened in 1898 located less than 2 miles from Keysville on Charlotte Court House Road. The school name was later changed to The Bluestone-Harmony Academic and Industrial School and for about 50 years it had the largest enrollment of any black boarding school in the east and sent a large number of graduates on to institutes of higher learning.

Children now attend Eureka Elementary, Central Middle School, and Randolph-Henry High School.

Keysville Elementary School circa 1937

(Any additional photos or information on this school would be welcomed. The building has been torn down, so only images and remembrances remain.)