Will of Jesse Newcomb
Book 15 pg 558-559
Photo copied by Larry Newcomb at Charlotte Courthouse.

In the name of God Amen.
I, Jessee Newcomb, being of sound and disposing mind do hereby ordain this my last Will and Testament.
First: It is my wish and desire that the whole of my estate, real and personal shall be kept together during the natural life of my affectionate wife, Elizabeth Newcomb, or during the time she may remain my widow, and that the clear profits arising from the same shall be applied to the support and maintenance of her and my minor children, as long as they remain unmarried.

> Second: In the division of my estate as hereafter directed, it is my wish and desire that my daughter, Mary S Daniel shall account for the sum of three hundred and fifty Dollars ($350.00) of Confederate money given to her husband Mr William T Daniel at its value in gold in August 1862 as a portion of her legacy.

Third: It is my wish and desire that in the division of my real estate that my son Jesse W Newcomb shall be allotted at fare valuation that portion on which my dwelling house sits.

> Fourth: It is my wish and desire for reasons known to my family that my son Robert T. Newcomb shall have as his portion of my estate the sum of one dollar to be his and his heirs forever and even

Fifth: at the death of my wife Elizabeth Newcomb or when she ceases to be my widow it is my wish and desire that the remainder of my estate real and personal with the exceptions above mentioned be equally divided. ( Here it repeats) be equally divided between my eight children to wit Mary S, Daniel, Saluda F, Colgate, Louisa W Newcomb, Emma E Daniel, Sarah ( A or S?), Minera J Newcomb, Jefice W Newcomb and Charles E Newcomb to be theirs and their heirs forever and ever

> Sixth: I do hereby revoke and make void all former wills made by me at any former time and declair and ordain this to be My Last Will And Testament.
> Given under my hand and seal this the 20th day of September one thousand eight Hundred and sixty Nine
Jessee Newcomb
signed and declared to us to be
the last will and testament of Jesse Newcomb this 20th day of Sept 1869

At a County Court for the County Of Charlotte June Term 1875

The Last Will and Testament of Jessee Newcomb dec was this day produced in Court and the same was fully proved by the oath of H.M L Gerdie one of the subscribing witnesses thereto and orderd to be certified and and to be for further proof.