Ingleside (also known as Singleside), Charlotte Court House, Charlotte County, Virginia

Front View

Rear View

Information source:  Charlotte County Rich Indeed, 1979,  Pg. 385
Photos By:  Bea Adams King and Deborah DeSantis

House is located 1 3/16 miles north of State Rte. 59 and .2 miles west of its intersection with State Rte. 654.

The home was built around 1810 by Thomas Read, then Clerk of Charlotte County.  There are 14 rooms in the house, four in the basement, four each on the first and second floors and two in the attic.  Both views of the house are both beautiful and strikingly similar. Small rooms are located on each side of the house beside the chimneys.

In the yard is located Read’s law house, a copy of which is found in Charlotte Court House, where it serves as a museum for the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities.

Thomas Read

Cemetery at Ingleside

Recollections of Ingleside

Document regarding the life and times at Ingleside as per the recollections of Bessie L. G. Dunlop, the granddaughter of Henry and Louise Cabell Carrington.

 Submitted by Madeline Foster Hall