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Charlotte County

Sketches of Charlotte


Charlotte Court House

History - Charlotte Court House

Tuckers Building - Charlotte Court House

Randolph Henry High School

Drakes Branch

History - Drakes Branch


Keysville - Aerial View

History - Keysville

Hotel Charlotte

Keysville Water Tower

Keysville Centennial 1887 - 1987

Leisure Activities

Charlotte Greys Baseball Team - 1946

Keysville Drive-In

Auto Racing


Red Oak Beverage Company

Charlotte County Professionals - 1873

Advertisements - 1950's

Relic Hunters

The Red Hill Gavels

The Johnson Chairs of Madisonville

Historic County Homes

Brick Tavern Farm

Four Locust Farm

Greenfield Plantation

Lipscomb House - Scuffletown

Locust Grove Plantation

Mulberry Hill Plantation

Sylvan Hill Plantation

Ville View

Westview Plantation

Historic County Stores

Abilene Junction Store

P. J. Adams' Store - Formosa

S. T. Adams' Store - Red Oak

Newcomb's Store - Saxe

Tucker's Store - Randolph

Post Offices - Past and Present

U.S. Post Office - Drakes Branch

U.S. Post Office - Keysville

W. C. Pettus Retires

U.S. Post Office - Saxe