A Salute To Our Service, Fire & Police Personnel  -  December 2019

  Corporal, U.S. Army
World War II

Harvey Fleming Copal ,  was born on 25 June 1918 in Charlotte County, Virginia, the son of David Ramsey and Mollie Bet Wilson Copal. He was raised and schooled in Charlotte County, where he learned and lived the ethics necessary for life on the farm.


On 16 October of 1940 Harvey found himself in Charlotte Court House where he registered for the draft, in case of war.  Seven months later Harvey enlisted in the Army at Richmond, Virginia on 27 May 1941and was assigned serial number 33043383 as a Private First Class.  During the course of the next two years, Harvey's two brothers, Raymond and David followed him into the service of their country.  All three brothers survived the war and returned to Virginia.


Harvey never married and farmed the land for almost 40 years until his death on 7 March 1983 in Keysville.  He is buried in the Saxe Cemetery, Charlotte County, Virginia along with several other family members.

Thank you for your service.