Way Down the Old Green Valley
Harry H. Harvey
Summer 1924 

Way down in the old green valley,
Where the violets bloom and fade,
Way down in the old green valley
There lies a lonely grave. 

It has a place in my memory
A place I shall never forget,
It is a sad, sad story,
A parting I always regret.

The sun was shining brightly
The birds were singing too,
The roses were blinking lightly,
Out in the morning dew.

When out in the valley she wandered
Where the roses bloom so white,
While wandering she did not ponder,
Of that sad and fatal night.

 The day grew warm and dreary,
As the sun sank in the west.
She traced her way so weary,
Back to her cottage to rest.

The night grew dark and dreary
The rain began to fall,
When down to her cottage weary,
There to my love I called.

I said, come love let us wander,
Across the great divide:
But to my amazing wonder,
I found that she had died.

She bade farewell forever,
To parents, friends and home:
And then she passed on forever.
On to her Heavenly Home.

And thus we parted forever,
Out in this world I roam,
And now I shall wander forever
With not even a place to call home.