Sources:  Deborah Desantis and Charlotte County - Rich Indeed

“Greenfield” was built circa 1771 when Isaac and Sarah were married. It is located .1 mile east of Route 656, .6 miles north of  the intersection with Route 40.  It consists of a tall central building with low wings on either side.  The rooms are well proportioned, paneled and wainscoted with carved mantels and stairs.  Greenfield was but a part of the original Bushy Forest, the original land grant of Clement Read the “Elder”, which contained many of the Read family plantations.


Isaac Read, the fourth child of Colonel Clement Read, the Elder.  He married Sarah Embra and made their home at “Greenfield”.  He served his home state as a member of the House of Burgesses until it was superseded by the Conventions.  He was a member of the Conventions of August 1774 and March and June of 1775.  He was appointed to the position of  Lieutenant Colonel of the Fourth Virginia Regiment.  He died of exposure while in command of his unit in the North.