A Salute To Our Service, Fire & Police Personnel  -  April 2019

   Spec 4,
Co. A, 2nd. Battalion, 7th. Cav. Div.
U.S. Army - Vietnam

Gordon Preston Young was born 15 March 1944 in UVA Hospital, Charlottesville, Virginia.  He was raised and educated in the public school system of Charlotte.

Gordon entered the U.S. Army in January, 1961, where he was assigned serial number 13767835, his specialty being Light Weapons Infantry. As were so many of his fellow soldiers he found himself in country in Vietnam, where they engaged the North Vietnamese Army in the first major battle of the war.


The Battle of Ia Drange involved two major engagements designated LZ-Xray, November 14-16 and LZ-Albany, November 17.  These were the first instances in the war where large scale helicopter assaults and B52 tactical support were implemented. Gordon's battalion was engaged at LZ-Albany, where he lost his life.


Gordon Preston Young died on 17 November 1965 as a result of hostile fire in Pleiku, Vietnam, and was laid to rest in the Bethlehem Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Abilene, Charlotte County, Va. His name appears on Panel  03e, Line 99 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in our nation's capitol.

Thank you all for your service and sacrifice!