Laws of Genealogy

The document containing evidence of the missing link in your
research invariably will be lost due to fire, flood, or war.

The keeper of the vital records you need will just have been
insulted by another genealogist.

Your great, great grandfather's obituary states that he died leaving
no issue on record.

 The spelling of your European ancestors' name bears no relation-
ship to its current spelling or pronunciation.

 The town clerk you wrote to in desperation and finally convinced
to give you the information you need, can't write legibly and
doesn't have a copying machine.


The will you need is in the safe on board the "Titanic."

Copies of old newspapers have holes which occur only on last

No one in your family tree ever did anything noteworthy, always
rented property, was never sued, and was never named in wills.

 You learned that Great Aunt Matilda's executor just sold her life's
collection of family genealogical materials to a flea market dealer
"somewhere in New York City."

Yours is the ONLY last name not found among the 3 billion in
the world famous Mormon archives in Salt Lake City.