Students from Randolph Henry High School Agriculture/Horticulture Class are donating their time and resources to build
the Ambassador David Bruce Memorial Garden at the Charlotte County Historical and Genealogical Society headquarters
at 600 David Bruce Avenue.

County Administrator R. B. Clark meeting with R.H.H.S, students at kickoff meeting for the memorial garden project.

CCHGS member Ann Lynch posing with R.H.H.S. students at project kickoff meeting.

This is the first working day of the project after initial plans and measurements were taken.  Stay tuned  and follow their progress.

Meanwhile, inside society members work to set up the facilities to be used by members and visitors.

Member Brady Fitts, Assistant Librarian, catalogues and arranges research books and materials owned by the Society.

Member Brady Fitts displays front door sign made and donated by his son Bryan.

Laying out of materials

First plantings being arranged on a crisp Fall day.

Back to school after a busy session.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Thanks to the students for a job "Well Done"!

Thanks to the news crew.

Memorial Garden starting to bloom.

Charlotte County Historical and Genealogical Society home with Ambassador David Bruce Memorial Garden.