Will of Edmund Duffer, Sen.

In the name of God amen.  I Edmund Duffer, Sen. Of Charlotte County do hereby make my last will and testament in manner and from following that is to say firstI give to my Son Edmund Duffer a negro man named Ben now in his possession to him and his heirs forward.  2ndI give to my daughter Elizabeth Duffer a negro woman named Esther now in her possession to her and her heirs forward also a bay horse called John a bed and furniture and the balance of my household and kitchen furniture not hereafter given to her and her heirs forever.  3rd I give to my Son Seaton Duffer a negro man named Daniel to him and his heirs forever.  4th I give to my Son Wm. Duffer a negro boy named Sam and bed and furniture to him and his heirs forever.  5th I direct that my two negros Indy and Davy be sold and the money arising from the sale of the said negros be equally divided between my two sons Asa and Austin and my grand daughter Nancy Duffer daughter of Austin Duffer.  I also give to my said grand daughter Nancy a bed and furniture.  6th I direct that all the balance of my estate not already given be sold and after my just debts being paid out of the money arising from the sale of the said property the balance to be equally divided between my two sons Fleming and John and my daughter Polly Stokes.  7th I do hereby Constitute and appoint my friend James Chany Exc of this my last will and testament.  Hereby revoking all other or former wills or testaments by me heretofore made.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal this 24th day of July 1820.

Signed Sealed and acclaimed as and for the last will and Testament.                         His
of teahouse named Edmund Duffer in presence of us                                   Edmund (X) Duffer (seal)Edmund Duffer, Sen.                                                                                         Mark
J. Crowder, Nancy Green

At a court held for Charlotte County the 4th day of Sept. 1820

This last will and testament of the within name Edmund Duffer was presented in court and proved by the oaths of J. Crowder and Nancy Green the two subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded.  And on the motion of James Chany the Exc. Named in the said will who made with according to law.  Probate of the will granted him giving bond security whereupon he with Seaton Duffer, Wm. Duffer, and Littleberry Chaffin his ser. Entered into and acknowledged their bond according to law for this purpose.

                                                                                                Lester Winslow

                                                                                    Truly Recorder Winlow

(Source:  Charlotte County, Virginia Clerk of the Court Office. Will Book 5, Page 57 - Inventory can be found in Will Book 5, Page 135. Contributed by Brady Fitts)