Henry Earl Trent

Staff Sergeant - U.S. Air Force

Aircraft Mechanic, one and two engine jet fighters

Born and raised in Charlotte Co., VA., the son of John Henry and Willie Ethel Trent.  He enlisted in the Air Force and was assigned to the 192nd. Tactical Fighter Group. He was stationed in France and subsequently served in the Vietnam Conflict.


French school children and Captain Wills and Earl in Chambley, France, 1965

On Oct. 10, 1942, a new fighter squadron was organized at Mitchell Field, New York, designated as the 328th. Fighter Squadron, which was subsequently assigned to the European theater for the duration of World War II.

In May 1946 the squadron was re-designated as the 149th. Fighter Squadron, assigned to the Virginia Air National Guard, entitled to the history, honors and colors of the 328th..  Called again to service in 1951, the unit saw service in the Korean War.  In 1953 the Virginia Air National Guard  was re-organized as a B26 bomber squadron.  It was once again re-designated  as the 149th. Tactical Fighter Squadron in 1957 with F-84F Thunderstreaks replacing the B-26’s.


During the Cold War in 1961, the squadron was federalized and remained at Richmond in an active-duty status for about a year before being released. Twenty-two VANG members were sent to Chaumont AFB, France, in December 1961 in support of the 108th. Tactical Fighter Wing. They spent eight months in Europe. 
In October 1962, the unit was once again re-designated as the 192nd. Tactical Fighter Group, with the 149th TFS becoming the group's flying squadron and were active in the Vietnam Conflict.  During 1971, the 192nd. was assigned the F-105D Thunderchief, a battle-hardened supersonic fighter-bomber.

Source:  History of the 192nd. TFG – www.192fw.ang.af.mil/history