A Salute To Our Service, Fire & Police Personnel - March 2018  



Dorothy Vernon Hanmer, was born in Charlotte County, Va.  on 22 February 1907, the second child of Fred Issac and Lelia Davis Hanmer. She was raised in Charlotte County, attending the public schools there. The 1920 Census finds her in Keysville with her family, where her father Fred owned a retail hardware business.

It is not known where she attended college, possibly in Richmond, as per the 1930 Census she is in Richmond, living with her Uncle's family and working for the State as a stenographer. In 1940 she is head of household with her sister in residence, and working as an Assistant Buyer for the State government.


She enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard on 1 June 1943 stationed in Boston and attained the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.  Dorothy served her country throughout the Second World War in this capacity and was released from duty on 26 May 1946.

It is not known when she returned to Charlotte, however she died in Charlotte County and her death certificate lists her occupation as Deputy Treasurer for Charlotte County. Dorothy was never married.


Dorothy passed away on 8 April 1980 and was laid to rest in Ash Camp Memorial Cemetery, in Keysville, as were her Mother and Dad and other family members.

Thank you Dorothy Vernon Hanmer for your service.