Soldiers Enlisted from the County of Charlotte in the Confederate Service

Source: Charlotte County, Clerk of the Court Office.
Submitted by:  Brady Fitts

A list of indigent soldiers enlisted from the County of Charlotte in the Confederate Service who have been disabled and their families; and of the families of those who now in service and the widows and minor children of those who have died in service. 

NameReasonNo. Family
Travis NewcombDisabled1
Wyatt NewcombDisabled1
John W. ThomasDisabled7
John T. HagemanDisabled1
Patrick EaglesNow in service3
Wm. DeansNow in service1
?? LindsayNow in service2
Abraham CopalNow in service5
Mary WilliamsNow in service1
Drurey DickersonNow in service5
James C. HailyNow in service2
A. D. RutledgeNow in service2
James A. FenellNow in service3
?? CanadaNow in service3
John H. PurcellNow in service8
Benjamin CollinsNow in service5
Wm. GuillNow in service4
Peter C. DickersonNow in service4
James H. NewcombNow in service2
Miles NewcombNow in service5
John PalmerNow in service4
Benjamin FarrisNow in service1
Wm. T. CollinsNow in service1
Wm. JonesNow in service2
Wm. YalesNow in service2
D. Will ThomasNow in service2
Radford NewcombDisabled1
Wm. S. TalleyNow in service2
Joel EvansNow in service1
Parks EvansNow in service3
Spottswood EvansNow in service2
D. F. CassadaNow in service4
P. LipscombNow in service5
John I. DickersonNow in service7
Wm. S. LockNow in service5
P. C. LindsayNow in service3
James A. BeckleyNow in service4
Wm. ONow in service7
Edward HamileNow in service6
Henry L. HoltDied in service6
XXXX HoltNow in service3
Thomas HaneyNow in service7
XXXX St JohnNow in service3
Wm. MasonDied in service6
XXXX ColleyNow in service5
J. H. LaneNow in service4
Jacob St JohnNow in service4
John ThompsonNow in service7
John J. JenningsNow in service3
Benjamin JordanDied in service3
John HamlettDied in service5
Thomas AustinNow in service5
J. M. RamseyNow in service5
Will RamseyNow in service5
James St JohnNow in service4
Charles ChildrifsNow in service3
E. H. ReamsNow in service5
Richard EllingtonDied in service2
Obediah ChildrifsNow in service7
Wm. JordanNow in service2
James SheltonNow in service3
Zeph HarrisNow in service5
Wm. TaylorNow in service3
Thomas RamseyDied in service7
Edward St JohnDisabled2
James SublinDied in service4
XXXX WilkersonNow in service3
Wm. JohnsonNow in service3
Isaac JohnsonNow in service3
XXXX JohnsonNow in service3
XXXX EllingtonNow in service1
George CovingtonNow in service6
Baker RamseyNow in service4
Wm. HaneyNow in service5
Joseph PenticastNow in service2
Thos. BeasleyDied in service3
Parker LesterNow in service4
James TharpNow in service4
Richard LawsonNow in service4
John F MorrisvilleNow in service3
James DickinsonNow in service7
Wm. R. Thomas Jr.Now in service5
Pillman FallinDied in service4
Thomas CarlinDied in service4
James ThomasNow in service5
Robert LipscombDied in service5
John LipscombNow in service5
David MorrisvilleDied in service3
Elijah ClarkNow in service3
P. K. AckinsonNow in service1
James A. BaileyNow in service6
James T. DickinsonNow in service3
Fountain LesterNow in service1
Wm. T. LesterNow in service7
John PurcellDisabled3
Charles WilliamsNow in service3
A. J. WilliamsNow in service3
Wm. HarveyDied in service5
Robert HoltNow in service2
Joseph TharpNow in service3
B. C. MimsNow in service2
Mrs. Elijah S. Clark & 2 children-3
Mrs. Wm. H. Bailey & 2 children-3
Mrs. A. J. Farris & 5 children-6
Mrs. Wm. C. Wilkerson & 1 child-2
Mrs. Nancy Read & 1 child-2
Mrs. Polly WilliamsSon in service1
Mrs. Elizabeth DunnSon in service1
Mrs. Nancy E. WilliamsSon in service2
Mrs. Mahaila Garner & 1 child-2
Mrs. Thomas Wilkerson-1
Mrs. Ada Hamilton & 1 child-2
Mildred & Marches Bentley-2
Mrs. R. T. Adams & 3 children-3
Mrs.H. Goode & 6 children-7
Mrs. James A. Bailey & 5 children-6
Mrs. I. V. B. Wackers & 4 children-5
Mary B. Toombs & 2 children-3
Mildred Eagles-1
Mrs. Elisha Lipscomb-1
Mrs. George Lipscomb & 2 children-3
Mrs. Wm. Moon & 3 children-4
Joseph Smith & 2 children-3
Mrs. Clem Hancock & 3 children-4
Mrs. Mary Green & 2 children-3
Mrs. Lucila C. Endarley & 4 children-5
Mrs. Lucy Carter-1
Mrs. Paulina Atwell & 6 children-7
Malinda P. Duffer-1
Levi Dixon & 1 child-2
Mrs. Ruth Hall & 2 children-3
Mrs. Thomas Pollen & 2 children-3
Parker H. Ruthledge & 1 Child-2
Abraham T. Farris & 8 Children-10
Mrs. Jacob Dickerson & 4 Children-5
Mrs. D. Cole-2
Elizabeth A. Drikill--
T. T. Clark & 3 children-4
Mrs. Joel L. Blankenship & 6 children--
Mrs. Cynchen Rutledge--
Mrs. Hammell Farrell & 4 children--
Mrs. Jno. T. Harris & 3 Children--
Francis F. Waddell & 2 Children--
Lucinda Duffe--
Mrs. James Johnson & 3 Children-4
Mrs. Rich’d Ledbetter & 6 Children-7
Mrs. Jno A Mason & 3 Children-4
Mrs. Marten H. Hamlett & 3 Children-4
Mrs. Robt. Garrison & 3 Children-4
Mr. Thomas Harvey & 5 Children,Shoemaker-6
Mrs. Lucinda Mills & 1 child,(for head)-2
Mrs. Kidwell & 1 child-2
Mrs. Joseph M. Crawford & 4 Children-5
Mrs. J. R. Johnson & 6 Children-7
Mrs. Hatchell & 3 Children-4
Mrs. Wm. Tharp & 1 child-2