Charlotte Court House, Virginia – Present Day Pictures

Information Source:  Charlotte County – Rich Indeed 1979
Photos By:  Bea Adams King

Charlotte County Court House

Current courthouse building was directed by a court order in September of 1821, and finished two years later in 1823 by John Percival.  This courthouse has been in continuous use from then until the present day.  It is said that Thomas Jefferson was consulted on the building design and one can easily see the Jeffersonian influence. The building was renovated in 1959 and upon removal and restoration of the original brick floor, there was discovered a unique heating system, the same as used in flue cured tobacco barns in the county where wood heat is still used.

Charlotte County Clerk’s Office

Charlotte County Treasurer’s Office

Charlotte County Extension Office

Tankersley Tavern

The original tavern was standing on this spot in 1765 when Charlotte became a county.  It is presumed to have been built around 1759, a wooden structure some  52 feet by 20 feet with a wing 30 feet by 20 feet.
It is said that George Washington and his party had breakfast here in 1791 when returning from a southern tour.  Patrick Henry made his last speech on the tavern steps.  The brick structure is estimated to have been built around 1810.

United  States Post Office, Charlotte Court House, Va. 23923

Department of Motor Vehicles

Replica of Thomas Read’s office at Ingleside
Now a museum for the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities

Thomas Read was the first Sheriff of Charlotte County.
Starting in September of  1765, Thomas Read became Deputy Clerk of the county, a position which he held until 1817. 
After building Ingleside, his residence, Thomas Read  had constructed in the yard a small building which was the Clerk’s office during his tenure as County Clerk.

Charlotte Drug Store

Early & Early, Attorneys at Law

Hawthorne & Hawthorne, PC - The Scoop Ice Cream Shop

N. Garrison Elder, Attorney at Law

Village Antiques & Collectables - Old Bob Moates Store

Village Presbyterian Church