CHARLOTTE INFANTRY (Company "B," First Virginia Regiment of Reserved Forces)

Source:  Loose papers found at the Charlotte County Courthouse
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Muster Roll
Notice is hereby given that Jas. C. Watkins, L.P. Bailey and F.C. Thornton, soldiers who served in the defense of Virginia in the war between the States of 1861-1865, have filed a petition in the Circuit Court of Charlotte County praying that the Muster Roll of Company "B," First Virginia Regiment of Reserved Forces, station at Staunton River Bridge, may be recorded among the records of said County, and that said petition will be heard by said Court on the first day of the May Term, 1909, which Muster Roll is hereto appended.
March 15, 1909

Bailey John R - Captain
Palmer Charles - First Lieutenant
Cobbs Thomas - Second "
Gibson James - Third "
Hamersley Thomas - First Sergeant
Bailey L P - Second "
Atwell C
Atwell Harris
Andrews John
Andrews James
Atkins A 
Baker Richard
Baker William
Brisintine Thomas
Barksdale John
Barksdale George sr
Barksdale George jr
Covington Joe
Colley J
Collins Jim
Collins Sam
Collins J T
Cully Robert
Cary Henry
Cary James H
Cary William
Chumney Wash
Daniel Nathan
Dixon Jim
Dickerson John B
Dickinson Jim
Elam Sam
Grimes Henry
Hailey A G
Hankins George
Holt N
Harvey W D
Hines Joe
Irvin P J
Johnson James
Jones P C
Jimmis Z
Mason Fayette
Mason C W
Mason A W
Mason Fountain
Owen Thomas
Osborne John
Oakes Eddie
Skelton Robert
Skelton Wm
Scott Samuel J
Stokes E Y
Scott George
Toon Jackson
Thornton Frank
Thornton John
Terry G M
Towler A G sr
Towler A G jr
Push S W
Smith Andrew
Smith Abner
Smith William
Smith Joe
Smith George
Overby H John
Vaughan Joe
LeGrande W A W
LeGrande A J
LeGrande S W
Lipscomb U
Lipscomb Robert
Lipscomb Jefferson
Roach William
Moon William
Morton John
Morton James
Moore John
Gilliam James
Green Phillip
Coxe (Goxe ?) Thomas
Hatchet J T 
Hatchet James
Lee J H
Watkins W W
Watkins J C
Priddy John D
Noel L
Goode P D
Friend William G
Nelson Ashley
J M Tucker
Thomas Tucker
Henry G Puckett
W P Harvey
Wm M Marshall
Zack Jennings