CHARLOTTE INFANTRY (Company I, 56th. Virginia Infantry)

Source:  Loose papers found at the Charlotte County Courthouse
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

To the Hon. County Court for the County of Charlotte State of Virginia,
Your petitioner C.J. Clark, W.D. Beasley and B.N.M. Holt most respectfully report unto your honor, that they are respectable soldiers who served in the defense of the State of Virginia in the armies of the Confederate States of America, during the war between the States 1861-1865 in Company"I" 56th Virginia Infantry - Garnett's Brigade, Pickett's Division, Longstreets Corps. Army of Northern Virginia.
That said company was raised for the defense of Virginia, that said Company did actually serve in said war in the said armies that the roll hereto attached a copy of the original as is practicable to be made that said company was composed principally of men from Charlotte County aforesaid.
Where they are from other counties it is so stated in said roll.
Your petitioners therefore pray that this petition and said muster roll be recorded among the records of said County of Charlotte, Virginia at Va. Leg. 1897-8 p. 290
C J Clark, Capt.
B.N. Holt
W.D. Beasley
J.W. Elam 

Muster Roll of Charlotte Grays, Co. I. 56th Regt., Va. Infantry
NOTICE is hereby given that C.J. Clark, W.D. Beasley, J.W. Elam, and B.N. Holt, soldiers who served in the defense of Virginia in the war between the States, 1861-1865 have filed a petition in the County Court of Charlotte County, praying that the muster roll of Company I, 56th Virginia Infantry, Garnett's Brigade, Pickett's Division, Longstreets Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, may be recorded among the records of said county; and that said petition will be heard by the said Court on the first day of the October Term, 1899.  The said muster roll is as follows:

Roll of Charlotte Greys, Co. I. 56th Regt. Va.
Infantry mustered in service at Richmond, July 14th, 1861, by Col. John B. Baldwin.

W.E. Green - Captain, promoted Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and Colonel 56th Regt. Va. Inf.
T.S. Henry - 1st Lieutenant, promoted Captain Sept. 1, 1861, resigned Nov. 1, 1861.
J.T. Palmer - 2d Lieuteneant, Captain from Nov., 1861, to April 1862.
W.H. Price - 3d Lieutenant, Captain from Nov., 1861 to April 1862.
T.M. Read  - 1st Sergeant, transferred to 14th Va. Cavalry November, 1861.
Wm Morrison - 2d Sergeant, 1st Sergeant Nov. 1861, killed at Ft. Donnelson 1862.
T.B. Smith - 3d Sergeant, wounded at Gettysburg July 3d, 1863.
Peyton Lawson - 4th Sergeant, killed at Boonsborough Mountain 1862.
R.A. Holt - 5th Sergeant, severely wounded at Sharpsburg 1862.
W.T. Guill - 1st Corporal, killed with colors at Gettysburg 1863.
R.S. Booker - 2d Corporal.
Sam'l Mason - 3d Corporal, discharged 1862.
Jno. R. Mason - 4th Corporal, orderly Sergeant April 1862, killed at Gettysburg July 1863.

Allen, J I - Discharged 1861.
Atwell, Jos
Baker, E W - Killed at Gettysburg '63.
Baker, J E - Died in service 1861.
Berkley, W W - Corp'l; wounded Gaines' Mill June 1862.
Beasley, W D - Sergt.; wounded 2d battle Manassas and Gettysburg.
Baker, R
Breedlove, J W - Wounded at Gettysburg.
Blankenship, Joel - Died in service.
Blankenship, Sam'l - Discharged 1861.
Bagby, Scott 
Brightwell, Chas - Discharged 1862.
Brightwell, Wm - Discharged 1861.
Crenshaw, W T
Crawley, Wm
Clark, J S
Beech, Jno - Killed at Hatcher's Run 1865.
Clark, E W - Died in 1864.
Clark, W H - Died in 1861.
Clark, E C - 3d Lieut.; resigned 1862.
Clark, W F - Ord. Sergt. and 3d Lieut. from Nov., '64 to Apr., 1865.
Clark, C J - 3d and 1st Lieut.; Capt. from Oct., '62 to Apr., 1865, wounded at Gettysburg 1863.
Calhoun, J C - Discharged 1861.
Calhoun, Adam M
Clary, ?
Creasy, Jas - Discharged 1861.
Cronin, S D - 3d and 1st Lieut.; severely wounded at Gettysburg 1863.
Combey, Jno - Discharged 1861.
Daniel, Hal
Daniel, Jno
Daniel, Sam'l - Killed at Chester Station.
Daniel, George C
Dickerson, D L
Dickerson, Richard
Dixon, George
Dixon, J T - Wounded at Gettysburg and Chester Station.
Dickerson, ?
Dickerson, J J - Wounded at Ft. Donnelson 1862.
Driscoll, L R - Killed at Gettysburg '63.
Ellington, B A - Killed at Cold Harbor '64.
Elam, J W
Elliott, Rob't - Killed at Gettysburg '63.
Fallen, Jas
Fallen, La Fayette - Killed at Hatcher's Run 1865.
Folkes, W T - Lunenburg Co.; died in service.
Gaines, J C - 2d Sergt.
Gaines, W B - Wounded at Antietam or Sharpsburg, Md.
Garrison, Reuben
Garrison, J R - Wounded at Chester Station.
Garrison, Jos
Guill, Jno
Hamlett, Thomas - Wounded at Chester Station.
Hammersley, R
Harvey, Nathan
Harvey, William
Harvey, W D - Wounded  ?.
Hundley, Charles - Discharged 1861.
Harvey, W C
Harvey, T S - Wounded Ft. Donnelson.
Hamlett, E W - Wounded at Gettysburg.
Hamlett, Jesse
Harvey, Jesse - Died in service.
Hamlin, Jno - Brunswick Co.
Hill, James R
Hardeman, J E - Severely wounded at Gaines' Mill 1862, at Gettysburg 1863.
Holt, J L - Killed at Gettysburg '63.
Holt, J P - Severely wounded at Gettysburg '63, and at Chester Station killed.
Holt, R M - Wounded South Mountain 1862.
Holt, B N M - Wounded at Gettysburg and Hatcher's Run.
Holt, Thomas - Killed at Gaines' Mill.
Irvin, Powhatan
Johnson, ?
Johnson, Clem - Discharged 1861.
Johnson, J R - Died in service 1861.
Kersey, Jno - Died in service 1861.
Lawson, T G - Wounded at Gettysburg
Ledbetter, R T
Lester, H F - Wounded at Gettysburg.
Lester, W T
Lester, T P
Lewis, J C - Wounded at Chester Station.
Lipscomb, Ples
Marshall, R V 
Marshall, B W 
Morrison, Frank
Mason, Hillary - Discharged 1864.
Mason, Daniel - Died in service.
Mason, A W - Killed at Gaines' Mill.
Mason, A - Died in service.
Mimms, ?
Mason, Claiborne
Morton, J A
Morton, Jacob W - Orderly Sergt.; wounded at Gettysburg.
Overstreet, Wm - Killed at Hatcher's Run 1865.
Pryor, Sam'l - Discharged 1861.
Pugh, P A
Pugh, John O - Wounded Hatcher's Run
Pugh, W J
Pugh, D F
Pettus, Tom
Powers, John F
Ramsey, Sam'l - Killed at Hatcher's Run 1865.
Rash, James - Wounded at Gaines' Mill.
Read, M C 
Sharpe, J F
Smith, James L - Wounded at 2d Manassas 1862.
Smith, J M - Died in service.
Smith, E H - Died in service.
Smith, W G
Smith, Joel
St. John, Alex - Killed at Gettysburg.
St. John, Matt
St. John Robt
Steel, A P - Wounded at Ft. Donnelson and Gettysburg.
Spencer, W G
Smith, W L - Killed at Gettysburg.
Thomas, Rice - Killed at Ft. Donnelson.
Trent, ? - Died in service.
Trent, Booker
Vaughter, Merritt - Died in service.
Williams, W W - 1st Lieut. and Capt. from Apr., '62.
Williams, C W - Coward; deserted in presence of enemy July 3, 1863.
Williams, Thos
Williams, C B - Sergt.
Walker, J C
Williams, A L P - Ensign; severely wounded at Gettysburg July 3, '63 with the colors.
Wilkes, Calvin
Watkins, W L