CHARLOTTE INFANTRY (Company K, 14th. Virginia Infantry – aka "The Charlotte Rifles")

Source:  loose papers found at Charlotte County Courthouse
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

The following is a Roll of Company 'K" known as "The Charlotte Rifles" which was the first Company which volunteered from Charlotte County in the war between the States enlisting on the 24th day of April 1861 and became a part of the celebrated 18th Va. Infantry commanded by Col R.E. Withers until his disability from wounds received at Gaines Mill in June 1862 and by Col. H.A. Carrington until the close of the war, except when disabled by wounds or during confinement in prison.  This gallant Company participated in nearly every battle of the army of Northern Virginia from first Manassas to Appomattox C.H.  Suffice it to say it belonged to the 18th Va. Infantry which saw as much fighting and endured as hard service as any Regiment during the War.  It's deeds are a part of the history of the great conflict and will be cherished by posterity as a bright example of the valor and daring of brave men who fought for love of Country against overwhelming numbers.

Roll of Company K, 18th Va. Infantry

Notice is hereby given that William H. Smith, Thos. J. Spencer, W.H. Bailey, E.V. Adams, and others, soldiers who served in defense of Virginia in the war between the States, 1861-1865, have filed a petition in the County Court of county praying that the muster roll of Company K, 18th Virginia Infantry, Garnett's Brigade, Pickett's Division, Longstreet's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, may be recorded among the records of said court; and that said petition will be heard by the said Court on the first day of the May term, 1901. The said muster roll is as follows.
April 11, 1901 

Adams, Ezekiel V
Atkins, Patrick H
Bouldin, Wm. Dennis - 2nd. Sergt. captured at Gettysburg.
Bailey W H
Broocks J W Dr. - Died since the war.
Barksdale, G W - 1st Corp. died since the war.
Baldwin, W G - 3rd Lieut. died in service.
Bailey, Jim
Barksdale, Jno - Wounded at Moorehead City.
Cardwell, Wiltshire M - Wounded 1st Manassas.
Chappell, George - Died since the war.
Chappell C C - Wounded Gaines' Mill.
Cooke, Jno H - Died in service.
Covington, M L - 2d Lieut.
Calhoun, James - Died since the war.
Calhoun, John - Wounded at Gettysburg.
Crawley, James T - Wounded at Gettysburg.
Cook, J J - Wounded at Gettysburg.
Carter, Thomas M - died in service.
Chappell, W J - Killed at Drewry's Bluff.
Covington, Joseph 
Covington, Geo. - Wounded New Bern, N.C.
Childress, Chas. - Fifer of Company.
Davis, E B - Died since the war.
Dennis, Winslow R
Deanor, Patrick H
Dickerson, James T - Wounded Gaines' Mill.
Davis, Robert R
Davis, R P
Davis, Temple - Killed at Gettysburg.
Dean, Francis
Dickerson, Jas W - Died since the war.
Dickerson, Henry
Evans, E P
Evans, P L
Elam, Thomas
Faris, A T - 3rd Sergt.
Ford, Peyton R - Wounded in the arm at Frayser's Farm.
Foster, Albert - Died since the war.
Foster, Joel A - Sergt.
Fore, P W
Foster, John J
Ford, James
Ford, Phil
Foster, Sam
Franklin, Jno J
Fore, E W
Garden, Walter L - Wounded Gaines' Mill; died since the war.
Gaines, Wm. E - Transferred to Staunton Hill Artillery.
Garden, D B
Garden, Thomas J
Gaines, H F - Mortally wounded at Gettysburg and died in prison.
Garden, John Dr.
Guggenheimer, Simon - Lost eye sight in service.
Harvey, Chas. L - 4th Corp.
Hailey, Samuel M - Wounded Gaines' Mill.
Hagerman, Jno T - Lost leg at Gettysburg.
Harvey, S Baxter - Wounded at Frayer's Farm.
Hutcheson, R F - transferred to Cavalry.
Hammersley, Richard - 
Harvey, John A
Hudson, Robt.
Harvey, Chas. W - Discharged from service on account ill health.
Haynes, ? - Transferred from Farmville Guards.
Jeffress, Wm H - Wounded Williamsburg.
Jackson, E M - Wounded Williamsburg.
Jones, Theo M - Sergt. from 1861 to close of war, wounded at Williamsburg, Sharpsburg, 2d Cold Harbour, died since war.
Jones, Wm H - 2th Corp.
Jackson, James A 
Johnson, John - Wounded Hatcher's Run.
Kesee, George A - Killed at Williamsburg.
Lowry, John T - Wounded Hatcher's Run.
Lawson, John
Lawson, George W
Lyle, Matt L - 1st Lieut. 2d Capt. killed at Gaines Mill.
Lipscomb, Robert H - Killed at Gaines Mill.
Ledbetter, John - Wounded Drewry's Bluff.
Ledbetter, W J
Lindsey, Davis
Morrison Wm A
McNamara, Dennis - Died since the war.
Middleton, A C - Died in service.
Maloney, Clem - Died at Point Lookout, Md., of wounds received at Gettysburg.
Morrisette, David B - Died in service.
Morrison, Sam - Killed in battle around Richmond.
Moseley, John E - Mortally wounded at Frayser's Farm, died in prison.
Mack, Thomas - Orderly, died since the war.
Moorefield, Robert 
Morrison, Wm - Killed at Gettysburg.
Mullin, John E - Discharged at Hermitage Camp May 3, '61.
Noell, William N - Died at Culpeper C H.
Overbey, James T - Transferred to Cavalry.
Preston, Edward T - Died in service.
Preston, Fletcher
Powers, John F
Pollard, Joseph - Died in service.
Pugh, Asa C - Died since the service.
Pollard, James M - Died at Centerville Aug. 25, 1861. 
Reames, Edward H
Roach, Elijah T - Wounded at Gettysburg.
Roach, William S - Wounded at Gaines' Mill.
Ransom, Henry C
Read, Henry N
Reames, John H - Discharged at Hermitage Camp May 3, '61.
Spencer, T J - 1st Capt.
Smith, Wm H - Lieut. 3d Capt., wounded at 2d battle of Manassas, Drewry's Bluff and Sharpsburg.
Spencer, Branch W
Shorter, W H
Spain, Thomas
Spencer, James - Killed in battle.
Spencer, Alex - Killed at Gettysburg.
Spencer, Daniel - Mortally wounded at Frayser's Farm.
Spencer, Whitfield S - Wounded in battle.
Shepperson, R M - 2d Lieut. died in service.
Stith, Wm W - Lieut. arm shot off at Drewry's Bluff, died from effects.
Smith, Jno E - Lieut. killed at Five Forks.
Spencer, S D - Color bearer, wounded Gaines' Mill and Gettysburg.
Spencer, Wm - Sergt. shot battle Five Forks
Snead, Charles
Spencer, Sam'l T - Died in service.
Spencer, John Dug - Wounded 1st Manassas.
Smith, John R 
Spencer, Geo A
Thompson, John H - Died since the war.
Tunstell, George N
Tharpe, James A - Dishcharged April 1861.
Taylor, Robert H - Wounded Williamsburg.
Thomas, James A - Killed 1st battle Manassas; first man killed.
Valentine, ? - Killed at Seven Pines.
Watkins, Jas Van Buren - Badly wounded at Gettysburg.
Watkins, Luther C 
Weil, Samuel - Wounded at Frayser's Farm and Sharpsburg.
Wilkes, James
Wilkes, Ham - Transferred to artillery.
Wilkes, Thomas - Died in service.
Wilkes, C H
Wilkes, Jos W - 3rd Corp.
Wilkes, Calvin
Williams, Charles
Wilkerson, Thos C - Wounded in service.
Wilkerson, Wm C - Wounded in battle Frayser's Farm.