Cassada Family Cemetery
Route 810 Hare Road
Charlotte Co., VA. 

Submitted By
:  Beatrice Adams King

Cemetery is on the property of Grover Lacks near Clover. It is located off of Rt.360. It is reached by taking Rt. 608 to Rt. 810 
(Hare Road) then following it to the end and continuing on a dirt road. Cemetery is on the left a short way on the dirt road.

Name Born Died General Information
Cassada, Emmett G . 1900 1958 s/o James H. & Jennie Cassada
Cassada, Essie Q. Mar. 31, 1892 Falston, NC Dec. 13, 1959 Charlotte Co., VA. Esther "Essie" Queen PIC
Cassada, James H. Dec. 29, 1849 Halifax, Halifax Co., VA. Apr. 15, 1950 Charlotte Co., VA. h/o Jennie Cassada PIC
Cassada, Jennie Dec., 1859 Apr. 12, 1942 w/o James H. Cassada PIC
Cassada, Noel W. Jr. Apr. 20, 1952 Formosa, Charlotte Co., VA. Aug. 7, 1970 VA. PIC
Cassada, Olivine "Tuggie" Jun. 29, 1890 Formosa, Charlotte Co., VA. Oct. 21, 1959 VA. d/o James H. & Jennie Cassada PIC
Cassada, Ruby Evelyn Nov. 22, 1925 Jan. 11, 1997 PIC
Woodson, Oneta Cassada Apr. 16, 1929 Dec. 16, 2001 PIC