Henry Alexander Carrington

Photo Courtesy of Charlotte County Library

Submitted By:  Brady Fitts

Born:  September 13, 1832 – Charlotte County, Va.
Died:  January 21, 1885 – Charlotte County, Va.
Buried:   Village Church Cemetery, Charlotte County, Va.

 Education:  Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Va. – Enrolled July 28, 1848: Graduated July 4, 1851
                     University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. – Graduated in Law

Careers:   Before the War:  Lawyer
                  After the War:  Clerk of Court-Charlotte County, Va.

Military Record:   Commissioned Lieutenant Colonel,  on May 25, 1861, of the 18th. Virginia Infantry and promoted to Colonel on July 2, 1864.
He was wounded at the Battle of Seven Pines (also known as Battle of Fair Oaks, Battle of Fair Oaks Station) May 31 – June 1, 1862; Henrico County, Va.
He was captured at Gettysburg and later exchanged, and served throughout the remainder of the war.

Wife:  Charlotte Elizabeth Cullen 

Children:   Louise Carrington, William Carrington, John Carrington, Alfred Carrington, Otey Carrington, Florence Carrington & Lottie Carrington

Father:  Henry Carrington  (1762-1862)
Mother:  Louisa Elizabeth Cabell  (1798-1865)

Paternal Grandfather:  Paul Carrington  (1733-1818)
Paternal Grandmother:  Margaret Read

Maternal Grandfather:  William H. Cabell ( 1772-1853) [14th. Virginia Govenor 1805-1808]
Maternal Grandmother:  Elizabeth  (ca 1764-1801)



Facsimile of original application for a Confederate Veteran's Camp copied from Clerk's Office, Charlotte Court House, Charlotte County, Virginia


Henry A Carrington Camp, Confederate Veterans,

Smithville, Va., June 15th , 1894

To      Col. Stugh R. Smith                                   , Grand Commander of

the Grand Camp, Confederate Veterans,

 Department of Virginia:

We, the undersigned, who were Confederate Soldiers, actively engaged in

The late war between the years 1861 and 1865, feeling and knowing the importance of

Organization for benevolent and social objects, and to keep alive the memory of our

Cause and of our deceased comrades, are desirous of forming a new Camp at 

          Smithville              , in the        County                             of     Charlotte       ,

State of   Virginia , to be named        H. A. Carrington Camp                       ,

with the following officers:

                   W. H. Smith                           , Commander;         C. J. Clake        

1st-Lieut, Commander;             R. D. Adams             , 2d-Lieut. Commander;

          J. M. Smith        , 3d-Lieut. Commander;          Jno. B. Farris       , Adjuntant;

          Geo. W. Barksdale           , Quartermaster;   J. T. Paulette         , Sergeant -

Major;     F. C. Thornton , Treasurer;                    W. E. Michie                 , Surgeon;

          R. F. Hutchinson            , Chaplain; J. C. Watkens        , Officer of the Day;

          Nathan Davis                 , Vidette;     W. D. Beasley       , Color - Sergeant;

          David Rice            , 1st Color - Guard; W. B. Dunn        , 2d Color - Guard;


          Executive Committee:                                                                                 

          I. W. Scott                                                    W. H. Smith                        

          R. F. Hutchinson                                                                        


                   We therefore respectfully ask that a Charter be issued to

 H. A. Carrington  Camp, with all of the powers that can be conferred under

the Grand Camp Charter, and we promise a strict obedience to all By-Laws, Resolu-

tions, and Orders issued by the Grand Camp and its officers empowered so to do.

We enclose herewith $2.50, the Charter fee.

Roster of H. A. Carrington Camp
United Confederate Veterans
May 15, 1922

Taken from loose papers found in the Charlotte County Clerk of Courts Office
Charlotte Court House, Virginia

1 ALMOND, D. H. Cullen, VA.
2 BLANKS. J. S. Drakes Branch, VA.
3 BARKSDALE, A. S. Randolph, VA.
4 BRADNER, Robert C. Charlotte Court House, VA. RFD
5 BAILEY, L. P. Phenix, VA.
6 BALDWIN, Samuel Brookneal, VA. RFD
7 BERKLEY, W. W. Randolph, VA.
8 BERKLEY, C. “Red” Phenix, VA.
9 CHAPPEL, D. A. Keysville, VA.
10 COVINGTON, R. S. Madisonville, VA.
11 COLLINS, Sam G. Drakes Branch, VA.
12 CLARK, E. W. Clarkton, VA.
13 CRUTCHER, G. T. Drakes Branch, VA.
14 CONNOR, Dobson H. Brookneal, VA.
15 CABINESS, Capt. W. G. Phenix, VA.
16 DUFFER, James H. Clayville, VA.
17 DRISKILL, Berry Drakes Branch, VA.
18 DIXON, J. T. Keysville, VA.
19 ESTES, D. R. Charlotte Court House, VA. RFD
20 FORDS, P. R. Rolling Hill, VA.
21 FRANKLIN, S. R. Pamplin, VA.
22 FOSTER, W. D. Drakes Branch, VA.
23 GARRISON, R. R. Madisonville, VA.
24 GARBER, R. A. Charlotte Court House, VA.
25 GARRETT, W. G. Cullen, VA.
26 GLENN, G. R. Keysville, VA.
27 HEDDERLY, John R. Drakes Branch, VA.
28 HOLT, B. N. Charlotte Court House, VA. % Willis Holt
29 HANCOCK, D. A. Penix, VA.
30 JACKSON, E. W. Red House, VA.
31 JONES, J. W. Red Oak, VA.
32 JONES, J. L. Red Oak, VA.
33 JOHNSON, A. J. Madisonville, VA.
34 JOHNSON, Reps T. Wylliesburg, VA.
35 JORDAN, J. B. Cullen, VA.
36 LESTER, H. F. Saxe, VA. RFD
37 LIPSCOMB, P. T. Randolph, VA. RFD
38 LACKS, John Randolph, VA.
39 MARSTIN, E. L. Aspen, VA.
40 MILAM, A. K. Charlotte Court House, VA. RFD
41 NEWCOMB, S. C. Formosa, VA.
42 NELSON, W. H. Charlotte Court House, VA. RFD
43 NEWCOMB, A. T. Formosa, VA.
44 NEWTON, J. A. Randolph, VA.
45 OWEN, J. W. Randolph, VA.
46 PAULETT, H. A. Pamplin, VA.
47 POLLARD, J. W. Brookneal, VA.
48 PUGH, S. J. Charlotte Court House, VA. RFD
49 PUGH, A. J. Charlotte Court House, VA. RFD
50 PRICE, R. C. Madisonville, VA.
51 PERKINSON, J. W. Wylliesburg, VA.
52 PALMER, M. D. Brookneal, VA.
53 PURCELL, J. P. Drakes Branch, VA.
54 ROBERTSON, Capt. John E. Charlotte Court House, VA. RFD
55 ROSSER, C. L. Drakes Branch, VA.
56 RAMSEY, John R. Madisonville, VA.
57 SCOTT, Capt. T. W. Drakes Branch, VA.
58 SHAW, Capt. N. L. Charlotte, N.C. #602 Caldwell St.
59 SMITH, E. F. Charlotte Court House, VA. % Gordon Smith
60 SHOOK, W. M. Keysville, VA.
61 TOOMBS, B. B. Formosa, VA.
62 WATKINS, Jas. C. Charlotte Court House, VA.
63 WILLIAMS, A. H. Penix, VA.
64 WILMUTH, H. H. Wylliesburg, VA.
65 WALLACE, R. H. Drakes Branch, VA.
66 WILBORN, T. R. Aspen, VA.