Submitted By:  Glenn Harvey in remembrance of his father.

     A Bit of Bailin Wire

           Harry H. Harvey


You can talk about the hairpin

   And its wide and varied fame,

And of the female ingenuity in

   Handling of the same.

But, for plain and fancy genius nod

   The bird that I admire,

Is a tough old Phenix hombre

   With a piece of Balin Wire.


You can go from Phenix to Roanoke

   Or by roadway to the gap.

Stop at Aspen, Climb to Brookneal,

   Wander all around the map.

Go by rail or trail or roadway

   Where and far as you desire,

But there is no place you can go

   And not find Balin Wire.


You will see it on the trucks

   And lumber or in the mill.

It’s used for nearly everything

   That’s used in these hills.

If a feller cracks a singletree

   Or louses up a tire,

Or splits a toung or breaks a spring,

   He grabs a piece of Bailin Wire.


On harness it can substitute

   For lugs and run to the bit,

You can twist it with scores of tools,

   And weave a bunk with it.

As a mule whip its authority

   Is severe and dire.

And there has been some rustlers

   In the hills got hung with Bailin Wire.


It will take the place of nails

   Or make a handle for a pail

And you can anchor up your pants with it

   In case your suspenders fail.

And it’s good for hundreds of other

   Things if you enquire,

And Phenix would not have been settled yet

   Except for Bailin Wire.


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