Ash Camp Church, Keysville, Charlotte Co., VA.


Source:  Taken from the book "Ash Camp Baptist Church Keysville, Virginia 1802-1952".
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Members of Ash Camp Church 1813-14 - The Old Church
This group was taken from the old church records and were probably the original members who organized the church in 1802.
The first fourteen left Ash Camp in 1813 to form Welch Tract Church.

Thomas Bunting John Whitehead William Wilks
David Blankenship Amy Pentecost Patsy Whitehead
Betsy Wilks Anne Bunting Sally Baker
Nancy Vernon Polly Baker Esther Vernon
Peggy Ferguson Ann Blankenship Bryant W. Lester
James Dabbs--Susanna, his wife James Saunders Josiah LeGrand
Richard Dabbs John Key--Elizabeth, his wife Thomas Watkins
Josiah Dabbs--Polly, his wife Bernard Todd George Foster
John Foster Lewis Garnett Isham Clements
Thomas A. Stephenson Ann Pugh Polly Stephenson
Thomas A. LeGrand Polly Walker

Hattie LeGrand James - Great great great granddaughter of Josiah LeGrand,  Mr. LeGrand was one of the founders of Ash Camp Baptist Church.  Mrs. James joined Ash Camp in 1894, served as Sunday School superintendent, teacher and choir member.  She was Chairman of the historical committee and most of the history of the church was from her library.

One of the founders of the Baptist General Association of Virginia.  Ordained at Ash Camp in 1815. – Dr. Edward Baptist

Dr. Daniel Witt - 1829-1831 Pastor of Ash Camp

Ash Camp Pastors

Henry Lester 1802-1808
Richard Dabbs 1808-1821
Abner W. Clopton 1823-1827
Daniel Witt 1829-1831
Isaac Tinsley 1831-1832
Gilbert Mason 1834-1837
Samuel G. Mason 1838-1852
John S. Lee 1853-1856
E.S. Taylor 1870-1871
Samuel G. Mason 1871-1881
J.A. Leslie 1882-1885
W.B. Haislip 1885-1888
J.W. Reams 1889-1891
W.C. Foster 1891-1893
C.A. Stuart 1894-1896
H.T. Williams 1896-1902
J.W.H. Dyches 1903-1909
W.A. Pearson 1909 -1915
J.A. Barnhardt 1915-1920
R.H. Bowden 1921-1924
P.H. Chelf 1925-1926
J.J. Parsons 1926-1928
J.W. Craig 1929-1933
S.C. Owen 1935-1940
J.S. Rushing 1941-1944
Ardell F. McClung 1944-1946
E.B. Cahoon 1947-1950

Members of Ash Camp Baptist Church 1892

C.E. Atwell W.L. Atwell Floyd Atwell
J.E. Atwell Miss Martha Atwell Miss Fannie Atwell
Miss Lucy Atwell Miss Betty Atwell Mrs. S.J. Atwell
Thomas Atwell Mrs. C.D. Atwell Mrs. Anna Atwell
L.A. Atkisson W.W. Ashworth Mrs. M.L. Anderson
Miss Lillie Anderson E.R. Bagby Mrs. Olivia Bagby
Miss Judith Bagby Miss Lelia Bagby Miss Rosa Bagby
Willie Bailey Miss Allett Bailey Miss Nannie Bailey
Miss Mollie Bailey Mrs. Alma Bailey C.L. Barksdale
T.L. Baughn Norman Baughn Mrs. Margaret Baughn
C.R. Boatwright Mrs. C.R. Boatwright Mrs. Becca Brooks
Miss Ella Brooks Mrs. M.S. Booker W.H. Barnes
J.T. Collins Mrs. M.E. Collins Hillary Collins
Mrs. Emma Collins H.R. Clark Mrs. H.R. Clark
Mrs. H. Clark W. Thorborn Clark J.W. Clark
G.B. Clark Jasper Clark Mrs. Annie Clark
Mrs. E.M. Clark Mrs. E.D. Clark Miss M.B. Cary
Miss E.R. Cary A.D. Crawford Johnnie Crawford
Wirt Crawford Alfred Crawford Mrs. Sarah J. Crawford
Mrs. Mary E. Cheny Miss Willie Cheny Edward Cheny
Mrs. M.W. Chappell Miss Ada Chappell Miss Ellen Chappell
Richard Chappell Geo. Carden Miss Sarah Covington
J.A. Dalton W.W. Dalton Mrs. A.W. Dalton
Mrs. Mary R. Dixon Miss Berta Dixon Miss Nannie Dixon
W.A. Driskell Mrs. W.A. Driskell Mrs. Alice Duffee
Mrs. Mildred Duncan Miss May Duncan Mrs. N.W. Devine
Mrs. Anna E. Dickerson Geo. W. Dodson A.J. Dodson
Bettie C. Dodson J.E. Eubanks Mrs. L.P. Eubanks
Miss Malvina Eubanks Miss Susie Eubanks Mrs. W.C. Foster
Willie Foster Mrs. S.A. Foster Miss Sallie T. Foster
W.P. Faris Lemon Faris L.A. Faulkner
E.N. Gee Z.T. Gee F.O. Gee
E.E. Gee Mrs. S.F. Gee Flav. Glinn
Peter Glinn Crossie Green Mrs. W.B. Green
R.D. Garland Mrs. R.D. Garland Miss Daisy Garland
Mrs. Lou M. Garland Miss Ester Garland Miss Allie Garland
Mrs. Melisse Gilliam Miss Ida Galbright Miss E.C. Gregory
Miss M.M. Gregory Miss E. Stokes Gregory Miss Daisy Gregory
Miss Allie Gregory Mrs. Lou Garrett John T. Hailey
Emmet L. Hailey John C. Hailey J. Ed. Hailey
C. Morgan Hailey Willie Hailey Rufus Hailey
Jos. Hailey W.G. Hailey Geo. F. Hailey
Mrs. Julia A. Hailey Miss Lucinda Hailey Mrs. May J. Hailey
Miss Martha Hailey Miss Catherine Hailey Mrs. Martha B. Hailey
Miss Ida T. Hailey Miss M.A. Hailey Miss May S. Hailey
Mrs. L.A. Hardy Mrs. Nettie Hayes Mrs. Jennie Harrison
J.H. Hankins J.D. Hankins W.H. Harrison
A.L. Haskins Thornton I'Anson B.L. Jude
Mrs. I.R. Jude P.C. Jones Mrs. A.E. Jones
Miss Jane Jones Mrs. R.B. Johnson Miss S.B. Jeffress
G.E. Knight J.A. Keeling Mrs. J.A. Keeling
A.W. Keeling Mrs. A.W. Keeling Warren Keeling
Miss C.B. Keeling S.W. LeGrand Mrs. S.W. LeGrand
S.T. LeGrand Mrs. S.T. LeGrand W.A. LeGrand
Mrs. W.A. LeGrand W.H. Mann Luther Mann
Mrs. E.E. Mann Miss M.F. Mann Miss Ida Mann
Miss Laura Mann Mrs. Emma Morton Mrs. Mollie McGehee
Miss Rosa J. Moss Mrs. V.H. Murry G.B. McKay
Miss Mattie McGee W.T. Noel Willie R. Nelson
Mrs. Susie N. Nelson Mrs. Maggie A. Nelson W.H. Otley
Mrs. W.H. Otley T.B. Overton Wm. C. Pollok
Mrs. Wm. C. Pollok Miss Jennie Pollok J.L. Putney
Mrs. C.A. Priddy Miss Mary Priddy Mrs. Bettie Pollard
A.B. Phillips J.W. Phillips H.D. Peters
R.M. Russell Miss Blanch Russell John Reamer
Miss Blanch Reamer Miss G.B. Rogers Mrs. Dora Rice
Mrs. M.A. Robinson J.W. Shelton Mrs. J.W. Shelton
Mrs. A.F. Shelton Eddie Sharpe Mrs. Virgie Sharpe
Mrs. Emma Sharpe Miss Allie Sharpe Mrs. Pattie Sharpe
Geo. F. Sharpe W.T. Snoddy Miss M. Simpson
Mrs. Elizabeth Shoemaker Mrs. Manerva Shoemaker Harrison Shoemaker
J.A. Thompson Mrs. J.A. Thompson Mrs. L.C. Thompson
W.T. Townsend Mrs. W.T. Townsend W.B. Tucker
Mrs. W.B. Tucker A.W. Weatherford Miss M.A. Weatherford
Miss Nevada Weatherford R.E. Winfree Mrs. R.E. Winfree
T.G. Watkins Mrs. T.G. Watkins Miss Minnie Watkins
Lee Watkins J.E. Wilson S.A. Wilson
John D. Ward Mrs. M.J. Ward Miss Fannie Ward
Miss Daisy Ward Miss Ola Ward Thos. P. White
Mrs. Louise Williams Mrs. Mary J. Wood Miss Maud Winn
Mrs. V.W. Wagner Mrs. A.E. Walker Thos. B. Yeaman
Edward T. Yeaman Luther J. Yeaman Mrs. Sarah J. Yeaman
Miss Mary S. Yeaman