A Salute To Our Service, Fire & Police Personnel  -  January 2019

   Private - First Special Service Forces 
  U.S. Army - World War II


Allen L. Hudson  was born in Charlotte County, VA. on February 18, 1924, the fifth of eight children born to Joel L. and Lula Virginia Scott Hudson.  He was raised on the home farm and educated in the public school system.

At the age of nineteen, on 26 April of 1943, Allen found himself in Richmond, Virginia where he enlisted in the U.S. Army in support of the United States' efforts in World War II raging in Europe and the Far East.  He was assigned serial number 33-635-271 as a Private.  It must have been quite an adjustment for him, having grown up in the rolling hills of central Virginia, to find himself undergoing commando training in the rugged Rocky Mountains of western Montana later that year.

On  July 20, 1942 the Army organized a special skills fighting unit known as the First Special Service Force.  It was a volunteer joint American-Canadian  commando unit located at Fort William Henry Harrison in Helena, Montana. This elite unit was the model for our present day SEAL, Delta Forces, Green Berets, etc. units. There they received rigorous and intensive training in hand-to-hand combat, use of demolition explosives, parachuting, rock-climbing, mountain warfare, use of non-standard weaponry and winter fighting techniques.

Their formation patch consisted of a red spearhead, with USA written horizontally and CANADA written vertially.  In October of 1943 the FSSF was transferred to Italy in the European Campaign, where its usefullness was tested in difficult combat situations and the effectiveness of their training was soon realized and verified. It was through their daring nighttime raids that they got their nickname. In a captured German officer's diary they found reference to "black devils" or Devil's Brigade so it was adopted and in 1968 Hollywood honored the soldiers in a war drama called "The Devil's Brigade".

Allen Hudson was killed in action against the Germans on May 24, 1944 at Anzio, Roma, Lazio, Italy.  He is buried in the Mount Calvary United Methodist Church Cemetery, Drakes Branch, Charlotte Co., VA.


Thank you for your service!