Reunion News Items from Local Newspapers

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, April 16, 1970.
Submitted by:  Bea Adams King

The five brothers and two sisters pictured above have been reunited after 55 years.  They were separated in 1915 after their mother's death when Susie and Teddy were placed in Dr. Mabie's Orphanage in Richmond.  They both left the orphanage in 1916 to go into separate private homes and lost contact with each other until 1942. Susie and Teddy were finally located and reunited with the family by Mrs. Albert Seamster, Midlothian, Va., the daughter of Hessie Adams, and Mr. Jim Parker, Glass, Va., son of Mrs. Clyde Parker, who had both been searching for some time.
The reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hessie Adams at Drakes Branch, Va., on Sunday, April 5, 1970.  Four generations were represented among the 55 relatives present for the memorable occasion.
Note:  People in picture - Mrs. Clyde (Susie Adams) Parker, Damascus, Va., Mrs. Ruth Adams Carter, Saxe, Va., Hugh Adams, Saxe, Va., Hessie Adams, Drakes Branch, Va., Chesley Adams, Keysville, Va., John Adams, Lunenburg County, Va.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, July 16, 1970.
Submitted by:  Bea Adams King  


Eighty-eight members of the J.H. Pace family gathered at Goodwin's Lake on Sunday, July 12 for their annual reunion.  Nine of the eleven living children of Mr. Pace were present.  Those from Charlotte County were Mrs. Hunter Nelson, Mrs. Jesse Pollard, Mrs. Harrison Robinette, Mrs. J.T. Tharpe, Mrs. Albert Tharpe, Mrs. D. T. Cook, and Mrs. C. A. Philbeck.  Their two brothers, J. Matthew Pace and Weldon L. Pace of Richmond also attended.  Besides many grandchildren and great grandchildren being present for the good time enjoyed by all, two guests also joined the group.  The family has grown greatly in the last few years and it has been estimated that only about half the family was present.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, July 28, 1955.
Submitted by
:  Bea Adams King


On June 19, 1955, Mr. and Mrs. V.R. Klise of Red Oak entertained the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of the late Mr. and Mrs. Fred Burton of Red Oak at a family reunion at their home.  Each family brought a basket of food, which was served picnic style from tables on the lawn.  Before and after lunch the grownups were engaged in conversation, while the young people played games.  All seemed to enjoy every minute and the day will be remembered by those present for the delicious food and the association with friends and relatives.
Those present were:  Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Burton and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Garland Burton, Sr., Allie and Ann, Mrs. Robert Claiborne, Miss Rose Marie Wilshire, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wagstaff and Kathy, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burton, Harry Lee, Margaret and Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. Garland Burton, Jr., and Garland III, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Allen, Pat Jr., Sheryl, and Jerry, all of Richmond, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Douglas and children and Bobby Baltimore of Chesterfield, Mr. and Mrs. J. Chappell Moore and daughters, Betty Lane, Linda, Dot, Eleanor and Lucy of Columbia, S.C., Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Wilkerson, Patsy and Eddie of South Boston, Mr. and Mrs. V.R. Klise and George, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Dickinson, Floyd Jr. and Mary Elizabeth of Red Oak and Miss Grace Cooper of Baskerville.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, July 20, 1980.
Submitted by:  Bea Adams King 


Saturday, July 16 was a wonderful day for a gathering for the first reunion of the descendants of the families of the late William Carl Colgate and Onie Worner Dickerson.
The reunion was held in the Saxe Community Center in Saxe, Charlotte County, Va.
At 1:00 p.m. Marion Colgate of Chase City gave the official welcome to approximately one hundred and fifty guests present.
Melvin Baugh, Jr. of Fort Mitchell returned thanks for the food and all the blessings which each of us are privileged to enjoy.  A most bountiful picnic lunch with tea and soft drinks was served.
Miss Susan Baugh was seated at the entrance and as guests arrived each was registered and pinned with a name tag.
It was fun to meet the cousins of generations past and it was amazing to realize that almost everyone was there in spite of the rain.  The event was scheduled to be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Ellington. 
Everyone expresses a desire to meet again next year.
In too many instances we become so involved in so many things along life's way that the only time we pause to meet together is in the time of the loss of a loved one.  At this time we were a little sad that the ones we loved so much could not be with us, but I am sure they were with us in spirit and love.
The time we spent together last Sunday was a fun time and we should share them more often.
The one claiming the honor for being the oldest present was our dear Cousin Annie Clements of Saxe. She was presented with a corsage of pink carnations.
Capturing the prize for the youngest was a darling little girl, Kristie Dickerson from Halifax, Va., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Dickerson.
The prize for the one from the greatest distance went to Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Garrett of Springfield, Va.
Everyone thought it was a great occasion and held high hopes to meet again next year.
The out-of-town guests were from the following places: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Royster, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Powers, Danville, Va.: Mr. Melvin Baugh, Susan, Tom and Kimberly, Fort Mitchell, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Baugh, Jr. and Tiffany, Fort Mitchell, Va.; Mrs. Annie Parks and Brian of Chase City, Va.; Robert W. Ellington, Richmond, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Wiley T. Willis and family, Richmond, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dickerson and Joey, Danville,  Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Grady Vernon and family, South Boston, Va.; Tina and Phil Waskey, South Boston, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McKinney, Richmond, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Worner Dickerson, Halifax, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Tony Dickerson and Kristie, Halifax, Va.; Jason Dickerson, Halifax, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Newcomb and Ruth, Chase City, Va.; W.A. (Bimbo) Newcomb, Chase City, Va.;  Mrs. Virginia East, Danville, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Colgate and M.J., Chase City, Va.; Miss Carolyn Colgate, Richmond, Va.; Mrs. Beverly Craft and Christopher, Lynchburg, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Colgate, III, Clarksville, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Colgate, Jr. and Mark, Chase City, Va.; J.E. Weston, Jr., Gail, Johnny and Todd, Crewe, Va.; Mr. and Mrs Lee Goodin, Leigh Ann and Chip, Unionville, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Garrett, Bo, Robbie, Mike and friend, Timmy Murphy, Springfield, Va.; Mrs. Nancy Newcomb, Tim and Karen, Richmond, Va.; Mrs. Katherine Dickerson, Richmond, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Willis and Paul, Chase City, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Steve Willis, Chase City, Va.; Miss Joni Willis, Chase City, Va.; Ronnie and Bonnie Smith, Farmville, Va.; Craig and Dawn Smith, Farmville, Va.; Gary and Dianne Willis, Raleigh, N.C.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Willis, Charlie and Willie, Chase City, Va., Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Willis, Victoria, Va.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, August 17, 1972.
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Foster Family Holds Reunion
Wesley Foster and Alice Baker were married 1876 in Charlotte Co.  To this couple 8 children were born: Florence F. Vaughan, Eva F. Dickerson, Carrie Foster, Wesley, Walter, Radford, Chester and Cleon.  These children (all deceased now) bore 49 children, of which 45 are living today.
On August 13, 1972, the Chester Foster home, Saxe, Va., now owned by his son and daughter - in - law, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Foster was the gathering place for a grand family reunion.
Those present for this occasion were:
Champ Vaughan and daughter Vivian, Saxe, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tharpe Sr., Saxe, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tharpe, Jr. and daughters, Judy and Sandra, of Keysville, Va.; Mrs. David Buchanan and children, Eddie, Dale, Dianne and Cheryl of Keysville, Va., also Sharon Moore; Mr. and Mrs. Wesley C. Foster of Burkeville, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hall and children, Debbie, Annette and Lee of  Drakes Branch, Va., Billy Berkley of Keysville, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Willard Foster and daughter, Helen, of Middletown, N.J.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Green of Phenix, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. James Green and daughter, Rebecca of Farmville, Va.; Mrs. Camilla Adams and son, Carl of Phenix, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Tuck Dickerson and Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Dickerson, of Phenix, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Dickerson, Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Powell and children, Kenny and Cynthia, of Abilene, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Foster, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Foster, Jr. of Saxe, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Hite and children, Wendy and Kendrick of South Boston, Va.; Mrs. Ruth F. Shipp and grandson, Robbie Clark, of Drakes Branch, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Boykin and grandchildren, Kathy and Donna Harding of Richmond, Va.; Mr. Kermit Foster of Saxe, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Foster and grandchildren, Tommy and Christine Foster of Richmond, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Allen Pegram and son, Thomas, of Richmond, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Roger (Bug) Tharpe and son, Timmy, of Chase City, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Foster of Chase City.; Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Adams and son, Wayne, of Drakes Branch, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Dukes and children, Cindy, Tony and Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Burnette and children, Cecilia, Patricia, and Amy, all of North Carolina; Mrs. Isabell P. Foster of Drakes Branch, Va.; Mr. Hugh Wallace and son, Gary of Richmond, Va.; Mrs. Pauline Royster of Drakes Branch, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Foster and children Annette and Robbie, of Saxe, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Clay, Mrs. Ralph Royster and daughter, Carolyn, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Adams and son, Donnie, Mr. and Mrs. Glen (Wimpy) Foster and son, Dean, all of Drakes Branch, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Newcomb and children, Janet, Kay and Neil of Saxe, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Chapman of Chase City, Va.; Miss Cindy Carter of North Carolina; Mr. Raleigh Osborne and sons, Eddie and John of Saxe, Va.
This was the Foster's first reunion and everyone had such a wonderful fellowship.  They plan to make this a yearly event.

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, June 4, 1964
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Hall Family Reunion Held
The Hall Family had a reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hall Sunday.  Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Robert HallMr. and Mrs. Roy Hall and SusanMiss Lillian BrankleyMr. and Mrs. Will Hall and Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Sara JonesHildaNora Grey and Mary AnneMiss Joan SpainMr. and Mrs. Jimmy Hall of Chase City; Mr. Nolan Gregory, Jr. of Altavista; Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HallMr. and Mrs. Gene Hall and CarolynMr. and Mrs. Tom AshbyMrs. Bernard JonesMrs. Dan Hall and Mrs. Reps Barnes of Red Oak; Mr. Ed Hall of Hampton; Mr. and Mrs. David HallValerie and Cynthia of Virginia Beach; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Jennings, Douglas and Janet of Norfolk; MrHunter RylandMrs. Gertrude Gafford, Miss Judy DavisMiss Kitty GlennMr. and Mrs. Archie PriddyPam and DaphneMr. Wilbur Hall, Mr. and Mrs. John Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Ray RodgersGaylynnVanKim and RhondaMr. and Mrs. Billy Hitchcock, Mr. and Mrs. Ryland HolzbackStephen and SusanMr. and Mrs. Raymond Holzback, SteveDebbie and Terri RaeMr. and Mrs. Wayne Holzback and Ricky of Richmond.  Also attending were Mr. and Mrs. Clyde HallBill, C.I., Janice and Bruce and Mr. and Mrs. Reuben AdamsonAndyRobbie, Gary and Mary Lou, and Linda and Brenda Davis.