Randolph Henry High School
Charlotte Court House,
Charlotte County, Virginia

June, 1943

Photos from a collection by Philip Bonn taken for the Office of  War Information

Credits to:  Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA/OWI Collection

Main Building

Students at the entrance to RHHS.

Graduation, June, 1943

Lunch preparation in the cafeteria kitchen.

Lunches ready for the students.

Student paying for lunch (cost of lunch was approximately 15 cents - note the Morgan Dollar).

Boys enjoying lunch (milk was free - as much as you wanted).

Last person on the right is W. Edgar Trent. (Thank you to his daughter for calling and letting us know.)

Cleanup after lunch.

Biology Classroom.

The boy sitting in the front row is Marshall Hancock. On the 2nd row, the girl on the far left side of the photo is Dean Marston, next to her on the same row in the jacket, is Ruby Arrington, and the girl next to Ruby with the flower in her hair is my mother, Frances Pugh. On the 3rd row, the girl on the left end with the ribbon in her hair (sitting behind Ruby Arrington) is Catherine Hogge. The people named here all graduated from Randolph Henry in 1945.
(Thanks to Deborah Briggs for this info.)

Students looking over the latest newspapers and periodicals.

Teacher helping her brother who is a student with homework.

Student looking over books at his brother's garage after school.

First aid classes.

Home Economics Cottage

Girls gardening at cottage.

Boys in shop class.

Girls at bulletin board.

Principal J. M. Garber

Miss Mae Kelly with teacher.

Miss Mae Kelly, Director of Instruction with Vocational Agriculture teacher and Shop teacher.

Boys enjoying baseball.

Commemoration Plaque at RHHS.

One of the old schools consolidated into RHHS,  now an elementary school.

Another school consolidated into RHHS.

Home of one of the Vocational Ag students.

RHHS student’s family photo.

RHHS School Buses – some of these were driven by Senior Class members.

RHHS Shop and Vocational Agriculture Building

Students looking out of the windows.

Student studying at home.

If anyone can identify any of the persons in these photographs, please contact us so that we can personalize the collection.