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:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, August 16, 1928.
Submitted by
:  Bea. Adams King

On July 22nd the children of Mrs. Harriet Jane Chaney celebrated her 85th birthday at the home of her only son, Mr. L.A. Chaney, of near Paces, Va.
She was the wife of the late Samuel Chaney and the mother of eight children, but only four of them living now.  She is in her 85th year, but is as pert and gay as ever.
She makes her home in Charlotte County with her granddaughter, but often visits Halifax county, where she was born and reared.  She is loved by all who know her and always is ready in time of sickness.  She is better known to Halifax County as Mammy Chaney.
Besides her eight children, she has 40 grandchildren and about 100 great grandchildren and about 6 great-great-grandchildren and she says she is proud of them all.
The lawn of the Chaney's was thrown into picnic grounds and a long table for the bountiful dinner was spread, which was served about 12 o'clock with ice cream and tea.
All was present with the exception of a few and many visitors.  Rev. and Mrs. E.H. Hardcastle, of Southerlin, Mr. Geo. Toombs, of Saxe, Va., Mr. Payne, of Saxe, Va., Mr. Charlie Newcomb, of Saxe, Va., all were present. Mrs. Chaney received many nice and useful gifts.
After dinner was served they held prayer meeting and thanked the Lord for their dear old Mother of theirs and for sparing her to them through all these long years.  The writer would give names of each and every one that same came, but would take too much space.  So will just say it was a grand affair and everybody enjoyed it to the highest extent.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, August 16, 1928.
Submitted by:  Bea. Adams King

The annual dinner given to the Confederate Veterans of Charlotte County by the H.A. Carrington chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy was held at Charlotte C.H., Tuesday, August 4th and was attended by the following veterans;  Messers. J.P. Purcell, S.C. Newcomb, J.A. Carrington, Charles Ferrell, and W.D. Foster.  The inclement weather prevented the usual attendance, but this annual dinner is to many of them a precious reunion and looked forward to from one year to another as "The thin grey line fades away."  The pleasure of the Daughters at being able to do this little for the Veterans probably outweighed the pleasure of the Veterans, but it is a labor of love and appreciation they hope to continue.
The menu served consisted of chicken, sandwiches, tea, coffee, lemonade, and cake.
Mrs. W.G. Williams, chairman, and Mrs. Susie Norvell, Misses May Lester and Frances Smith, of Charlotte C.H.;  Mrs. J.A. Scotggin, chairman;  Mrs. Geo.  B. Russell, Mrs. R.B. Jackson and Mrs. J.D. Morton, of Drakes Branch, with the president, Mrs. C.M. Hutcheson, composed the committee that served the dinner

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, August 11, 1955.
Submitted by
:  Bea. Adams King

Mr. C.H. Garnett of Saxe was honored last Sunday with a birthday dinner given him by his wife, Mrs. C.H. Garnett, in celebration of his 95th birthday.  Mr. Garnett, received many nice and useful gifts.
Among those present at the dinner were:  Mrs. Ida Garnett, Shirley Garnett, Carrington Garnett, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Whippie, Dorothy and Joey Garbrough, Leroy Chisenall, Douglas Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Powell and sons, Mr. and Mrs. N.C. Garnett, Jr. and family and Mr. Jimmy Jones all of Ellerson; Mr. Jimmy Putze of Richmond;  Mrs. John W. Sawyer and daughter of Alexandria;  Mrs. Ollie Evans and Kathleen of Charlotte C.H.;  Mr. and Mrs. S.O. Whitlow of South Boston;  Miss Mary English of Long Island;  Miss Fay Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Rock Garnett and Rocky and Gayle, Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Garnett and Doug and Sherry, all of Drakes Branch;  Mr. Willie Garnett of Randolph;  Bryant Garnett, Kent Garnett, Fred Garnett, and Peter Garnett all of Saxe.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, September 8, 1955.
Submitted by:  Bea. Adams King

On Sept. 4 at Abilene Grange Hall, Miss Pearl Driskill of Lynchburg, who has been caring for her 86 year old uncle, E.W. Driskill, at his old home at Abilene since June, gave him a birthday picnic dinner.  Many of his old friends and relatives helped him to enjoy the beautiful dinner consisting of fried chicken, country ham, potato salad, pickles, cakes, pies, coffee, tea, and homemade ice cream. He received many nice and useful gifts.  The birthday cake was given by Miss Pearl Driskill.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, March 3, 1955.
Submitted by:  Bea. Adams King

On February 19 at 7:30 p.m. in the Lebanon Sunday School rooms, a Stork Shower was given by Mrs. Harvey Adams and Mrs. Roy Clay in honor of Mrs. Ralph W. Royster.  Games were played and prizes given.  After the games the gifts were opened.  The mother to be received many nice and useful things.  After the gifts opening, the refreshments were served.  Each one reported as been a nice shower and having a nice time.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, March 10, 1927.
Submitted by
:  Bea. Adams King

Mrs. D.W. Hamilton entertained beautifully Saturday evening in honor of her husband's birthday.
The guests were ushered in the dining room at 6:30, where they found prettily laid tables decorated with bouquets of pink carnations and ferns;  and a gorgeous seven course dinner being served by Mrs. Hamilton and Miss Fleshman.  Those present were:  Mr. D.W. Hamilton, the honored guest; Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Adams, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Hamilton, Mrs. and Mrs. F.M. Dick, Misses Fannie Ponton and Eleanor Hamilton, and Messers. L.T. Moore and Robert Howard.
Mr. Hamilton was the recipient of a number of nice presents; and desires for many more such birthdays

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Smithville, VA, Thursday, August 9, 1894.
Submitted by:  Bea. Adams King

On Court day, at a meeting of the Executive Com. of the Camp, the following committees were appointed:
On invitations - J.B. Faris, J.E. Robertson, F.C. Thornton
Precinct Committees to solicit aid to the Barbecue:
Aspenwall - H.C. Rice, H.W. Harvey, J.W. Smith Madisonville - W.C. Carwilles, B.P. Harvey, J.W. Elder, R.H. Andrews, W.M. Carwiles
Midway - J.W. Gilchrist, L.P. Bailey, Robt Connally Smith's Tavern - J.E. Robertson, R.F. Hutcheson, B.D. Waddell, J.C. Carrington
Court House - T.W. Scott, Lee W. Morton, W.G. Friend Scott's Store - W.D. Beasley, F.C. Thornton, T.A. Proctor, Sr.
Priddy's Store - C.C. Paris, A.B. Rice, Geo. B. Hannah, H.S. Smith Keysville - G.A. Osborne, C.A. Hunt, A.G. Towler, J.H. Hankins Wylliesburg - T.Z. Morgan, S.C. Newcomb, D.B. Hutcheson Red Oak Grove - W.R. Lipscomb, A.J. Atkins, D.B. Britton
Clements- W.H. Crafton, G.I.W. Roberts, R.D. Adams
The Barbecue will be held in the grove near Mrs. Bettie Marshall's in this village.
Arrangements made for the commissary.  Gazette staff were made honorary guests of the occasion.
The several committees were instructed to report the 18th instant.
An urgent invitation was extended to all Confederate Veterans and their sympathizers to be present on the 25th.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Smithville, Thursday, August 16, 1894.
Submitted by:  Bea. Adams King

On Thursday the 9th, there was held in the shade of the spreading oaks around Wyatt's Spring, a most enjoyable Brunswick stew.  The prime mover and getter up of this affair was Mr. W.T. Faris.  Early in morning a large number of gentlemen gathered with the materials for the stew, and the determination to have a good time.  Under the direction of Jos. C. Childress and R.S. Covington one of the finest stews ever tasted was made, which was served to the guests by the numerous waiters with polite attention.  The picnickers employed themselves with athletic sports, target shooting, whist, "old sledge," "high-five," draughts, & c.  There was great abundance of stew, everyone had enough and the universal verdict was it was first-class, and a unanimous vote of thanks was given Mr. Faris.  Among those present were noticed:
T.W. Scott
J.C. Carrington
Floyd Dickerson
T.F. Watkins
Geo. H. Hannah
J.T. Paulett
Alex Donald
J.D. Shepperson
Ed Covington
A.H. Williams
W.R. Williams
J.E. Williams
W.B. Williams
J.P. Marshall
W.D. Beasley
J.H. Ingram
G. E. Delarue
F. Delarue
G.B. ?
J.H. Bailey
W.T. Faris
Willie Dickerson
W.C. Carrington
M.W. Dickerson
Frank Cook
F.F. Daniel
J.C. Watkins
R.S. Covington
R.F. Hutcheson
W.G. Williams
B.P. Eggleston
Melvin Bailey
H.A. Marshall
W.L. Marshall
J.C. Childress
W.H. Smith
A.L. Cox
Ed Delarue
T.F. Morrisette
H. Jackson

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Smithville, VA, Thursday, July 19, 1894.
Submitted by:  Bea. Adams King

On Wednesday the 11th, a select party went from this village to Franklin's Pond picnicking.  Tho' the weather was quite warm, all present enjoyed themselves to the utmost.  Eatables in great abundance had been provided, while the party amused themselves fishing, boating, & c.  Those present were Misses Bettie Berry, Emma Guthrie, Belle Welsegar, of Richmond, Miss Atkins, and Elnora Thompson, Mayor J.B. Faris, Harper Chappell, G.E. Thompson and John Guthrie.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Charlotte Court House, VA, Thursday, August 15, 1907.
Submitted by:  Bea. Adams King

On August 8th a number of young people gathered at the home of E.W. Mitchell, near Aspenwall, and a merry crowd they were, in full enjoyment of the season.  Dressed in a comical style, they chatted gaily and played games until the hostess announced supper at the mid-night hour.  A delightful repast of ice cream, cake, lemonade, pickles, etc., all did ample justice to their portion.  Mr. Oliver and Miss A. Puckett were awarded the prize for being the most tacky, and at 1:30 o'clock the young people dispersed, taking with them the perpetual memory of the most enjoyable entertainment of this season.  Among those present from afar were Miss Jones, of Lennig, and Miss Chaney, of Roanoke.
An Attendant.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, August 15, 1946.
Submitted by:  Bea. Adams King 

Miss Eleanor Berger and Mrs. Cliv Smith Entertain
Miss Eleanor Berger and Mrs. Cliv Smith were hostesses at a Treasure Hunt and Dance Saturday evening in Drakes Branch.  The Party was given in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Oglesby, Mr. Hal Cady, all of Charlottesville, Miss Catherine Rose Cosby and Miss Helen McBride, of S.T.C., Farmville.  The Treasure Hunt, which was held in the early part of the evening, provided fun and excitement for all.  The winner was the group consisting of Miss Catherine Rose Cosby, Mr. Rufus Phillips and Mr. Robert W. Bowen.
Following the hunt, dancing was enjoyed by all.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, August 22, 1946.
Submitted by:  Bea. Adams King

Mrs. J. Reginald Bailey, of Keysville, entertained at bridge last night in honor of Miss Katherine Kent Early, whose marriage to Stephen West Holden will take place on September 3.
Mrs. George Nachtrieb and Miss Cladys Chandler will give a tea at the home of Mrs. Nachtrieb for Miss Katherine Kent Early tomorrow afternoon.
On Saturday night Mr. and Mrs. D.Q. Eggleston will entertain with a picnic supper in honor of Miss Early.

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, November 26, 1964
Submitted By
:  Bea Adams King

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Lee Ford were surprised on October 30 at a celebration given in the Dining Hall at the Beautiful Plain Baptist Church, Charlotte C.H.
Three friends, Mrs. Bessie Lowe, Mrs. Josephine Ragsdale and Mrs. Mary Upshur, on learning of the anniversary thought it was too good an opportunity to let pass as this would bring a bit of happiness to the couple and the senior citizens, who knew them so well.
The younger friends enjoyed the celebration as much as the older ones.
The Hall was beautifully decorated with Autumn leaves and chrysantmums (chrysanthemums) of many colors.  The table was made beautiful with golden yellow chrysanthemums and a three tier wedding cake, made by Mrs. Ragsdale, topped with two golden bells.  Two little ribbons extended from these bells to the table, having eleven little silver bells bearing the names of the eleven children born from this union, all of whom survive, Luther, Hazel, Armenta, William, Adelaide, Loraine, Mary, Annie, Baxter, Eddie andWalter.
A minature (miniature) horse and buggy and a bicycle was a part of the decoration and added mystery for the guests.  Many did not know that theses were the means by which the elopement was made 50 years ago.
As the guests entered the hall, they faced a colorful sign, flanked by the branches of autumn leaves, bearing the words "Once Upon A Time". It brought to the minds of those who wished to travel back, the old Readers that started all its stories with these words.
Mrs. Lowe and Mrs. Ragsdale narrated the story of "A boy and a girl who fell in love", bringing it up to the bride's escape out of the kitchen door.
Since their hasty 'get away" deprived them of the joy of selecting the Bridal Party, the ladies did it for them - fifty years late.  This gave the members of the party, who weren't even born then,  a real pleasure in the event.
The identification of the "boy and girl" was then made know.  The "Bride" was brought to the front and a corsage of yellow and white flowers were pinned on her.  Then to her groom was brought forward and a yellow flower was pinned on his lapel.  The oldest daughter, Elizabeth was chosen as the maid of honor and received her corsage of lavender flowers.  Mary Lee, the 7th child was made bridesmaid and received a corsage of russet flowers. The flower girl was little Denita, granddaughter.  William, Walter and Eddie were best man and ushers for their parents.  Rev. L.M. McCown completed the wedding party.  Rev. McCowngave the prayer of thanks for God's blessing to the couple and children.  Rev. G.M. Marshall gave the couple advice for future years of happiness.
After pictures were taken, the groom was asked to finish the story of elopement.  He carried the laughing group, step by step., from the time he met his running bride, took her hand and continued the run to the hidden buggy.  From there we traveled with them, following the "Look Out' man on his bicycle (his brotherBaxter) through Cullen, Charlotte C.H. to Drakes Branch Railroad Station.  There they boarded the train to Oxford, N.C., where they were married in the early morning and returned home in the afternoon to "live happy ever after".
Mrs. Mary Upshur supervised the serving of the wedding supper.
A check of $1400.00 was presented to the couple from their children to pay for the installation of the bathroom and hot and cold water in the home of their parents.
Cards of appreciation were read from the children who were unable to attend.  Mrs. A.M. Cheatham, who was also unable to attend sent a beautiful letter of expression, which was also read.  Mrs. Jeanette Miller who was Mrs. Ford's teacher was an honored guest.
Other out of town relatives who attended the celebration were Mrs. Virginia Ford and Mrs. Dorothy Ford, wives of Walter and Eddie, the youngest sons.
More than 78 other guests were present bearing gifts as well as wishes for a continued happy life.