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Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, February 28, 1946
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Harvey-Dunnavant Post Meets
The regular monthly meeting of the Harvey-Dunnavant Post 181 of the American Legion was held on February 22, at the County Agricultural Building, Charlotte Court House.  During the business session of the meeting there was considerable discussion of finances and future objectives of the Post.  Commander J. Kent Early asked all members to be prepared at the March meeting to make suggestions for definite objectives or projects of public benefit to Charlotte County and its citizens which the Post might adopt and work for during 1946.  Several new members were signed up at the February meeting.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, June 26, 1873.
Submitted by
:  Bea Adams King

 MASONIC - The annual meeting of members of St John’s Lodge, No. 144, A.F. & A.M. was held at the Lodge room on Tuesday, 24th, inst., and the following officers were elected for the ensuing year.
T.M. Tucker, W.M., C.H. Lock, S.W., William Smith, J.W., F.C. Thornton, Sec., F.J. Berry, Treas., John A. Tucker, S.D., James C. Watkins, J.D., E.B. Davis, S.&T. T.H. Facer, Wm. R. Atkinson, Leonard Cox, Chaplains.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, 1959.
Submitted by
:  Bea. Adams King

An heirloom silver tea service was sent by parcel post to W.C. Ward for the Keysville Masonic Lodge No. 154.  Mr. Ward, secretary of the lodge, received it early this summer.
Consisting of three pieces, a tea pot, sugar bowl and creamer, engraved upon it are the words "Presented to Mrs. Kate Gaulding by Lodge No. 154, 1868." 
 The Lodge gave it to Mrs. Gaulding because she had put on a dramatic play to raise money to help rebuild the lodge building burned by Yankee troops during the Civil War.  The presentation was made after the completion of the new building.  The service is now in the present Lodge Building in Keysville.
The service was sent to the lodge by Mrs. Kathryn Gaulding, of Houston, Texas.  She is a granddaughter of Mrs. Kate Gaulding and says that her grandmother sent the service to her mother, Mrs. Hunter Emmett Gaulding in Houston, when she was a child, because she was named for her grandmother.  The service has been in her family for over ninety-one years, but Mrs. Gaulding now wanted the lodge to have the service as a museum piece because of its intimate association with it.  She contacted Mr. Ward through the Masonic records in Washington, D.C.
Mrs. Gaulding's grandfather, the late Richard (Dick) Gaulding was a Mason and a member of the Keysville Lodge when it was rebuilt in the late sixties.  
Later he moved with his family to Charlotte Court House where he was Sheriff of the County.  When his wife died, he moved back to Keysville to live with relatives at "Roseland," now the home of his nephew's widow, Mrs. Hugh Ashley Tuggle.  Other cousins of Mrs. Gaulding living in Keysville are Mers. E.S. Fitzgerald and Mrs. H.D. Peters.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, July 3, 1873.
Submitted by
:  Bea Adams King

 PYTHIANS - Randolph Lodge No. 28, Knights of Pythias held their Semi-Annual election of officers on Friday night last.
The following are the officers for the ensuing term:  Wm. Smith C.C., H.A. Carrington V.C., F.N. Carrington M.T., B.P. Eggleston K. of R. and S., Ro. F. Hutcheson M.A.
The C.C. made the following appointments:  F.C. Thornton I.G., F.B. Davis O.G.
The officers elect will be installed on Friday, the 11th of July, at which time it is hoped District Deputy Grand Chancellor, W.D. Rice, of Farmville, will be present.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, July 3, 1873.
Submitted by:  Bea. Adams King

 PYTHIANS - On the 18th of July, 1872, Randolph, Lodge No. 28, K.of P., was organized in this village, with some 35 members, Mr. A. Smith, C.C.  On the 18th of the present month, their first anniversary will be held.  An address and other interesting exercises are expected.
Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, December 25, 1873.
Submitted by:  Bea. Adams King

A regular meeting of St. John's Lodge will be held at the Lodge room Monday evening, January 12th, at seven and half o'clock.
Important business will be presented.  All members are expected to give prompt attendance.
By order of the Worshipful Master.
F.C. Thornton, Sec.
December 22nd, 1873

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, April 11, 1929.
Submitted by
:  Bea. Adams King

The home of Mrs. F.I. Hamner formed a pleasing setting for the pre-Easter meeting of Keysville Woman's Club.  The lower floor was decorated with bowls of yellow and white jonquils.
Mesdames Dalma, Neal, Elizabeth Lee Priddy and William Spencer were social hostesses.
"Social Service" was the topic of the afternoon, and Mrs. Mathew Lyle read a comprehensive and interesting paper on the work of Jane Addams at Hull House.  Mrs. Edward Wade followed with an account of Clara Barton's life work.
Delicious refreshments were served, again carrying out the color scheme of yellow and white in the menu.
Chairman of Publicity.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Charlotte Court House, VA, Thursday, September 19, 1907.
Submitted by
:  Bea. Adams King

 Annual Meeting H.A. Carrington Camp
The annual meeting was held on Saturday, Sept. 19th; Col. T.W. Scott presiding and Adjt. Jno. B. Faris recording.
Minutes of last meeting read, and the order in regard to officers succeeding themselves, rescinded.
Mr. Jos. H. Sheppard, Co. D. 6th Va. Cavalry, selected an active member.
The following honorary members were elected:  G.W. Watson, Cameron Dunlop, J.T. Orgain, A.B. Rice, J.A. Shorter and Samuel Hannah.
The following were elected delegates to the Grand Camp: R.V. Gaines, J.E. Robertson, G.B. Hannah, B.N. Holt.  Alternates: R.A. Garber, L.R. Ford, Robert Boyd, J.H. Berger.
Maj. Gaines and J.C. Carrington, committee, reported suitable resolutions on the death of Inspector Gen. T.C. Morton, also on the death of  T.M. Jones, W.H. Bailey, W.D. Beasley and H.E. Barksdale, members of this Camp.  (These resolutions will be published later.)
Adjourned for dinner.
The following resolutions was adopted:
Resolved that the limit of $500 worth of property which now inhibits a Confederate soldier from drawing a pension, be raised to $1,000 by the Legislature.
2d.  That the statute which prohibits the widow of a Confederate soldier who married subsequent to the war, be repealed, and that all widows of Confederate soldiers be pensioned.
The following officers were elected:
Colonel Commander, T W Scott
1st Commander, H C Rice
2nd Commander, J F M White
3d Commander, J M Smith
Adjutant, Jno B Faris
Sergt Major, J C Thompson
Officer of the Day, Jas A Gaines
Treasurer, F C Thornton
Chaplains Rev. Dr. Brown, Rev. R L McNair Quartermaster, J H Berger Color Guard, J T Lowry 1st Guard, E T Roach 2d Guard, P T Lipscombe Vidette, E L Marstin Executive Com - R V Gaines, T W Scott, H C Rice, R W Jones, F C Thornton
The following resolution was adopted:
Resolved that we have heard with great pleasure of the movement set on foot by our sister organization the U.D.C to preserve relics and perpetuate the principles for which the South fought during our late unhappy sectional conflict, and we hereby pledge our cordial co-operation in the good work which they have undertaken, and we tender them the service of our hearts and hands in this cause.
The occasion was a most enjoyable one, an old fashioned Brunswick Stew, had been prepared, and at the command charge the Veterans went for it with a "yell."  The Camp returns thanks to their many friends for contributions sent in which were highly appreciated.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Charlotte Court House, VA, Thursday, September 26, 1907.
Submitted by
:  Bea. Adams King

Resolved, 1st, by the H.A. Carrington Camp, C.V., That we have heard with deep pain of the death of our Inspector General, T.C. Morton, and desire to add our testimonial to the truth of the high tribute paid him by the Grand Camp.  While he was born in Botetourt county, his parents were both born in Charlotte county, and belonged to two of our most distinguished and patriotic families.
Resolved, 2d, That the memorial adopted by the Grand Camp be adopted by this Camp, and be spread on our records as a tribute to his memory.
Resolved, 3d, That a copy of this action be sent to the family of our lamented friend and comrade, and also be published in the Charlotte Gazette.
             RICH. V. GAINES
             J.C. CARRINGTON

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Charlotte Court House, VA, Thursday, September 26, 1907
Submitted by
:  Bea. Adams King

Adopted by the H.A. Carrington Camp, at Annual Meeting, Sept. 14th, 1907.
"Having been appointed for the purpose, it becomes the sad duty of your Committee to chronicle the death of four of our most useful and valued comrades, viz:
T.M. Jones, Company K., 48th Infantry
Wm. H. Bailey, Company K., 48th Infantry Wm. D. Beasley, Company I., 56th Infantry H.E. Barksdale, Company B., 14th Cavalry
Their intrepid spirits led them against shot and shell in defense of their country, and their valorous deeds in war added lustre to the imperishable fame of Virginian Soldiery.
Having submitted all to the arbitrament of arms, and the cause they loved with such devotion having gone down in defeat; like the brave men they were, they had no place for rancor or malice in their hearts but were ready to forgive, and began life anew and fight its battles under the flag of an united country.
Ah! gallant heroes all! you have laid your armor by, and no more will the sound of fife and drum summon you to battle, but your memories will be enshrined in our hearts and will be kept green by the immortals of our affection.
       Respectfully submitted,
             J.C. CARRINGTON,
             JNO. B. FARIS,

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, April 25, 1929.
Submitted by
:  Bea. Adams King

A Brief History of Keysville Woman's Club
In 1907, Mrs. Reed, wife of the principal of our school, was talking with Mrs. J.H. Priddy, of the success and joy of the woman's club of Montvale, her home town.  Mrs. Reed said, "Why not a woman's club in Keysville?"  A tiny seed was dropped by the wayside, but it fell in fertile ground.  Mrs. Priddy talked it up among our women, and in September of the same year, we organized Keysville's Woman's Club.  Mrs. Priddy became its first president, yea the mother of the organization.
Our object was, to encourage the mental and moral development of its members, and to raise the standard of culture in the community.  Club colors, green and gold; flower, violet.  We discussed a motto, but none was decided on.  
Unfortunately our records of these early days were lost, but as memory serves us, our first officers follow:  President, Mrs. J.H. Priddy; vice-president, Mrs. M.L. Watkins; secretary, Mrs. C.A. Osborne; treasurer, Mrs. W.B. Wood, Charter members: Mesames J.H. Priddy, M.L. Watkins, C.A. Osborne, W.B. Wood, W.E. Hailey, F.I. Hanmer, W.A. May, R.H. Wilson, E.S. Fitzgerald and Mollie Hudgins.
Then, as now, we had departments of literature, civics, current events and social meetings.  From its beginning, the Club has been most interested in our high school, and has materially aided it in many worthwhile projects.
"An angel paused in his upward flight,
With a seed of love and truth and light, and said, Just where shall this seed be sown, That 'twill be most fruitful when it is grown?
The Savior heard and said as he smiled.
Place if for me in the heart of a child."
In the spring of 1910 we sent Mrs. Watkins to the state meeting in Danville, not as a voting delegate, but to observe and report, for we were growing in numbers and knowledge and we were discussing the subject of joining the State Federation of Clubs, and we gave Mrs. Watkins the power to decide this question while attending the meeting.  In May, 1910 we became a part of the Virginia Federation.
Lest we make these early memories to prolix, we'll just briefly mention the high lights.
In the autumn of 1910, we were visited by Mrs. W.W. Ping, of Staunton, state president.  We met at the Charlotte Hotel; pardon this digression, but how well we recall her appearance: a tiny woman in sweeping skirts, who apologized for keeping us waiting.  She said it was difficult to find someone to fasten the numerous small buttons down the back of her waist.  Ye modern club woman dons a singlette, throws an abbreviated butterfly dress over her head, and presto, she is clothed.
Another golden memory of those early years is the visit of Miss Helen Norris Cummings, state president.  This was an informal meeting in the home of Mrs. H.D. Peters.  We sat around an open fire and listened with receptive minds, as she led us to the mountain tops and pointed out the promised land of achievement in club work.  Later we were visited by Mrs. Parker, a third state president, who also brought an inspiring message.
On August 24, 1911, the first link in our chain was broken by the death angel: and among some papers, yellow with age, we find the following, written by Mrs. J.H. Priddy.

In Memoriam
Mrs. Ella Virginia Pearson

The light of culture shone in her eye,
The grace of truth in her soul;
Such gifts were hers ne'er can die.
A life like this ne'er ends.
But in our daily walk and life,
We miss thee, oh our friend.

Just a few brief years, and another one of our sweet singers, Sadie LeGrand Sherrill joined her, to sing in the heavenly choir.  Then our senior members, Mrs. W.S. Moore and Mrs. Mollie Hudgins, went home.
In the past our Club has numbered among its members the following State honors: State Auditor, Mrs. M.L. Watkins, State Chairman of Club Extension, Mrs. J.H. Priddy, state Chairman of Home Economics, Mrs. C.A. Osborne.
Now that we are nearing the close of our Twentieth Year of Club life it is interesting to note that there have been seven active members.  Some of these are now living far away from their native hearth, but our unwritten law is, once a member, always a member, and they are ever welcomed back to the fold.  We sincerely believe we are trying to live up to our present motto, "All for one, one for all."
These scattered thoughts are a tribute to each of our faithful club women, all of whom we've known and loved, yet we feel that special words of appreciation are due our presidents, whom we shall mention with their respective years of service.  Mrs. J.H. Priddy, six years; Mrs. M.L. Watkins, four years; Mrs. R.H. Wilson, two years; Mrs. J.B. Bailey, six years; Mrs. Matthew Lyle, one year; Mrs. L.R. Hawkins, one year.  Twenty years of such devoted service and cooperation are seldom found among women.
Through the press we have kept the public in touch with our work but we feel that the Club should further express what these twenty years summarize:
1.  Progress in study and recreation.
2.  Initiative in educational work.
3.  Provides for social contact and welfare work.
4.  Increases value and comfort of home and community.
5.  Promotes philanthropic, political and patriotic ends.
6.  Quickens interest in organization.
Chairman of Publicity

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, March 7, 1940
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

S.A. Davis Appointed To Masonic Post

S.A. Davis of Keysville has been appointed District Deputy Grand Master of District 27 by the Grand Master Mason.  This District comprises Amelia, Blackstone, Burkeville, Crewe, Charlotte Court House, Drakes Branch, Keysville, Victoria and Kenbridge.  Mr. Davis will act as personal representative of the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Virginia for the current year.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, October 19, 1944.
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Wylliesburg 4-H Club Elects Officers
The 4-H Club met on Tuesday, October 10.  We had a nice talk ? Mr. Barbour.  We elected officers: President, Madeline Anderson; Vice president, Jane Jeter; secretary, Virginia Farrar; treasurer, Norma Smith; song leader, Betty Hooker; Reporter, Grace Jackson--Grace Jackson, reporter. 

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, October 19, 1944.
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Madisonville 4-H Club Met October 9
The Madisonville 4-H Club met in the auditorium Monday, October 9, 1944.  The following officers were elected: President, Joyce Carson; vice president, Rebecca Rush; secretary, Junior Walker; treasurer, Shirley Gibson; reporter, Virginia Gibson.
The old members were urged to turn in their project books. New projects were discussed.  The meeting was adjourned until November 2, 1944.  -- Virginia Gibson, reporter.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, October 19, 1944.
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Farm Bureau Meeting At Madisonville October 26
The Farmers' Club of Madisonville will hold its' regular meeting in the school building Thursday night, October 26, at 8 o'clock.  At this meeting information will be brought the farmers regarding the newly organized Farm Bureau in Charlotte County.  Plans are being made to have at this meeting Geo. O. Pettus, Jr., president of the County organization; R.P. DeJarnette, vice president, and D.Q. Eggleston, secretary-treasurer.  Also John H. Daniel, Charlotte County's representative in the State legislature, and Lee W. Morton, Jr., County Agent.  All farmers are urged to attend this meeting.  -- Geo. I. Roberts, Jr.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, October 19, 1944.
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Mrs. W.H. Smith New President of Court House, Club
The Charlotte Court House Woman's Club held its first meeting of the club year on Thursday, September 21, in the club building, with Mrs. W.H. Smith, the new president, presiding.
Mrs. Smith announced the following chairmen of standing committees:  Membership, Miss Frances Barringer; social, Mrs. R.T. Dunnavant; house, Mrs. S.D. Eggleston; war service, Mrs. J.K. Early; recreation, Mrs. Elliott Fallen; program, Mrs. H.E. McSwain; publicity, Miss Leone Cooper.  The year book chairman has not been named.  Mrs. A.W. Williams was unanimously elected to the office of corresponding secretary, vacated by Miss Florence Franke, who is leaving the community.
The treasurer reported receipts of over two hundred dollars during the past year and a balance of $23.70.  Among the items of expense, other than for insurance and upkeep, were war bonds amounting to $55.50 dues to state and national associations, articles for Camp Pickett, and donations to health organizations.
The president stated that an intensive effort would be made to enlarge the membership and all club members were urged to send names of prospective members to the membership chairman, Miss Frances Barringer.
Mrs. Smith, the club representative on the Red Cross Camp and Hospital Council for Camp Pickett, attended a meeting of the Council at the camp with Mrs. George Booth and Rev. George Orser.  She said that numerous articles are needed there and that those wishing to make contributions should contact her or Mrs. Booth.
War service will again be the primary objective of the club during the past year.  The October program will be about war service and the part Charlotte County is taking in it.
In a brief talk at the close of the meeting Mrs. Smith suggested that club members pause and remember seriously their responsibilities to each other and to the community which the club serves.  Only with the support of every member can officers carry on a successful program, she said.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, October 19, 1944.
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Children's Home Society Budget For 1944 $121,465
H. Grey Harvey, of Charlotte Court House has accepted the chairmanship of the Children's Home Society campaign in Charlotte County, according to the announcement of Hon. Alexander W. Weddell, of Richmond, chairman of the state wide campaign committee. The local drive begun October 15th.
The Society's budget for 1944, totals $121,465, and while this is an increase of almost $20,000 over the expense of operating the Society in 1943, the quota for most local campaigns will not be increased due to the fact that the 1943 campaign raised $11,000 more than the expense for the year.
During 1943, 120 new children were accepted, of whom 96 were under one year of age.  Many of these came into the care of the Society immediately after birth because they were the babies of unmarried mothers who could not accept responsibility for them.  A total of 575 children were cared for last year.
Funds raised by the Society are used to provide boarding home care for these infants and other children until foster parents who will adopt them can be found, or until they can be returned to their own parents or relatives.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, April 4, 1946.
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

American Legion To Sponsor Base Ball Team
At a special meeting of Post No. 181 of the American Legion; the Post unanimously decided to sponsor a baseball team, the team to be organized immediately and a complete schedule of games promptly arranged.  The first game will be played on the home grounds of the team at Randolph-Henry High School around the first of May, the exact date to be fixed later.  An effort will be made to arrange a schedule of two games a week during the entire season, one to be played weekly on the home grounds.
The team will bear the name of "Charlotte Greys," the name of a famous and successful team formerly existing in Charlotte, and well known to all lovers of baseball a few years ago.
New uniforms have already been purchased for the team.  On the front of each uniform will be the name of the team, "Charlotte Grays (Greys)," and across the shoulders in the back in a crescent design will be the numerals "181," representing the number of the Post.
The Legion has assumed full financial responsibility for all expenses connected with equipping the team for play and the playing of the schedule of games to be arranged.  A number of local citizens who are not only interested in the team, but in providing wholesome recreation for the people of the county, have already contributed generously to the Post for the purchase of uniforms for the team and in a later article to appear in this paper the names of the contributors will be given.  The Post is going to do all in its power to make the "Charlotte Grays (Greys)" one of the best baseball teams in ? Virginia, and one of whom we can be proud.  In order to finance the team, the Post is going to have to depend on the gate receipts, donations voluntarily made to the Post for the team and whatever advertisements it can sell to be printed in the programs of the games, etc.  The Post will shortly appoint committees to look after these financial details, and as the expense of equipping and maintaining a team playing a regular schedule will amount to a considerable sum, the Post will be grateful for any contribution made for this purpose.  In a later article, full information will be furnished of the organization the Post will establish for the operation and financing of the team, and the names of the various chairmen in charge.

An invitation is herewith issued to any and all persons (he need not be a veteran nor a member of the legion) who wants to "try out" for the team, or who is interested in assisting the Post in jromoting (promoting) the same, to come to the baseball diamond at Randolph-Henry High School, at Charlotte Court House, on Saturday of this week (April 6) at 2:30 p.m. and discuss the organization of the team and do whatever may be necessary to accomplish this purpose.  Bill Elder of Cullen will be in charge of the organization meeting as the representative of Legion, and he hopes a large "turnout" of prospective players will attend.D.Q. Eggleston, Lee W. Morton, L.H. Hardy, J.E. Mills and J. Kent Early, steering committee of Post No. 181 of the American Legion for the organization, etc. of a baseball team.

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, February 28, 1946
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Keysville Organizes Veterans Post
The veterans of Keysville and vicinity met to organize an American Legion Post in Keysville.
The meeting was held in the Keysville school auditorium on February 13th with Mr. Crawford of the Farmville Post presiding.  Attendance was good and enthusiasm ran high.
The following officers were elected:
Commander, James Grey Neal.
Adjutant, James H. Hanmer.
1st Vice Commander, Rufus B. Berkley.
2nd Vice Commander, Jack R. Eubank.
Chaplain, George H. Ponton.
Sergeant at Arms, Drury L. Lyle.
Assistant Adjutant, John S. Pearson.
Finance Officer, Hugh P. Tuggle.
The next scheduled meeting of the Post will be held March 4th, 1946 in the school auditorium at 8:00 P.M.

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, February 28, 1946
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

"The Public and I" Are Building a Hospital
Almost all of our readers know about and understand the aims and purposes of the organization. The Grand United Order of Moses located at Charlotte Court House.  To those who do not we will merely say it is a Fraternal Order with Insurance, for Negroes, with thousands of members in many sections of the country.  It covers a large space and has several buildings with the Rev. J. Murray Jeffress, its founder and promoter.  His latest undertaking is to biuld (build) a Home and Hospital.  It is a two-story brick structure, to have twenty-seven rooms.  When this building was begun there was no new lumber available, so he bought an old factory building, moved the lumber and a sawmill to the site, and there, under his personal supervision made it ready for the building, when the brick gave out just above the first floor the work was continued with concrete blocks that can be faced with brick later.
This undertaking deserves not only the support of all the negroes in this section who will benefit from this institution, but those who are in other sections who have children here and other relatives, who will need care.  When the Rev. J. Murray Jeffress was commended for this fine undertaking his answer was, "No Not I, The Public and I."

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, January 10, 1946
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

James Easley Will Address Club at C.H.
James Easley, President of the Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation will speak at the Charlotte Court House Woman's Club, January 17 at 3 o'clock.  The public is cordially invited.

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, January 11, 1945
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Co. Men On National Board of Trustees
Major John D. Guthrie of Charlotte Court House, has been appointed on the National Board of Trustees, of the Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation, also first vice-president member of Executive Committee, and chairman of committee on Red Hill property.
The other members of the property committee are: R.S. Chamberlayne, Jr., Phenix, Gerald Cheney Randolph, R. Douglass Williams, Brookneal and Dr. John R. Hutcheson of Blacksburg.

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, January 11, 1945
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

Along 4-H Club Train in Charlotte County
By Germit  Barbour, Asst. Cty. Agt.

November 30 marked the close of another 4-H Club year.  Although the number of boys enrolled in club work in Charlotte County is not as large as in some counties, the work done by our boys is outstanding.  In 1944 there were 109 boys enrolled in 4-H Club work. These boys carried a total of 127 projects.  At the close of the club year 66 members had completed 76 projects and turned their record books in to the Club Agent.  There were more members who have completed their record books.
Seven boys are (carring) projects of Registered Berkshire Brood sows, sponsored by a Commercial Concern.  These pigs are given to outstanding club members who agree to raise the sows as instructed by the Club agent. They in turn will give a pig from the first litter to be given to a club member the following year.
These sows are judged to determine the winner in the contest.  Points in judging are: Management of the sow, growth, training, type of lot and house, and complete and accurate record.  The winner is given a registered Guernsey Heifer Calf.  Second prize is 100 baby chicks, third prize is 50 baby chicks, donated by the same Commercial Concern.
The boys who received pigs in the spring of 1944 are; Carol Layne, Cullen, Joe Layne, Cullen, Robert Marshall, Brookneal, Thomas Milton, Brookneal, William H. Pollard, Charlotte Court House, Garland Thomas, Charlotte Court House, and Lewis Parham, Wylliesburg.
These boys' sows were judged December 22, Thomas Milton won the Guernsey heifer for having the most outstanding sow.  Garland Thomas was second and will receive 100 purebred baby chicks.  Joe Layne won third prize of 50 pure-bred baby chicks.  
J.T. Garrison of Madisonville, now a freshman at Randolph-Henry High School, won the calf in the spring of 1944.  His calf was in contest with calves from seven counties.  
There is no end to the benefits a boy receives from 4-H Club work.  His contact with other club members, the knowledge he gets by learning while doing, the sense of fair play, and the ability to take charge of meetings and leading other members in work and play.
Each of the 10 clubs in the county has set up definite goals for the coming year.  Their object is to complete these goals and make their club a Banner Club for the year.
The projects carried by the boys in 4-H Club work include, livestock, poultry, crops, and garden.  A new project is being added this year, which is bee-keeping.  This project is very profitable as honey is in great demand due to the rationing of sugar.  We are anxious to have as many boys take this project as will, and all help will be given these boys to get them established in bee-keeping.
We urge the parents of 4-H Club members to give their boys and girls all the encouragement possible in their club work.  It is worthwhile, and our young people need the backing of their parents.

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Smithville, VA., Thursday, October 26, 1944
Submitted By
:  Bea Adams King

Drakes Branch School Organizes a 4-H Club
Mr. Barber, the assistant county agent, met with the pupils of the Drakes Branch school recently for the purpose of organizing a 4-H Club.  The following officers were elected:
President, Jean Lindsay; vice president, Joanne Crouch; secretary, Jennie Moon; treasurer, Margaret Moon; reporter, Marie Moon; song leaders, Joanne Crouch, Vincent Tate; sponsor, Eva H. Shelton.
After the election of officers we talked about the programs and projects.  We have 28 members in the club.
Marie Moon, reporter.

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, August 27, 1964
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

The Ladies Auxiliary Post 8902 Keysville, and friends are having a bake sale Saturday, August 29 at 9 a.m. on (?), in the building formerly known as Perdue's Dress Shop.
The proceeds from this sale will go toward getting a pattern exercise machine for David Flynn.  Any food being donated, please bring to sale or call 3486, Keysville.
The Ladies Auxillary is also sponsoring a fund drive for David with all donations being sent to Post Auxiliary President, Grace Wallace, Keysville.

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Charlotte Court House, VA., Thursday, May 15, 1873
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

MASONIC--St. Johns Lodge in this village, is now in a healthy and flourishing condition.  It numbers upwards of forty members.  Its officers are: T.M. Tucker, W.m. (M); C.H. Lock, S.W.; A.A. Wilbon, J.W.; J.A. Tucker, S.D.; G.w. (W) Barksdale, J.D.; F.J. Berry, T.; T.J. Moore, S.; E.B. Davis, S. & T.; w. (W) R. Atkinson, Leonard Cox, and T.C. Facer, Chaplains.
The regular meetings of the Lodge are held every second Saturday of the month.

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Charlotte Court House, VA., Thursday, May 15, 1873
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

IMPROVEMENT--The building now occupied by N.E. Flournoy, is soon to undergo important changes.  It is owned by the members of St. Johns Lodge, who propose to enlarge the hall which they use for Lodge purposes, with a corresponding enlargement of the store below.  The work is to be commenced about the first of July, and when completed will be not only for the convenience of the occupants, but a decided improvement to the village.

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, January 9, 1964
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

4-H Awards Program Held
The annual 4-H awards program was a feature of the Randolph Henry High School Assembly on Wednesday, January 8.  Frank Blue, County Council President, was in charge of the program.  Mr. O.E. Ware, Randolph-Henry H.S. principal, presented county medals to the following recipients, who had been chosen on the basis of records on project completion:
Achievement:  Anita Lucado, Sharon Gauthier, Mike Parham, R.B. Clark.  Agricultural: Glenn Baker, David Lucado, Beef: J.T. Dickerson, Bread: Linda Rush, Margaret Ann Jones, Norma Jean Holt, Donna Milton, Canning: Margaret Lee Roach, Jane Evans, Wanda Templeton, Pat Townsend, Clothing:Connie Jones, Sandra King, Ann Wilmouth, Ann Elder, Dairy: Henry Carwile, Tommy Elder, Anthony Reeves, David Carson, Dairy Foods: Cindy Carwile, Pam Wilmouth, Brenda Owen, Dress Revue: Ellie Hunter, Pam Morgan, Anna Taylor, Brenda Vaughan, Mary Jane McGehee, Entomology: Billy Reinhardt, Food and Nutrition: Marie Glass, Sandra Viar, Vicki Rickman, Home Economics: Joan Vaughan, Brenda Vaughan, Verrell Baughan, Judy Hite, Home Improvement: Connie Dunn, Leadership:Bobby Baldwin, Billy Elder, Betty Sheldon, Cheryl Driskill, Poultry: Hugh Gilliam, Citizenship: Bobby Baldwin, Betty Ewing, Frozen Foods: Judy Hite, Virginia Kay Wilkerson, Soil and Water Conservation:E.W. Lucado.
The General Foods Cookbook was presented (to) Elizabeth Dixon for outstanding project work in Food and Nutrition.  Betty Ewing was the recipient of the Danforth Award based on character and leadership.

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Charlotte Court House, VA., Thursday, July 10, 1873
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

THE FOURTH AT KEYSVILLE.-- The Good Templers held a celebration, at Keysville, on  the anniversary of our national Independence. An address was delivered by Rev. D.F. Leach, of Mecklenburg, followed by a picnic, and a good time generally.  Excellent music was furnished by the blind performer, Mr. Correll.  Mr. Jones, who is engaged in organizing Good Templers Lodges, informs us that everything was lovely and the goose hung high.

Source:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, September 19, 1964
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

The Charlotte Ruritan Club, at the District Convention in Blackstone Saturday, received the Community Service Award for the best overall record of yearly activities.  D.C. Jackson, Jr., President of the Charlotte Club, received the plaque for the cub at the conclusion of the 18th annual convention of the Appomattox District of Ruritan National.
In addition to the recognition for overall achievement, the Health, Welfare and Sanitation Committee was awarded a certificate of merit for its outstanding work to date, in 1964.  Harvey Milton, of Drakes Branch, is Chairman of this committee.
Delegates attending the meeting included: D.C. Jackson, Homer G. Smith, Leonard A. Sterling, Bill Green, Daniel Lynn, John Bartholomew, W.V. Purcell, Bill Mayton, and Gene Peyton.  Also, in attendance at the banquet were Mrs. Purcell, Mrs. Lynn and Mrs. Bartholomew.Samuel Senger of Blackstone and a member of the Nottoway County School Board was elected the new District Governor.  Senger succeeds Charles P. Cells, Jr., of Powhatan.Over 200 delegates from 39 clubs attended the convention at which Lt. Gov. Mills E. Godwin and Tom V. Downing, secretary and co-founder of Ruritan National, were principal speakers.

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA., Thursday, December 1, 1932
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

The Charlotte County Tuberculosis Committee has departed from its usual methd (method) of conducting the Annual Christmas Seal Sale this year and at the suggestion of the National Association, is inaugurating a campaign by mail.  This plan has been tried for years by numbers of cities and counties with gratifying results.  It is in line with the policy of the Association: Service, efficiency and consideration.
Seals will not be sold by school children so do not put off buying yours to wait for them.
The Chairmen for the various parts of the county are as follows:
Aspen - Mrs. C.W. Holt
Cullen - Mrs. J.C. Mills
Charlotte C.H. - Mrs. W.R. Martin
Drakes Branch - Mrs. R.B.Jackson
Formosa - Mrs. P.J. Adams
Keysville - Mrs. F.I. Hanmer
Madisonville - Mrs. J.S. Marshall
Phenix - Miss Virginia McGehee
Red Oak - Mrs. Miller Adams
Saxe - Mrs. E.C. Moon
Wylliesburg - Mrs. L.P. Morgan
MRS. MATTHEW LYLE, T.B. Chairman for Charlotte County.