Freed Negroes in the County of Charlotte, Virginia
1794 - 1864

 (Taken from the Book of Registers of Free Negroes and Mulattos, filed in the County Clerk’s Office.)

Source:  Charlotte County, Rich Indeed
Compiled By:  Donald R. McKinney (formatting added for clarity.)

*Note: (B – Black   M – Mulatto)
*Note: 383 Slaves emancipated by will of John Randolph of Roanoke #215 through #596.

*Note: Number 508 is used twice in the original from which this was taken, and Len Johnson, listed between numbers 824 and 825 does not have a number.

Born Free or Slave
Date Registered
826.John Cooley, son ofDark16F3 Nov. 1856
Munford Cooley &Brown   
Obedience, his wife    
827.Albert Cooley, son ofBright14F3 Nov. 1856
Munford Cooley &    
Obedience, his wife    
828.Mary Ann Cooley, dau. ofBright13F3 Nov. 1856
Munford Cooley &    
Obedience, his wife    
829.Harrison Cooley, son ofBrown9F3 Nov. 1856
Munford Cooley &    
Obedience, his wife    
830.Lucy Cooley, dau. ofBright7F3 Nov. 1856
 Munford Cooley &    
 Obedience, his wife    
831.Lou Ellen GallimoreBrown12F3 Nov. 1856
 dau. of Nathan Gallimore    
 & Mary, his wife    
832.Patsey Gallimore, dau. ofBright10F3 Nov. 1856
 Nathan Gallimore & Mary,    
 his wife    
833.Sarah Gallimore, dau. ofBright15F3 Nov. 1856
 Paschall Gallimore & Nancy    
834.Paulina Gallimore, dau.Bright13F3 Nov. 1856
 of Paschall Gallimore    
 Nancy, his wife    
835.Munford Gallimore, sonDark11F3 Nov. 1856
 of Paschal Gallimore    
 & Nancy, his wife    
836.Osborne Gallimore, sonDark6F3 Nov. 1856
 of Paschal Gallimore    
 & Nancy, his wife    
837.Henrietta Gallimore,Bright3F3 Nov. 1856
 dau. of Paschal    
 Gallimore & Nancy,    
 his wife    
838.Hubbard Gallimore sonBrightunderF3 Nov. 1856
 of Paschal Gallimore 12 mos.  
 & Nancy, his wife    
839.Susan Ann Chapman, dau.Bright10F3 Nov. 1856
 of Thomas Chapman &    
 Amy, his wife    
840.James Wesley Chapman,Brown6F3 Nov. 1856
 son of Thomas Chapman    
 & Amy, his wife    
841.John Lewis Jackson,Dark33F2 March 1857
 son of Abby Bird,Brown   
 formerly Abby Jackson    
842.James Minnis, son ofDark - F 6 July 1857
 Amy Minnis    
843.Parthenia Brogden, dau.Dark - F3 Aug. 1857
 of Harrison Brogden    
 & Betsey, his wife,    
 both free    
844.Louisa Brogden, dau. ofDark - F3 Aug. 1857
 Harrison Brogden &    
 Betsey, his wife    
845.Catharine Gallimore, dau.Dark - F3 Aug. 1857
 of David Gallimore    
 Alvenia, his wife,    
 both free    
846.Whitfield Cousins, sonDark17F3 Aug. 1857
of John Cousins    
Elvira, his wife,    
both free    
847.Ann Eliza Cousins, dau.Dark16F3 Aug. 1857
of John Cousins    
Elvira, his wife    
848.Patsey Cousins, dau.Dark15F3 Aug. 1857
of John Cousins    
Elvira, his wife    
849.Sarah Cousins, dau.Dark13F3 Aug. 1857
of John Cousins    
Elvira, his wife    
850.James Cousins, son ofDark10F3 Aug. 1857
John Cousins &    
Elvira, his wife    
851.Allen Cousins, son ofDark5F3 Aug. 1857
John Cousins & Elvira,    
his wife    
852.Susan Cousins, son ofDark2F3 Aug. 1857
John Cousins & Elvira,    
his wife    
853.Louisa Cromwell, dau.Brown15F3 Aug. 1857
of Anderson Cromwell    
854.Mary Jame Cromwell,Bright11F3 Aug. 1857
dau. of Mary Cromwell    
855.Anderson Cromwell, sonBright8F3 Aug. 1857
of Mary Cromwell    
856.Martha Cromwell, dau.Bright8F3 Aug. 1857
of Panette Cromwell    
857.Lucy Cromwell, dau.Bright6F3 Aug. 1857
of Pernette Cromwell    
858.Abner Cromwell, son ofBright2F3 Aug. 1857
Pernette Cromwell    
859.John Cromwell, son ofDark5F3 Aug. 1857
Pernetta CromwellBrown   
860.Anna Bet Cromwell,BrownaboutF3 Aug. 1857
dau. of Pernelia3 mos.   
861.Charles Howell, sonBright17F3 Aug. 1857
of Betsey Howell    
862.Ellick Howell, son ofBright16F3 Aug. 1857
Betsey Howell    
863.Wesley Howell, son ofBright14F3 Aug. 1857
Betsey Howell    
864.Lizzie Howell, dau.Bright12F3 Aug. 1857
of Betsey Howell    
865.Molly Howell, dau.Bright8F3 Aug. 1857
of Betsey Howell    
866.Sam Howell, son ofBright6F3 Aug. 1857
Betsey Howell    
867.Catharine Howell, dau.Bright3F3 Aug. 1857
of Betsey Howell    
868.Wyatt Howell, son ofBright2F3 Aug. 1857
Betsey Howell    
869.Hillery Lindsey, sonBright25F5 Oct. 1857
of Nancy Lindsey, a    
white woman    
870.Alice Howell, dau. ofBright2F2 Nov. 1857
Wyatt Howell    
871.George Cromwell, sonBrightaboutF2 Nov. 1857
of Judy Cromwell 4 mos.  
872.Drewry S. Jones Cromwell,Brown16F2 Nov. 1857
son of Wm. Cromwell    
873.Martha Hoyle Cromwell,Brown14F2 Nov. 1857
dau. of Wm. Cromwell    
874.John Henry Cromwell,Brown12F2 Nov. 1857
son of Wm. Cromwell    
875.Susan Scott Cromwell,Brown9F2 Nov. 1857
dau. of Wm. Cromwell    
876.Nancy Jane Johnson,Bright3 mos.F2 Nov. 1857
dau. of Elizabeth    
877.John Henry Lewis Cromwell -3F2 Nov. 1857
son of Ann Eliza Cromwell    
878.James Robert Cromwell, -1F2 Nov. 1857
son of Eliza Cromwell    
879.Betsey Ann ChavousBright2F2 Nov. 1857
dau. of John Chavous    
880.Sarah Jane Chavous,Bright1F2 Nov. 1857
dau. of John Chavous    
881.Hillery ChavousBright34F4 Jan. 1858
882.Richard ColemanDark13F2 Aug. 1858
Howell, son of Billy    
883.Ellyson Howell, son ofDark5F2 Aug. 1858
Billy Howell    
884.Georgiana Howell,Dark3F2 Aug. 1858
dau. of Billy Howell    
885.John Archer Brogden,Dark206 Sept. 1858
son of Harrison Brogden    
886.Jincy Brogden, dau. ofDark186 Sept. 1858
Harrison Brogden    
887.Clem Brogden, son ofDark176 Sept. 1858
Harrison Brogden    
888.Susan Ann Brogden, dau.Dark156 Sept. 1858
of Harrison Brogden    
889.Polly Jackson ---
47F6 Sept. 1858
890.Robert Howell, son ofBrown38FRenewal
Nancy HowellMulatto  4 Oct. 1858
891.Lucinda Young, dau.Brown46FRenewal
of Lucy Young   7 June 1859
892.Andrew Thomas Howell,Bright17F3 Oct. 1859
son of Anderson Howell,    
& Eppa, his former wife    
893.Mary Saunders Howell,Bright9F3 Oct. 1859
dau. of AndersonMulatto   
Howell & Emaline, his    
894.Emma Howell, dau. ofBright7F3 Oct. 1859
Anderson Howell &Mulatto   
Emaline Howell    
895.Sarah Jane Howell, dau.Brown4F3 Oct. 1859
of Anderson & Emaline    
896.Berryman Howell, anBrown11F3 Oct. 1859
idiot from birth, son of    
Anderson & Emaline    
897.Robert Bird, son of JamesMulatto21F2 May 1859
Bird & Louisianna Bird    
898.Branch Chapman, son ofBrightF7 Nov. 1859
Ann ChapmanMulatto   
899.Winston Henry BrogdenDark24F18 Nov. 1859
(see No. 704)Olive   
900.George WashingtonBright23F6 Dec. 1859
901.Josiah DanielDark21F6 Dec. 1859
Gallimore, son ofBrown   
John Gallimore &    
Martha, his wife    
902.Isaac GallimoreMulatto25F7 Dec. 1859
903.William Bird, son ofBrown21F6 Dec. 1859
Culamy Bird    
904.Wyllie Jackson, son ofBright18F6 Feb. 1860
Frederick Jackson &Mulatto   
Martha, his wife    
905.Mathew JohnsonDark35F4 June 1860
906.James Munroe Cousins,Bright20F6 Aug. 1860
son of Manson CousinsBrown   
& Eady Cousins    
907.Kesiah Jackson "ofBrownF5 Nov. 1860
ancestors who were free    
prior to 1808" & is the    
dau. of Polly Jackson    
908.Richard Bird, son ofBrightF3 Dec. 1860
James Bird & Louisa,    
his wife    
909.Ambrose Bird, son ofDarkF3 Dec. 1860
Mary Bird    
910.Ellyson Gallimore, sonMulattoF3 Dec. 1860
of Elizabeth Gallimore    
911.Lucy Cousins, dau. ofMulatto19F3 Dec. 1860
Manson & Edy Cousins    
912.William Howell, son ofDark18F4 Dec. 1860
Judy HowellBrown   
913.Ephraim Howell, sonBrown17F4 Dec. 1860
of Judy Howell    
914.James Howell, son ofBright16F4 Dec. 1860
Judy HowellBrown   
915.William HarrisDarkF3 June 1861
916.John Thomas YoungBright21F4 June 1861
917.Jefferson Chapman, sonBright19F1 July 1961
of Fanny ChapmanMulatto   
918.Washington BirdDark35FRenewal
 Brown  19 Aug. 1861
919.Lucy Frances HowellDark26FRenewal
 Mulatto  16 Sept. 1862
920.Ellen Green Lindsey,Mulatto18F5 Oct. 1863
wife of Hillery Lindsey    
& dau. of Fanny Chapman    
921.John Jackson, son ofDark21F4 Jan. 1864
Rebecca Jackson    
922.William Howell, sonDark21FRenewal
of Judy HowellBrown  14 Jan. 1864
923.Ephraim JonesDark29F15 April 1864
924.Esau JacksonBright32FRenewal
 Mulatto  7 June 1864
925.John Henry HowellDark35FRenewal
 Brown  5 Aug. 1864
926.Emeline J. Ham, wife ofBright23F3 Oct. 1864
Wesley Ham & dau. ofMulatto   
Wilkerson & Catherine    
927.Beatrice Parthena HowellBrown37FRenewal
    15 Oct. 1864
928.Bettie Lindsey, dau. ofMulatto19F6 Feb. 1865
Nancy Lindsey, a    
white woman    
929.Richard Coleman Howell,Dark20F4 April 1865
son of Betty Howell    
930.Tom Cousins (seeNearly51Renewal
No. 205)Black  4 April 1865
931.James Harris, son ofBright31FRenewal
Sally Harris, now SallyMulatto  4 April 1865
Childress, a white    
woman (see No. 822)