Freed Negroes in the County of Charlotte, Virginia
1794 - 1864

 (Taken from the Book of Registers of Free Negroes and Mulattos, filed in the County Clerk’s Office.)

Source:  Charlotte County, Rich Indeed
Compiled By:  Donald R. McKinney (formatting added for clarity.)

*Note: (B – Black   M – Mulatto)
*Note: 383 Slaves emancipated by will of John Randolph of Roanoke #215 through #596.

*Note: Number 508 is used twice in the original from which this was taken, and Len Johnson, listed between numbers 824 and 825 does not have a number.

NameComplexionAgeBorn Free or SlaveDate Registered
721. Polly DavisDark21F2 June 1851
722.Jane DavisMulatto13F2 June 1851
723.Tempe DavisDark29F2 June 1851
724.Edmund JonesDark50F2 June 1851
725.Polly CousinsMulatto36F2 June 1851
726.Emeline CousinsBright15F2 June 1851
727.Thomas CousinsBright18F2 June 1851
728.Lucinda CousinsMulatto18F2 June 1851
729.Prissy CarterBright48F2 June 1851
730.Polly GallimoreBright27F2 June 1851
731.John CousinsBright43F2 June 1851
732.Fayette MinnisDark39F2 June 1851
733.Jacob GallimoreMulatto14F2 June 1851
734.John ChavousBright42F2 June 1851
735.Charles ChapmanBlack18F2 June 1851
736.John White, emancipatedBlack682 June 1851
 by will of John Randolph    
 of Roanoke    
737.Betsey White, emancipatedBlack53-
2 June 1851
 by will of John Randolph    
 of Roanoke    
738.Henry ChapmanBlack20F2 June 1851
739.Wyatt HowellBright26F2 June 1851
740.Catharine HowellBright27F2 June 1851
741.Wilkerson HowellBright35F2 June 1851
742.Betsey GallimoreBright16F2 June 1851
743.William GallimoreMulatto39F2 June 1851
744.George GallimoreMulatto37F2 June 1851
745.Anny GallimoreBright44F2 June 1851
746.Richard DavisDark27F2 June 1851
747.Mildred ChavousMulatto38F2 June 1851
748.Sarah ChavousBright20F2 June 1851
749.Rozilla ChavousBright19F2 June 1851
750.Jacob ChavousBright17F2 June 1851
751.Margaret ChavousBright15F2 June 1851
752.James ChavousBright10F2 June 1851
753.Sarah ProctorDark55F2 June 1851
754.Frances JacksonMulatto23F2 June 1851
755.Levi JacksonBright6F2 June 1851
756.William Bird, son ofDark23F7 July 1851
757.Elly CousinsMulatto41F7 July 1851
758.William Andrew JacksonBright22F7 July 1851
759.Elvira CousinsMulatto43F7 July 1851
760.William EthelbertLight13F7 July 1851
761.Obedience BranchBrown27F7 July 1851
762.Martha GallimoreDark28F7 July 1851
763.Mary Ann GallimoreLight14F7 July 1851
764.Henry GallimoreBrown30F7 July 1851
765.Conway CoolyBrown17F7 July 1851
766.Cephas CoolyBrown15F7 July 1851
767.Parks GallimoreMulatto12F7 July 1851
768.Lewellen JacksonDark21F8 July 1851
769.Henry JacksonDark19F8 July 1851
770.Lucinda CousinsMulatto41F8 July 1851
771.Esau JacksonBright19F8 July 1851
772.Joel JacksonMulatto14F8 July 1851
773.Eliza JacksonBrown12F8 July 1851
774.Eliza Ann ElizabethDark29F8 July 1851
775.Gordon JacksonDark13F8 July 1851
776.Sophia GallimoreMulatto22F4 Aug. 1851
777.Patsey GallimoreBrown56F4 Aug. 1851
778.Joshua GallimoreMulatto73F4 Aug. 1851
779.Catharine JacksonMulatto60F4 Aug. 1851
780.George WashingtonBright15F4 Aug. 1851
781.Betsey GallimoreMulatto67F4 Aug. 1851
782.Nancy GallimoreMulatto50F4 Aug. 1851
783.Margaret MaloneBrown27F4 Aug. 1851
784.Charles ChavousDark72F4 Aug. 1851
785.Martha BowmanBrown25F4 Aug. 1851
736.Sally ChavousBrown22F4 Aug. 1851
787.Allen ChavousBrown21F4 Aug. 1851
788.Emeline Crutcher HowellBrown29F4 Aug. 1851
789.William Albert YoungBrown22F1 Sept. 1851
790.John White, emancipatedBlack6610 Oct. 1851
by will of John    
791.Betsey White, emancipatedBlack6810 Oct. 1851
by will of John Randolph    
792.Aaron White, emancipatedBlack2210 Oct. 1851
by will of John Randolph    
793.John White, emancipatedBlack1810 Oct. 1851
by will of John Randolph    
794.Polly White, emancipatedBlack2010 0ct. 1851
by will of John Randolph    
795.Charles White, son ofBlack8F10 0ct. 1851
John White    
796.Lucy White, dau. ofBlack6F10 0ct. 1851
Polly White    
797.Moses White, son ofBlack2F10 0ct. 1851
Polly White    
798.Paulina FergusonBrown35F3 Nov. 1851
799.Cornelius Jones, son ofBright5F1 Dec. 1851
Ephraim JonesBrown   
800.Jane Jones, dau. ofBright4F1 Dec. 1851
Ephraim JonesBrown   
801.Ellen LindseyMulatto-F5 Jan. 1852
802.Berry Jackson, sometimesBrown34F6 Oct. 1851
called Tom Jackson    
803.Martha GallimoreMulatto27F1 Mar. 1852
804.Mary MinnisBrown22F3 May 1852
805.Washington BirdDark26F6 July 1852
806.Nelson JacksonMulatto21F6 Dec. 1852
807.Alvena Gallimore, wifeBrown24F22 Aug. 18 53
of David Gallimore    
808.Abraham GallimoreBright13F2 Sept. 1853
809.Ellick Gallimore, sonDark15F2 Sept. 1853
 of Martha GallimoreBrown   
810.Margaret GallimoreBright13F2 Sept. 1853
811.Saluda CousinsMahogany11F2 Sept. 1853
812.Nat. CousinsBright13F2 Sept. 1853
813.Mary Jane Gallimore,Bright8F2 Sept. 1853
 dau. of MarthaMulatto   
814.Martha Ann Gallimore,Bright6F2 Sept. 1853
 dau. of Martha GallimoreMulatto   
815.Andrew Gallimore, sonBright5F2 Sept 1853
 of Martha GallimoreMulatto   
816.Violet Gallimore, dau,Bright4F2 Sept. 1853
 of Martha GallimoreMulatto   
817.George Wesley Cousins,Bright3 mos.F2 Sept. 1853
 son of PerymanBrown   
 Cousins & Polly, his    
 wife, free people    
818.Robert Samuel Rice,Dark21F3 April 1854
 son of Tisha Rice, a    
 free woman    
819.Charles ChapmanDark361 Jan. 1855
820.Allen HarrisDark23F26 Jan. 1855
821.John CousinsBrown42F29 Jam 1855
822.James Harris, son ofBright21F29 Jan. 1855
 Sally Harris, now SallyMulatto   
 Childress, a white woman    
823.Drury Jones, son of CaryBrown16F7 May 1855
 Jones & Lizzy, his wife    
824.Margaret Eliza Jones,Brown14F7 May 1855
 dau. of Cary Jones &    
 Lizzy, his wife    
....Len JohnsonBlack - F6 Oct. 1856
825.Mariah Cooley, dau. ofBright17F3 Nov. 1856
 Munford Cooley &    
 Obedience, his wife