Freed Negroes in the County of Charlotte, Virginia
1794 - 1864

(Taken from the Book of Registers of Free Negroes and Mulattos, filed in the County Clerk’s Office.)

Source:  Charlotte County, Rich Indeed
Compiled By
:  Donald R. McKinney (formatting added for clarity.) 

*Note: (B – Black   M – Mulatto)

*Note: 383 Slaves emancipated by will of John Randolph of Roanoke #215 through #596.

*Note: Number 508 is used twice in the original from which this was taken, and Len Johnson, listed between numbers 824 and 825 does not have a number.

NameComplexionAgeBorn Free or SlaveDate Registered
616.Alexander Cooley, sonMulatto-
F6 Oct. 1848
of Mourning Cooley, a free 
617.Charles CooleyBright21F6 Oct. 1848
618.Pheobe Chavous, dau.Mulatto64F21 Oct, 1848
of Betsey Scott 
619.Nancy Sims, emancipatedBright50S4 Nov. 1848
by will of Col. JosephMulatto 
620.Peggy, sometimes calledBright28S7 Nov. 1648
Margaret Sims, wife ofMulatto 
Lafayette Sims, emancipated 
by deed by John Marshall 
621.Becky Jackson, dau. ofBrown24F7 June 1849
Abby Bird, formerly Abby 
622.Robert Howell, son ofBrown29F9 Nov. 1849
Nancy HowellMulatto 
623.Betsey Holmes, wife ofBright23F24 May 1850
William James Holmes,Mahogany 
formerly, Betsey Howell, 
dau. of Lizzy Jones 
(formerly Lizzy Howell) 
624.James FearsBright54F7 Oct. 1850
625.Rebecca Fears, wife ofMulatto48F7 Oct. 1850
James Fears 
626.Mary Jane Fears, dau.Bright25F7 Oct. 1850
of James Fears &Mulatto 
Rebecca, his wife 
627.John F. Fears, son ofBright24F7 Oct. 1850
James Fears & Rebecca,Mulatto 
his wife 
628.James Fears, son ofBright22F7 Oct. 1850
James Fears & Rebecca,Mulatto 
his wife 
629.Joseph Fears, son ofBright20F7 Oct. 1850
James Fears & Rebecca,Mulatto 
his wife 
630.Mary Susan Fears, dau.Bright18F7 Oct. 1850
of James Fears &Mulatto 
Rebecca, his wife 
631.Nancy Catharine Fears,Bright12F7 Oct. 1850
dau. of James Fears &Mulatto 
Rebecca, his wife 
632.Serena Catharine Fears,Bright24F7 Oct. 1850
wife of James Fears, Jr.Mulatto 
She has an infant child 
named John Booker who 
is about 12 months old. 
633.Parks Harris, son ofDark15F7 Nov. 1850
Patience Harris 
634.Theodorick Harris, sonDark15F5 Dec. 1850
of Patience Harris 
635.Griffin Lightfoot Minnis,Brown21F4 Feb. 1851
son of Joanna Minnis. 
636.Betsey Jane Baker, dau.Brown16F4 Feb. 1851
of Joanna Baker 
637.Anderson CrummellDark51F7 April 1851
638.Manson CousinsBrown47F7 April 1851
639.Judy CrummellBrown23F7 April 1851
640.Pernette CrummellBrown24F7 April 1851
641.Parmelia CrummellBrown20F7 April 1851
642.Abner CrummellDark19F7 April 1851
643,Letsey CrummellLight16F7 April 1851
644.William Crummell,Dark14F7 April 1851
son of Anderson 
645.Julia HowellMulatto16F7 April 1851
646.Lizzy JonesMulatto45F7 April 1851
647.Frank CrummellBrown21F7 April 1851
648.William CrummellDark59F7 April 1851
649.Ellender WhiteBrown15F7 April 1851
Rose Crummell 
650.Beatrice ParthenaBrown24F7 April 1851
651.William HowellBrown39F7 April 1851
652.Mildred Ann JonesBrown28F7 April 1851
653.Gila R. JonesBrown20F7 April 1851
654.Judy HowellBrown44F7 April 1851
655.John Henry HowellDark22F7 April 1851
656.Lucy Frances HowellDark15F7 April 1851
657.Nelson James JonesDark21F7 April 1851
658.Billy DavisDark24F7 April 1851
659.Joshua GallimoreBrown35F7 April 1851
660.Frederick JacksonBrown36F7 April 1851
661.William Giles JonesDark16F7 April 1851
662.Gallanton BrogdonBrown28F7 April 1851
663.William CousinsDark20F7 April 1851
664.Ephraim JonesBright52F6 May 1891
665.Lizzy Jones, wife ofBright50F6 May 1851
Ephraim Jones 
666.Polly Crummell, wife ofBright50F6 May 1851
667.Betsey CrummellBright30F6 May 1851
668.Elizabeth JonesBright16F6 May 1851
669.Sophia JonesBright14F6 May 1851
670.Ephraim Jones, son ofBrown13F6 May 1851
671.William RiceDark16F6 May 1851
672.Nancy CrummellMulatto49F6 May 1851
673.Milly CrummellBrown28F6 May 1851
674.Ann Eliza CrummellBrown26F6 May 1851
675.Elizabeth MargaretLight1F6 May 1851
676.William Joseph CrummellBrown15F6 May 1851
677.Mary Anderson CrummellBright13F6 May 1851
678.Thomas BirdBright20F6 May 1851
679.Frances ChapmanDark25F6 May 1851
680.Ephraim JonesDark16F6 May 1851
681.Rowan ChapmanBright17F6 May 1851
682.William ChapmanBright15F6 May 1851
683.Calomi BirdMulatto37F2 June 1851
684.America CousinsMulatto42F2 June 1851
685.Mary GallimoreDark27F2 June 1851
686.Nathan GallimoreDark36F2 June 1851
687.David GallimoreDark38F2 June 1851
688.Phillip YoungBrown40F2 June 1851
689.Charles Rice, emancipatedDark  60 - 70
2 June 1851
by will of John Rice 

690.George GallimoreMulatto66F2 June 1851
691.William JacksonBrown26F2 June 1851
692.Sterling BrogdonMulatto53F2 June 1851
693.Paul GallimoreMulatto23F2 June 1851
694.Pleasant GallimoreMulatto21F2 June 1851
695.Isaac GallimoreMulatto17F2 June 1851
696.Paschal GallimoreDark50F2 June 1851
697.Jim Bird, sometimesDark18F2 June 1851
called Jim GallimoreMulatto 
698.James Bird, Junr.Dark54F2 June 1851
699.Louisana BirdMulatto42F2 June 1851
700.Martha JacksonBright24F2 June 1851
701.Frances BrogdonMulatto23F2 June 1851
702.Margaret JacksonMulatto22F2 June 1851
703.Abner BirdMulatto14F2 June 1851
704.Winston Henry BrogdonDark16F2 June 1851
705.Almira HowellDark24F2 June 1851
706.Sally CousinsDark17F2 June 1851
707.Eliza CousinsDark15F2 June 185 1
708.Paschal CousinsMulatto14F2 June 1851
709.Ann Maria GallimoreMulatto15F2 June 1851
710.John Thomas HolmesDark26F2 June 1851
711.Abby JacksonDark60F2 June 1851
712.Becky JacksonBrown29F2 June 1851
713.Harriett GallimoreMulatto18F2 June 1851
714.Mary HowellBright56F2 June 1851
715.Miranda Ann HowellBrown21F2 June 1851
716.Sarah Ann BrogdonBright26F2 June 1851
717.Edy Ann Susan BrogdenBright21F2 June 1851
718.Prescilla Read BrogdenBright18F2 June 1851
719.Elizabeth BrogdenBright31F2 June 1851
720.Elizabeth FreemanBright20F2 June 1851