Freed Negroes in the County of Charlotte, Virginia
1794 - 1864

 (Taken from the Book of Registers of Free Negroes and Mulattos, filed in the County Clerk’s Office.)

Source:  Charlotte County, Rich Indeed
Compiled By:  Donald R. McKinney (formatting added for clarity.)

*Note: (B – Black   M – Mulatto)

*Note: 383 Slaves emancipated by will of John Randolph of Roanoke #215 through #596.

*Note: Number 508 is used twice in the original from which this was taken, and Len Johnson, listed between numbers 824 and 825 does not have a number.

NameComplexionAge Born Free or SlaveDate Registered
91.Nancy ChavousBright60F2 Aug. 1824
92.Ned, son of LucyDark26F3 Nov. 1824

(emancipated by Revd.

 Edward Almond)    
93.Richard Hamlett, son ofM23F6 Dec. 1824
 Patsey Hamlett a free woman     
94.Nancy CromwellBright40S1 Aug. 1831
95.Eliza Cromwell, daugh. of
Bright24F1 Aug. 1825
 Rose, who was emancipated    
 by Edward Almond    
96.Tiskey Cromwell, daugh.Bright27F1 Aug. 1825
 of Rose, who was Emancipated    
 by Edward Almond    
97.Nancy Young, daugh. ofDark28F5 Sept. 1825
 Easter, who emancipated by    
 Edward Almond    
98.Betsey Brogdon, dau. ofDark23F5 Sept. 1825
 Easter, who was emancipated    
 by Edward Almond    
99.Polly Young, dau. ofBright25F5 Sept. 1825
 Easter, who was emancipated    
 by Edward Almond    
100.Maria Young, dau. ofDark21F5 Sept. 1825
 Easter, who was emancipated    
 by Edward Almond    
101.Martha Young, dau. ofDark18F5 Sept. 1825
 Easter, who was emancipated    
 by Edward Almond    
102.Mary Young, dau. ofBright19F5 Sept. 1825
 Lucy, who was emancipated    
 by Edward Almond    
103.Jincey Young dau. ofDark18F5 Sept. 1925
 Lucy, who was emancipated    
 by Edward Almond    
104.Isham SmithDark60F6 Nov. 1826
105.Elvira Gallimore, dau. -23F2 Aug. 1831
 of Polly Gallimore    
106.William BirdBright59F
107.Charles RiceDark40-50S3 Oct. 1831
108.Elizabeth Ann GallimoreDark3F3 Oct. 1831
109.Lucy HowellBright30-40F21 Oct. 1831
110.Betsey HowellDark25F3 Oct. 1831
111.Lucinda JacksonBright24F3 Oct. 1831
112.Britton Smith, son of
Dark21F21 Oct. 1831
 Nancy Smith    
113.Lucy Smith, dau. ofDark21F21 Oct. 1831
 Nancy Smith    
114.Isaac ChavousDark25F21 Oct. 1831
115.Nancy Chavous, wife ofBright35F21 Oct. 1831
 Isaac Chavous & dau. of    
 Caty Jackson    
116.Melchijah Jackson, sonBright,19F21 Oct. 1831
 of Caty Jacksonnearly   


117.Crosha Jackson, dau.Dark23F21 Oct. 1831
 of Polly Jackson    
     Reg. renewed
118.Preston JacksonBright28F24 Oct. 1831
 (see #72)    
119.Daniel FosterBlack45-50S18 Nov. 1831
120.Thomas Anderson JacksonBright20F7 Nov. 1831
121.Samuel B. JacksonDark21F7 Nov. 1831
122.Peggy HowellBright50F7 Nov. 1831
123.Patsey GallimoreDark32F7 Nov. 1831
124.Joshua GallimoreYellow52F7 Nov. 1831
125.George GallimoreYellow45F7 Nov. 1831
126.Edy Cozens, wife of M. Cozens
Yellow21F7 Nov. 1831
127.John GallimoreYellow23F7 Nov. 1831
128.America BirdYellow24F7 Nov. 1831
129.Caty BrogdonYellow70F7 Nov. 1831
130.Amey BrogdonBright25F7 Nov. 1831
131.Polly CarterBright22F7 Nov. 1831
132.Ambrose BirdBright23F7 Nov. 1831
133.Polly BirdYellow52F7 Nov. 1831
134.Patsey BirdDark30F7 Dec. 1831
135.Ben, emancipated byDark21S2 Jan. 1832
 will of Robert Morgan    
136.John ChavousDark23F2 Jan. 1832
137.William HowellDark22F2 Jan. 1832
138.Peyton Bird, son ofMulatto30F2 July 1832
 Peggy Bird    
139.Mary YoungBright46F3 Sept. 1832
140.Edmund BirdDark43F3 Sept. 1832
141.Priscilla BirdBright36F3 Sept. 1832
142.Jinsey EvansBright32F3 Sept. 1832
143.Harry Evans, son ofDark21F4 Mar. 1833
 Eliza Evans, a free woman    
144.Booker Jackson, son ofYellow33F1 April 1833
 Berry Jackson and Clarissa,    
 his wife, people of colour    
 (see No. 46)    
145.Charles HowellBright31F9 May 1833
146.David LewisDark327 Nov. 1833
147.Albert Carter, son ofBright22F7 Nov. 1833
 Polly and Henry Carter,    
 free persons    
148.Henry Young, son ofBright21F8 Nov. 1833
 Patsey Young, a free    
149.Lucy Ann Morgan,Black18S4 Mar. 1834
 emancipated by will of    
 Robert Morgan    
150.Wyatt Haze Young, sonBright  
F 5 April 1834
 of Anthony Young    
 (see No. 39)    
151.Betsey Jackson, dau. of----  
39or40F2 June 1834
 Sally Gash and the widow    
 of Berry Jackson    
152.Edmund Young,Bright
37 S 4 Aug. 1834


 by Revd. Edward Almond    
153.Fayette MinnisDark F3 Mar. 1835
154.Joseph CousinsDark25F6 April 1835
155.Mary Holmes (she has twoBright25F7 Sept. 1835
 children-Bob aged about four    
 and Elizabeth aged about six    
156.Henry CousinsDark285 Nov. 1835
157.Tom Cousins (same asDark   
 No. 162)    
158.Freeman Howell, son of21F2 Feb. 1836
 Peggy Howell    
159.Hannah Cousins (the saidDark40F3 May 1836
 Hannah has seven children    
 to wit: Daniel, Susan,    
 Ferdinand, William, Betsey,    
 Robert & Jamina, the last    
 of whom is of full age.)    
160.Jamina Cousins, dau. ofDark25F3 May 1836
 Hannah Cousins and theBrown   
 said Jamina has 3 small    
 children, to wit: Harriott,    
 Caroline & Martha    
161.Betsey CousinsDark474 May 1836
162.Tom CousinsDark233 Nov. 1835
163.Jane AustinYellow23F3 Oct. 1836
164.Mary Chavous, dau. ofDark27F3 Oct. 1836
 Jacob Chavous & Phoebe,Brown   
 his wife    
165.Agness EvansDark27F3 April 1837
166.John Young, son ofBlack21F3 July 1837
 Lucy Young a free woman    
167.Polly Howell, wife of BillyDarkF6 June 1837
 Howell formerly Polly Jones    
168.Edward Carroll, son ofDark21F6 Nov. 1837
 Sally CarrollMulatto   
169.Jacob Chavous, son ofDark21F4 Dec. 1837
 Jacob Chavous and PhoebeMulatto   
 his wife, free persons    
170.Granville CousinsBright21F1 Jan. 1838
171.Dick, sometimes calledBlack21S5 Feb. 1838
 Dick Morgan, emancipated    
 by will of Robt. Morgan    
172.Jincy Young, dau. of Lucy,Brown30F4 Sept. 1838
 who was emancipated by    
 Revd. Edward Almond (see    
 No. 103 & No. 203)    
173.Frederick JacksonBrown20F13 Sept. 1838
174.William Morgan, who wasBlack21S22 Feb. 1839
 emancipated by will of    
 Robert Morgan    
175.Berry Jackson, son ofBrown21F1 April 1839
 Berry Jackson & Betsey    
 his wife free persons   Renewed
 of Colour   Registration
176.Preston JacksonBright36F15 May 1839
177.Douglas CousinsDark or22F6 Sept. 1836
178.Jefferson CousinsBlack22F8 Oct. 1839
179.Mary Smith, dau. ofDark23F24 Oct. 1839
 Nancy Smith    
180.Betsey Ann Smith, dau.Dark22F24 Oct. 1839
 of Nancy Smith    
181.Moses Smith, son ofDark21F24 Oct. 1839
 Nancy Smith    
182.William YoungDark23F4 Dec. 1839
183.Margaret Proctor, dau.Brown26F7 April 1840
 Jacob Chavous &    
 Phoebe, his wife    
184.Peter ChavousBrown22F7 April 1840
185.Paulina Ferguson, born ofBrown24F4 Sept. 1840
 free parents    
186.Robert Jackson, son ofBright21F5 April 1841
 Berry Jackson and Betsey,Copper   
 his wife    
187.Martha Jackson, dau. ofBrown26F4 --- 1841
 Abbey Bird, formerly    
 Abbey Jackson    
188.Stanfield Bird, son ofBright23F2 Aug. 1841
 Grey Bird & SuckeyBrown   
 his wife    
189.Melsina Bird, dau. ofBright21F2 Aug. 1841
 Grey Bird & Suckey, hisBrown   
190.Martha Jane Young, dau.Brown21F29 Oct. 1841
 of Patsey Young    
191.Aggy, Commonly calledBright50S1 Nov. 1841
Aggy Langley, emancipatedMulatto   
 by John Armistead    
192.Elizabeth Langley, dau. ofVery12S1 Nov. 1841
 Aggy Langley, bothBright   
 emancipated by Johnnearly   
193.Berry Evans, son ofBlack27F4 July 1842
 Lizzy Evans    
194.James Chavous, son ofNutmeg22F11 July 1842
 Lucy Chavous, a free    
195.Henry Gallimore, sonDark21F26 July 1842
 of Polly GallimoreBrown