Freed Negroes in the County of Charlotte, Virginia
1794 - 1864

(Taken from the Book of Registers of Free Negroes and Mulattos, filed in the County Clerk’s Office.)

Source:  Charlotte County, Rich Indeed
Compiled By:  Donald R. McKinney (formatting added for clarity.)

*Note: (B – Black   M – Mulatto)

*Note: 383 Slaves emancipated by will of John Randolph of Roanoke #215 through #596.

*Note: Number 508 is used twice in the original from which this was taken, and Len Johnson, listed between numbers 824 and 825 does not have a number.

NameComplexionAgeBorn Free or SlaveDate Registered
1.Toney Alias Toney YoungB*31S6 June 1794
2.ChloeM*22S28 Dec. 1795
3.RachelM22S28 Dec. 1795
4.MilleyM15S28 Dec. 1795
5.Berry LauranceB30F21 Oct. 1799
6.Fargerson LauranceB23F2 Oct. 1805
7.Jacob Cozens, son ofB21F10 Feb. 1806

Jacob Cozens

8.Alexander FloodM41F7 Oct. 1806
9.Levina Flood, wife ofM38F26 Nov. 1806

Alexander Flood

10.Coleman Flood, son ofM10F26 Nov. 1806

Alexander and Levina

11.Charity Flood, daug. ofM3F26 Nov. 1806

Alexander and Levina

12.William ByrdM34F3 Feb. 1809
13.FannyB37S6 Feb. 1792
14.JoshuaM22S13 Aug. 1810
15.Henry Cozens, son of JacobM20F25 Feb. 1811

& Sukey Cozens, his wife

16.Woody Lawrance, son ofM44F15 Apr. 1811

Indian Robin Lawrance &

Sarah his wife, both free

17.George Gallimore, son ofM54-55F7 Jan. 1812

Betty Gallimore born free

18.James Gallimore, son ofM19F7 Jan. 1812

George Gallimore

19.William Flood, son ofM24F28 Dec. 1812

William Flood

20.Zackariah Howell, son ofM23F18 June 1814

Mat Howell & his wife

Peggy Howell, Mulattos

born free

21.Isaac Jackson, son ofBlack67F18 Aug. 1815

Darcas Jackson, alooking

free Mulatto

22.Mathew Howell, son ofM31F30 Aug. 1815

Peggy Howell, a free


23.EldridgeN27S10 Nov. 1813
24.Julius (born in Africa)B60F21 June 1793
25.Sam EvansYellow47F17 Dec. 1817
26.Henry Cozens, son ofM27F9 Dec. 1818

Jacob Cozens & his wife

Sukey, free persons of


27.Nancy Cozens, daughterM24F15 Dec. 1818

of Burwell Jackson and

Alley his wife, free

persons of Colour

28.James Cozens, son ofM30F16 Jan. 1819

Jacob Cozens & Sukey,

his wife, free persons

of Colour

29.Catharine Jackson, for-M50F16 Oct. 1819

merly the wife of Isaac

Jackson, daughter of

Mary Bird, a free woman

30.Mathew Howell, son ofM21F21 Dec. 1819

Peggy Howell, a free woman

31.Peyton Bird, son of PeggyM23F24 Dec. 1819

Bird, a free woman

32.James CookB65S8 Feb. 1820
33.John Bouldin, son ofM20S28 Nov. 1820

Charlotte, a Negro woman

34.Charlotte Bouldin, daugh.M18S28 Nov. 1820

of Charlotte, a Negro


35.William Bouldin, son ofM16S28 Nov. 1820

Charlotte, a Negro woman

36.Nancy Bouldin, daugh.M13S28 Nov. 1820

of Charlotte, a Negro

woman (emancipated by

deed of William Bouldin

dated Oct. 11, 1799 &

recorded Deed Book 8,

pg. 202)

37.Anderson Crummell, sonBright21F2 Jan. 1821

of Rose Crummell

38.Chisley Young, son ofBright19F1 June 1822

Anthony Young

39.Wyatt Haze Young, sonBright17F1 June 1822

of Anthony Young

40.Robert FletcherBright21-5 Feb. 1822
41.Bob Cromwell, son ofBright27-7 Aug. 1822

Rose Cromwell

42.James JenkinsYellow35-4 Nov. 1822
43.Lucy YoungBright50S4 Nov. 1822
44.Patt Young, daugh. ofBright30-4 Nov. 1822

Lucy Young

45.Esther YoungDark50+S4 Nov. 1822
46.Booker Jackson, son ofBright22F7 Jan. 1823

Berry Jackson andYellow

Clarissa, his wife

free persons

47.Polly RichardsonDark22F1 Sep. 1823
48.Lucy SmithBright48F2 Aug. 1824
49.William BrogdenM70F11 Nov. 1826
50.James Brandon, son ofDark34F11 Nov. 1826

Abby Brandon, a freelooking


51.Caty Brogden (daugh. ofM60F11 Nov. 1826

Peggy Carter, a free

woman) legally married

to Wm. Brogden

52.Patsey Brandon, the wifeM24F11 Nov. 1826

of James Brandon, and

a daugh. of Wm. Brogden

& Caty, his wife, free people

53.Polly Brandon, daugh.Dark31F17 June 1826

of Abbey Brandonsomewhat


54.Abraham Martin Chavous,Yellow25F7 May 1827

son of Jacob Chavous

and Phoebe, his wife

55.William Chavous, son ofYellow21F1 Oct. 1827

Jacob Chavous and

Phoebe, his wife free

people of Colour

56.Robert CrummellDark34S5 Nov. 1827
57.Bill CrummellDark35S5 Nov. 1827
58.Ephraim JonesBright30F5 Nov. 1827
59.Greay Bird, son ofM28F6 Nov. 1827

William and Polly

Bird, free people

60.Jenny CozensB22F6 Nov. 1827
61.Washington Bird, son ofM26F6 Nov. 1827

William and Polly Bird,

free people

62.James Bird, Junr., son ofBright30F6 Nov. 1827

Caty Bird, a free woman

63.George Jackson, son ofBright23F7 July 1828

Berry Jackson and Betsey,

his wife, free people

of Colour

64.Walker Jackson, son ofDark-F6 Oct. 1828

Berry Jackson and Clara

his wife free people

of Colour

65.Miller Smith, son ofBright-F6 Oct. 1828

Lucy Smith

66.Alexander Cousins, sonDark17F6 Oct. 1828

of Lucy Cousins

67.Clement Young, son ofBright21F6 Oct. 1828

Mary Young

68.Susan Jenkins, daugh. ofBright27F1 Dec. 1828

Mary Young, a free woman

69.Suckey Bird, daugh. ofDark23F1 Dec. 1828

Susan Cozens

70.Nancy Brogdon, daugh.Dark22F1 Dec. 1828

of Susan Cozens

71.Sterling Brogdon, sonBright30F1 Dec. 1828

of Caty Brogdon

72.Preston Jackson, son ofBright-
F5 Jan 1829

Berry Jackson and

Clarissa, his wife

73.Harry (emancipated byDark43S2 Mar. 1829

John Rice)

74.Henry Cousins, son ofBlack21F5 May 1629

Betsey Cousins

75.Lucy CozensDark18F7 Sept. 1829
76.Jack EvansDark21F1 Mar. 1830
77.Henry Munday, son ofM24F1 Aug. 1830

Tempe Munday, a free

White woman

78.David AllenDark32S3 Aug. 1830
79.Mack Chavous, son ofBright28F4 April 1831

Jacob and Phobe Chavous,

free persons

80.John Howell, son ofDark24F2 May 1831

Betsey Howell

81.Peter Howell, son ofDark23F2 May 1831

Peggy Howell, a

free woman

82.Abby JacksonDark40F2 May 1831
83.Harrison Brogdon, sonBright40F6 June 1831

of William Brogdon and

Caty Brogdon, free people

84.Berry JacksonBright62F6 June 1831
85.William Jackson, sonDark24F6 June 1831

of Abby Jackson

86.Lizzy Howell, daugh. ofBright20F6 June 1831

Betsey Howell, a free


87.Nancy Howell, daugh. ofBright26F6 June 1831

Betsey Howell, a free


88.Polly Howell, daugh. ofBright27F6 June 18 31

Betsey Howell, a free


89.Dosha Jackson, wife ofDark24-6 June 1831

William Jackson & daugh.

of Hannah Richardson

90.Drury Howell, son ofBright32F7 June 1831

Peggy Howell, a free woman