A Salute To Our Service, Fire & Police Personnel  -  September 2018


   Staff Sergeant - U.S. Army Air Corps World War II


Floyd M. Cahall was  born on Nov. 5, 1921 in Charlotte County, Virginia and died on Oct. 10, 1943.  He was the son of George W. and  Margaret Grady Cahill.  He was raised and educated in the Red Oak district of Charlotte on the family farm.


As did thousands of his country's sons and daughters when the call went out for military service during World War II, Floyd came forward and entered into the ranks of the Army Air Corps.  After his initial training period he found himself in the 351st. Bomb Squadron as a gunner on a B-17 bomber.

In August 1943 they were located to England where they joined the 100th. Bomb Group as a replacement squadron.  He was assigned to the aircrew of 2nd. Leiutenant Charles H. Thompson on A/C #42-30374 named "Slightly Dangerous".

 The Charles H. Thompson crew and "SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS" (left to right) Standing; Donald E. Leech, Charles L. Nessel, Jack Stern, Jesse W. Cook, Jr., Floyd M. Cahall and Richard E. Derby. Kneeling; Edward R. Jones, Ross McEuen, Charles H. Thompson and William J. Sprow, Jr. Detailed Information Photo courtesy of Jack Stem - August 2006

After five successful sorties over France and Germany, they received flying orders for an October 10, 1943 bombing run over Munster, Germany.  This was their last mission and one of the deadliest for the 100th. due to an overwhelming response from German fighters and anti-aircraft fire.

Floyd is buried at Public Fork Christian Church cemetery in Red Oak,  Charlotte County, Virginia.


*** Special thanks to https://100thbg.com/  Official Website of the 100th Bomb Group (Heavy) Foundation for pictures and information