Charlotte County Public Schools

1955 Randolph Henry Graduation




Dr. Fred Helsabeck, Professor of Education and Assistant to the President, Lynchburg College, will deliver the commencement address to the Randolph-Henry graduates.  Commencement exercises will be held on the athletic field, June 7, at 8 p.m.

Rev. R.R. Ramsey, Minister, Presbyterian Church, Charlotte Court House, will give the invocation;  Mary Ellen Bailey, president of the Class of 1955, will give the welcome.

The processional, "War March of the Priests," Mendelssohn, will be played by the Randolph-Henry band.  The special music will be a vocal solo, "My Task," Ashford, by Mr. R.A. Ferguson of Red Oak.  He will be accompanied by Mr.
Raymond H. Babelay, director of music at Randolph-Henry High School.

Mr. R.W. Bobbitt, Superintendent of Charlotte County Schools, will give a speech on "The Charlotte County Schools."

Following Mr. Bobbitt's address, Mr. G.O. McGhee, principal of Randolph-Henry, will present diplomas to seventy seniors.

Robert William Wilson, Jr., student government president will give the farewell, and Herman Iro Duffer, Jr., the benediction.

The Charlotte County School Board and Mrs. Gladys V.V. Morton, of the State Board of Education, will be seated on the stage with the speakers and participants on the program.

The school board members are:  J.C. Jackson, chairman;  Jesse Sublett, vice-president;  F.I. Hanmer;  R.H. Maloney;  R.S. Chamberlayne, Jr.;  and Mrs.
F.X. Barksdale.
(The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, June 2, 1955 Submitted by: Bea. Adams King)



Shirley Ann Adams
Mary Ellen Bailey
Carrie Lewis Baker
Martha Ann Berkley
Zola Ann Childress
Barbara Anne Deaner
Virginia Carter Duffer
Helen Marie Dunnavant
Nancy Carroll Elder
Shirley Ann Foster
Gloria Lee Gardner
Dolly Mae Hailey
Nellie Louise Hall
Barbara Anne Hamlett
Carrie Alma Hamlett
Shirley Grey Hamlett
Betty Carol Harvey
Dora Elizabeth Hughes
Beverly Anne Keiser
Evelyn Virginia Layne
Roberta Ann Layne
Merle Elaine Marston
Shirley Ann Melton
Mary Louise Moore
Martha Ann Moore
Elizabeth Ann Nash
Lillian Ann Newcomb
Elizabeth Hodges Nichols
Vernia Ann Philbeck
Alice Jean Pillow
Mary Catherine Ramsey
Emma Jean Reynolds
Mary Christine Roberts
Martha Stokes Robertson
Barbara Jean Seymour
Mary Jane Smith
Cecil Grey Thorpe
Mary Rebecca Thorpe
Ruth Arlene Thorpe
Mary Edith Trent
Emily Faye Tucker
Laura Isabel Tucker
Mary Ann Weston
Patricia Louise Weston
Jonsilee Louvada Winn

John Henry Anderson, Jr.
Kesler James Crouch, Jr.
Herman Iro Duffer, Jr.
William Rodgers Evans
Thomas Leonida Green
Hugh Swain Hartness, Jr.
Ernest Ray Hunter
Joseph Kline Jackson, Jr.
Charlie Tucker Jones, Jr.
James Ray Jones
Herbert Lawson Jordan
Lawrence Franklin Keller
John Spragins Marshall, Jr.
David James McKinney
Thomas James Metcalf
Henry Bert Mitchell, Jr.
Robert Douglas Moore
Harold Kent Neal
Harvey Arnold Powell
David Lee Scott
Aubrey White Spence
Emil Cecil Tharpe
James Cary Wilson
William Robert Wilson, Jr.
(The Charlotte Gazette, Drakes Branch, VA, Thursday, June 2, 1955 Submitted by: Bea. Adams King)