18th.  Regiment, Virginia Infantry, CSA

Newspaper:  The Charlotte Gazette, Smithville, VA., Thursday, July 19, 1894
Submitted By:  Bea Adams King

of the 18th Va. Regiment by Col. H.A. Carrington
Among the papers of his late father, J.C. Carrington, the Co. Clerk, has found a concise statement of the officers, engagements and casualties of the 18th Va. Regiment, which was a part of the brigade connected with Pickett's Division.  The paper was prepared by Col. Carrington Dec. 28, 1867, at the request E.P. Alexander, of Columbia, S.C.  The paper furnishes remarkable evidence of the service, valor and loss sustained by this Regiment, and will be of peculiar interest to all surviving veterans.
We are anxious to secure information respecting the Regiment and especially concerning the various Charlotte companies, some of which were connected with the 56th Regiment, of which late Col. Wm. E. Green was Colonel.  Any information which can be furnished us will be thankfully received.
The 8th, 18th, 19th, 28th and 56th Va. Regiments composed the Brigade attached to Pickett's Division.  The Brigade commanders, with the term of service, was as follows:
Phil. St. George Cocke from June, 1861 to Dec. 1861 Geo. E. Pickett from Jan. '62 to Fall of '62 R.B. Garnett from Sept. '62  to July 3, '63 Eppa Hunton from July, '63 to April, '65
The following is a list of the officers of the 18th Regiment, with history of casualties, & c.:
Col. R.W. Withers, disabled at Gaines Mill, June 27th, 1862 Lt. Col. H.A. Carrington Col. H.A. Carrington promoted Col. Aug. 1864 Major Geo. C. Cabell, promoted Lt. Col. Aug. '64 disabled at Drewry's Bluff Major E.G. Wall, promoted Aug. '64 Capt. W.P. Graves " T.D. Clairborne, transferred to cavalry, killed Aug. 1864 " H.T. Owens " E.G. Wall, disabled June 27, 1862 " C.H. Harrison, killed July 18, 1861 " R.A. Booker, resigned " Reps Connally, resigned " Thos. H. Matthews, resigned " J.C. Luck, resigned " T.J. Spencer, resigned " Matt Lyle, killed at Gaines Mill " J.A. Holland, disabled at Gettysburg
" Robt McCullock, "     "     "
"Randolph Harrison, promoted and assigned to another Regt. in 1862" Zack Blanton, disabled at Gettysburg " Richard Irby, transferred
"-------- Oliver, disabled at Gettysburg " Wm. H. Smith, disabled Drewry's Bluff " A. Campbell, killed at Sailor's Creek " Wm. J. Morrisette Adjutant Robt. McCullock, five times wounded and promoted captain.
Adjutant Richard Ferguson
Ser. Maj. J.C. Gill killed at Gettysburg
The following is a list of battles and skirmishes in which the Regiment was engaged, strength, number killed, wounded, or missing, total casualties, and number of rounds fired:
July 21, 1861.  Manassas, 600 engaged, 8 killed, 20 wounded and 5 missing.  
total casualties 33; 15 round fired.
May 5, 1862.  Williamsburg, 400 engaged, 12 killed, 68 wounded.  Total 80; 40 rounds fired.
June 1, 1862.  Seven Pines, 400 engaged, 20 killed, 50 wounded.  Total 70; 30 rounds fired.
June 27, 1862.  Gaines Mill, 350 engaged, 35 killed, 100 wounded.  Total 135; 40 rounds fired.
June 30, 862.  Frayzier's farm.  200 engaged, 15 killed, 40 wounded.  Total 55; 30 rounds fired.
July 2, 1862.  Malvern Hill.  Regiment present, but not engaged.
Aug. 30, 1862.  2d Manasses, 300 engaged, 10 killed 30 wounded.  Total 40; 35 rounds fired.
Boonsboro, casualties not known.
Sharpsburg, casualties not known.
Dec. 13, 1862.  1st Fredericksburg, not actively engaged.  Held the centre.
In spring of 1863, the Regiment was sent to Washington, N.C., and thence to Suffolk, Va.  In front of both places there was heavy skirmishing, with slight casualties.
July 3, 1863.  Gettysburg, 325 engaged.  There were lost in the charge at Cemetery Hill killed, wounded and missing, 265.  This is official.
July, 1863.  Manasses Gap, casualties not known.
Feb. 1, 1864.  Newburn, number engaged not stated; 6 killed.
Feb. 13, 14, and 15, 1864.  Beach Creek, there was heavy skirmishing.
May 13, 1864.  Swift Creek, number engaged not stated; 3 killed.
May 16, 1864.  Drewry's Bluff, 400 engaged, 11 killed, 30 wounded, 5 missing.  total 43; 15 rounds fired.
------- 1864, Cold Harbor, 250 engaged, 10 killed, 35 wounded.
July, 1864.  Retook lines in front of Bermuda Hundreds, number engaged not stated, 5 killed, 18 wounded.
Dec. 1864,  Attacked enemy's picket, and assisted in capturing 135 prisoners.
April, 1865.  Hatcher's Run.  425 engaged, 117 killed, wounded and missing. 
This is official.
Daily battles with Sheridan's cavalry on the retreat.
April, 1865.  Sailor's Creek, 100 engaged, 12 killed, 20 wounded, and the balance captured.

Col. Carrington acted as Colonel of the Regiment the majority of the time after the wounding of Col. Withers, till his promotion in 1864. --ED.

Smithville, Va, July 7, 1894

Members of the Camp will assemble promptly at the Court House, on July 21st, at 1 o'clock, P.M. Business of great importance will be brought before the Camp.
All old Confederate veterans in the county are cordially invited to meet with us and enroll their names.
By order,
Adjutant Colonel Commanding.